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Misty Brightdawn ID MYM02

Misty in Growing Pains

Misty as an Earth pony in a trailer clip of Growing Pains

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Residence Maretime Bay (as of C5E4)
Opaline's Dark Castle (formerly)
Bridlewood (formerly)
More info
Eyes Brilliant green
Mane Gradient of strong mulberry to light amaranth (from TYT54 onward)
Dark sapphire blue and moderate opal (C1E1 to C4E7)
Coat Light cornflower blue
Nicknames Minty
Relatives Alphabittle (father)
Cutie mark
None (until C4E7)
(from C4E7 onward)
(drawn in marker)
Voice Bahia Watson (English)
Gail Al-Hakim (Arabic)
Helena Novosel (Croatian)
Malvína Pachlová (Czech)
Karoline Munksnæs Hansen (Danish)
Elaine Hakkaart (Dutch)
Maaria Nuoranne (Finnish)
Béatrice Wegnez (French)
Angelina Geisler (German)
Sofia Kapsabeli (Greek)
Shahar Yaron (Hebrew)
Snehal Choubey (Hindi)
Borbála Csuha (Hungarian)
Alia Nadin (Indonesian)
Ludovica De Caro (Italian)
Kim Ka-ryeong (Korean)
Nirayu Zuhdi (Malaysian)
Zhang Naiwen (Taiwanese Mandarin)
Christel Marie Blunck (Norwegian, Izzy Does It to Portrait of a Princess)
Tiril Heide-Steen (Norwegian, Ali-Conned to Have You Seen This Dragon?)
Katarzyna Domalewska (Polish)
Fernanda Ribeiro (Brazilian Portuguese)
Soraia Tavares (European Portuguese)
Raluca Botez (Romanian)
Alena Sozinova (Russian)
Regina Tiscareño (Latin American Spanish)
Sara Gómez (European Spanish)
Lovisa Heed (Swedish)
Araya Marit (Thai)
Elif Acehan (Turkish, first voice)
Elif Gizem Aykul (Turkish, second voice)
Anastasiya Pavlenko (Ukrainian)
Lâm Ngọc Tú (Vietnamese)
Halyna Dubok (Ukrainian)

Misty is a female unicorn pony and supporting character in the My Little Pony Generation 5 special My Little Pony: Make Your Mark and subsequent Generation 5 media. She is an initially cutie markless pony who serves the evil Alicorn Opaline as her spy; she later joins forces with the Mane 5 to help them defeat Opaline. In Family Trees Pt. 2, she is revealed to be the long-lost daughter of Alphabittle.

She is called Misty Brightdawn in merchandise and the Make Your Mark episodes The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over and Cutie Blossom Bash.


Misty shares her name with a G1 Baby Sea Pony and a G1 unicorn, and her name is similar to the G1 Earth pony Misty Tales, the G3 Earth ponies Misty Blue and Misty Mornings, and the G4 Pegasus Misty Fly.

Depiction in Make Your Mark[]

Misty first appears in the hour-long special My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, appearing very briefly near the end beside her evil Alicorn master Opaline.

In the Make Your Mark Chapter 2 episode Izzy Does It, Misty begins spying on the Mane 5 for Opaline, with the hope that Opaline will one day give her a cutie mark in return for her servitude. She covertly leaves a magic compact mirror for Sunny Starscout in order for Opaline to spy on her in particular. In Growing Pains, she observes the ponies' new magic and how it works. In Portrait of a Princess, Misty lures Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm into a trap in an effort to get rid of them, but her trap ultimately backfires.

In Ali-Conned, Misty poses as a member of the social media group, the Filly Four, and tries to plant the idea in Sunny's head that being an Alicorn makes her better than everyone else. In The Cutie Mark Mix-Up, she observes as Opaline's magically-conjured mouse infiltrate the Crystal Brighthouse. In The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over, Misty takes a more proactive role in her espionage: she befriends Izzy Moonbow and gets invited to a sleepover at the Brighthouse in order to steal Sunny's magic lantern. However, her nervous behavior and questionable stories about Equestria's origins draw Zipp's suspicions.

In Hoof Done It?, Misty steals the lantern but soon loses it when Pipp discovers where Misty hid it. In her efforts to get the lantern back, she once again makes Zipp suspicious of her, eventually culminating in a tense confrontation at Mane Melody. In Have You Seen This Dragon?, after Opaline has set her sights on Sparky Sparkeroni's magic dragonfire, Misty kidnaps the baby dragon and attempts to bring him to Opaline's castle, but Sparky outsmarts her at every turn. In the end, Misty only manages to capture some of his dragonfire in a jar. Though it boosts Opaline's power a little, she berates Misty for her repeated failures, and Misty crawls away in tears.

In Top Remodel, Misty spies on Zipp, learns about the message from Twilight Sparkle, and relays it to Opaline. She also creates a companion for herself named "Madame Taffytail" and vents her indecisions to it. In The Jinxie Games, Misty is sent by Opaline to capture Sparky but finds the Brighthouse empty due to its occupants being in Bridlewood. Misty gets a chance to take Sparky without being noticed but chooses not to. In Sunny Side Up, Misty is punished for her constant failures by being literally "grounded" by Opaline's magic. During this time, she watches Sunny and Hitch's cooking show and realizes that she can't keep serving Opaline.

In The Manesquerade Ball, Misty is invited to the titular ball by Izzy. While there, she follows Zipp into the Zephyr Heights archives. When Zipp catches her, Misty confesses to not having a cutie mark. She also joins Sunny and her friends in their "unity dance" and tears out several pages from a book on Alicorns that Zipp found to keep her from learning about Opaline. In Missing the Mark, Misty finally succeeds in snatching Sparky for Opaline. But when she learns that Opaline intends to drain all of Sparky's magic, she decides to lead Sunny and the others to the castle. This leads to Opaline capturing the five, and revealing Misty's allegiance to her. Overcome with guilt, Misty frees her friends, earning her cutie mark in the process. She also pretends to have been overpowered by them, allowing her to spy on Opaline for her new friends.

In Cutie Blossom Bash, Misty is brought to Zephyr Heights by her friends to take part in a ceremony that celebrates ponies getting their cutie marks. She struggles with the idea of being in the spotlight (especially since she is the oldest pony there by a wide margin), and ultimately confesses this to her friends, who decide to hold a private ceremony for her. Afterwards, Misty decides to return to Opaline's castle and act as a double agent, gathering information for her new friends.

In Family Trees Pt. 1, Misty starts having vivid dreams of getting lost as a filly, driving her friends to bring her to Bridlewood in hopes of finding answers. Misty's cutie mark magic inadvertantly bring the Breezies out of hiding, and leads to the discovery of the Breezies' Night Market. While there, Misty is given a magic key that can take her to wherever she wants (but can only be used once), and once again gets lost. In Family Trees Pt. 2, Misty finds her way back to her friends. She chooses to use the key to open a way to the Dragonlands so Sparky can fully recover from having his magic drained by Opaline. Following their return, Pipp shows her a picture of herself, Zipp, Queen Haven and Alphabittle. Upon seeing the picture, Misty remembers that Alphabittle is her father, and joyfully reunites with him.

In Father of the Bridlewood, Misty spends with the day with Alphabittle, but is uncomfortable with all the activities he brings her into. After she finally admits to him how she feels, the two agree to start over, and Alphabittle arranges for Misty's friends to make a room for her at the Brighthouse.

In Mane Smelody, Misty listens to Opaline describing her plan to drain the dragons of their magic and possess the Dragon Lands, and races over to Maretime Bay to inform her friends. In Nightmare on Mane Street, Misty celebrates Nightmare Night with her friends, with most of it spent withstanding Pipp's attempts to scare her. She is also present when Sparky's fire accidentally uncovers a map to the dragons' home, the Isle of Scaly, and notes that they need to warn the dragons of Opaline's impending arrival.

In The Isle of Scaly, Misty joins her friends on their journey to the eponymous Isle. When the Dragons make themselves known, Misty is noticeably intimidated by them at first.

In Roots of All Evil Pt. 1, the ponies and Dragons return to Maretime Bay to find several ponies there have lost their cutie marks to Opaline. Misty uses her own experience without a cutie mark to encourage the ponies not to give up. At the Crystal Brighthouse, Misty tells her friends about Opaline's own Together Tree.

In Roots of All Evil Pt. 2, Misty lures Opaline away from the Brighthouse, revealing to her that she has been working against her for some time. She also follows Opaline to Zephyr Heights and attempts to stand up to her, but she is defeated and loses her cutie mark. Misty also plays a role in instructing ponies to gather together around the Together Trees, which leads to Opaline's defeat and the return of their cutie marks.

In My Little Pony: Secrets of Starlight, Misty and her friends travel through a portal created by Opaline's Together Tree, and find themselves in an area known as Starlight Ridge. There, they encounter the Auroricorns, and help to free them from the tyrannical rule of Allura.

Depiction in Tell Your Tale[]

Misty makes several supporting and background appearances in the 2D animated YouTube web series My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. In Dragon Dad, which is set after Make Your Mark Chapter 2, she continues to observe Sparky Sparkeroni's magic dragonfire, mostly to her own comedic physical harm. In Nightmare Night Party, Misty sneaks into the Mane 5's costume party in order to cause trouble and get the ponies to use their magic so she and Opaline can observe how it works. In Haunted House, Misty lures the Mane 5 to a haunted house so she can steal Sparky away from them, but her plot fails.

In Under the Mistytoe, which is set near the end of My Little Pony: Winter Wishday, Misty sneaks into the Crystal Brighthouse to kidnap Sparky while the Mane 5 are asleep, but she accidentally kidnaps Cloudpuff instead. In Secret Ad-mare-er, she briefly appears during Izzy's song Ain't Gonna Wait. In Ponykind Parade-emonium, Misty causes chaos during the Ponykind Parade by inducing rage and hunger in Maretime Bay's critters.

In Sparky's Sick, Misty takes advantage of Sparky's hiccup-burps to try and steal him away, but she ends up suffering his bad gas. In Sunny's Smoothie Moves, she helps the Mane 5 save Maretime Bay from Sunny's malfunctioning smoothie-making robot. In Mission Imponable, she attempts to steal the Unity Crystal in a skydiving heist but ultimately fails. In Opaline Alone, Misty spends the day having fun with the Mane 5 as part of an "important task" to bring Opaline a smoothie. In As the Misty Clears, after Opaline exerts her dark influence over the Mane 5 via her necklace, Misty shatters the necklace into pieces.

In I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain(bows), Misty is present as her friends recap the events of Missing the Mark to Jazz Hooves. She still feels guilt over helping Opaline, but the others assure her that she proved herself to be a good pony when it counted. After the story concludes, Misty looks worriedly out of Mane Melody's window, concerned about Opaline's next move. In Hot Day, Huh?, Misty feels sorry for Zipp after everypony ignores her suggestion to spend an unusually hot day at the beach, and she joins Zipp for a day of fun together.

In Sparkle School, Misty struggles with getting her cutie mark to sparkle like the rest of her friends. But with encouragement and understanding from Sunny, she finally succeeds in gaining the sparkle.

In Nightmare Nightmarket, Misty and her friends are turned into foals by magic glitter, and returned to normal by Alphabittle. In Misty Moves In, she struggles with adjusting to living in the Crystal Brighthouse. In Friday Night Food Fight, she tries to avoid getting caught up in the unicorns' weekly food fight, only to step up when Alphabittle is hit trying to protect her.

In Misty-rious New Room, Misty follows a magic book through a door into a secret room within the Brighthouse. There, she discovers that the book is a spell book, and follows its instructions in order to open another door. As she departs, a mysterious voice tells her that she can return to the room whenever she wishes. In Swirlpool Starlight, Misty steps into the magical portal created by the Breezies, which shows her her past actions while working for Opaline. While distraught at this reminder of her mistakes, Misty finds the strength to enter the portal again, and sees that her future will be a bright and happy one. In Cracked It, Misty fears that the mysterious giant egg that appeared in the middle of Maretime Bay may contain a fearsome "fire hawk". When she helps her friends activate the switches the egg, it releases a majestic bird that drops Easter eggs all over Equestria.

In Buried in a Good Book, one of Misty's new spells accidentally draws her and her friends into a magical land called "Questopia". Her empathy allows her to see that the supposed monster Zantorp is just lonely, and she befriends him.

Other depictions[]

Misty appears in the mobile game My Little Pony: Mane Merge.

Misty will be appearing (in a playable role) in My Little Pony: A Zephyr Heights Mystery.

Misty makes her IDW comics debut in My Little Pony: Black, White & Blue. While attempting to fulfill Opaline's demands for her to capture Sparky, Misty finds a "magic remover" that she sets off near the Brighthouse. The device instead takes every color save for blue from Maretime Bay. After seeing the ponies come together to support each other, Misty restores the colors by destroying the device.

Misty features in the main My Little Pony comic book series in Issue #19, where she and her friends try to track down the nymph Milkyway. In Issue #20, she tries to convince Milkyway to stop the storm she created around Zephyr Heights, only to make the nymph angry when she inadvertently reveals that the royal dinner and concert are still going forward despite Milkyway's actions.

In the first issue of My Little Pony: Kenbucky Roller Derby, Misty is shown to be a member of Maretime Bay's roller derby team, the Sandy Shore Slammers. When Sunny is considered unqualified for the team, Misty tries to convince the Captain to reconsider, but is refused.

In the first issue of My Little Pony: Set Your Sail, Misty casts a spell on Izzy and Pipp that turns them into Seaponies, allowing them to carry out a diplomatic visit requested of Pipp from Queen Haven.


Misty Brightdawn Style of the Day figure and accessories

Toys of Misty Brightdawn include the 6-inch brushable and articulated Misty Brightdawn Style of the Day figure and the 3-inch tail-brushable and articulated Misty Brightdawn Cutie Mark Magic figure, which feature Misty with her real cutie mark and new mane color.


In a stark contrast to the evil Alicorn she serves, Misty is portrayed as timid, socially awkward, clumsy, and easily excitable. Having been "rescued" by Opaline when she was a filly, she is completely devoted to serving her, recognizing Opaline as her only true friend and even accepting her false stories about Equestria's origins as truth. Misty's main reason for following Opaline's orders is the promise of receiving her own cutie mark; it is due to this desperate desire for one that she willingly spies on Sunny and her friends, showers Opaline with praise, and endures the latter's constant verbal abuse.

Despite all of this, however, Misty maintains a mostly positive outlook on life: she enjoys smoothies, likes cute animals, and is open to trying new things and having fun with others. She is also very awkward when interacting with others, prone to speaking in long, fast sentences and nervous laughing fits. While she is not as malicious as Opaline (demonstrated when she offers to bring Sparky back home after kidnapping him), she occasionally mimics some of Opaline's mannerisms, like her evil laugh, but this is largely a false facade.


"I think the stronger magic has something to do with the cutie marks, Opaline. [...] Maybe... if I had one, I could figure it out and—"
Izzy Does It
"And what a pout it is, Opaline! Equal parts chilling and charming!"
Growing Pains
"A smoothie! It's got jicama in it, which isn't my favorite but it still tastes like happiness. [slurps] Want some?"
Portrait of a Princess
"I will! I'll do anything."
The Cutie Mark Mix-Up
"Oh! Yes! Of course! I thought you said "weepover"! Which is when you, like, cry over not having any lunch! Like me! Which is why I thought of it just now! I'm really hungry!"
The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over
"Is it too late to tell those ponies that I was just kidding?!"
— The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over
"Why do I always panic and do the wrong thing?"
Hoof Done It?
"Hey, give me a break. I'm still working on the evil laugh."
Have You Seen This Dragon?
"For somepony made of fire, I've never met a heart so cold."
— Describing Opaline, Have You Seen This Dragon?
"What am I doing? These ponies are so nice. Oh, come on, Misty! You get Opaline that dragon, you get a cutie mark!"
Under the Mistytoe
"You told me to stake out Mane Melody this evening, and, you know, the karaoke will be starting soon, and I can't miss that!"
Opaline Alone


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