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Michael Vogel
Michael Vogel profile.jpg
Full name Michael J. Vogel
Nickname Mike
Sex Male
Occupation Writer, director, producer

Michael Vogel is an animation writer and producer for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. He is the former vice president of development at Hasbro Studios, an episode writer for the series as of season six, and co-executive producer and co-writer of My Little Pony The Movie. He has also written officially-licensed My Little Pony storybooks, including the picture book Good Night, Baby Flurry Heart, the activity book Pinkie Pie's Perfect Surprise,[1] the Ponyville Mysteries chapter book series (co-written with Nicole Dubuc under the pen name "Penumbra Quill"), and The Movie picture book The Great Princess Caper.[2]

Prior to working at Hasbro and DHX Media, Vogel was an executive assistant in the script clearances department at Walt Disney Pictures and the director of animated programming at Sony Pictures Television, working on shows such as Jackie Chan Adventures, The Boondocks, Blood+, and The Spectacular Spider-Man. He was approached to work at Hasbro by studio president and chief content officer Stephen Davis.[3]

When initially brought to work at Hasbro in 2009, Vogel served as the department head of boys' animation and action programming.[4][5] During the studio's restructuring in March 2011, Vogel was promoted to vice president of development.[6]

Vogel has an original pony character that appears in several episodes.

In December 2014, Vogel announced on Twitter that he would be stepping down as Hasbro's vice president of development to join the My Little Pony The Movie staff as co-executive producer.[7][8] In January 2017, Vogel announced that, due to being busy working on the film, he would not be writing for season seven.[9]

In his other work at Hasbro, Vogel has served on the development and creative supervision staffs for G.I. Joe: Renegades, Pound Puppies, Transformers: Prime, Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, and Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

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