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My Little Pony: Generations #2
MLP Generations issue 2 cover A.jpg
Issue №: 2
Published: November 17, 2021
Writer: Casey Gilly
Artist: Michela Cacciatore
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Megan Brown
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My Little Pony: Generations #2 is the second issue of IDW Publishing's crossover comic miniseries My Little Pony: Generations. In the issue, friendship in Ponyville begins to fall apart as Grackle and Dyre's lackeys Black Belle, Shadow Storm, and Violet Shiver wreak havoc.


The School of Friendship's new "teachers" introduced in the previous issue introduce themselves as Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm. Following an overenthusiastic greeting by Pinkie Pie, Pinkie gives the three a tour of the school, and they are forced to endure her excited offerings of food.

Back at the Volcano of Gloom, Grackle and Dyre receive a letter from their mothers Reeka and Draggle; they go on at length about their daughters' apparent lack of magical ability and desire for them to enact revenge on the ponies. Grackle and Dyre realize the instructions they gave Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm to disrupt the ponies' magic were vague and summon them back to the Volcano to issue more specific orders.

When Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm are finally left alone to settle in, they answer their masters' summons and return to the Volcano. Grackle and Dyre instruct them to dismantle the ponies' values of friendship and community, and they also give them texts on evil magic to assist them in their assumed roles as schoolteachers. After two weeks, students like the Young Six have become very receptive to the new teachers' lessons and even start to adopt their stylish physical attributes. However, when Rarity learns of the meanspirited nature of the new teachers' lessons, she voices her concerns to Starlight Glimmer, who offers to observe the new teachers' classes firsthand.

In Black Belle's class, she teaches the students how to conjure haunting illusions. When Starlight expresses concern that Black Belle's lessons are too dark and scary for the students, Black Belle condescendingly mentions that her lessons were approved by the more sophisticated Hayvard Unicorniversity, prompting Starlight to back off. In a letter from Grackle and Dyre, Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm are instructed to go further in their attempts to destroy the ponies' friendships and community.

To that end, Shadow Storm interferes with a Wonderbolts flying show by mind-controlling Spitfire's subordinates and turning them against her. Black Belle destroys the Hay Burger restaurant and implicates the management of the Ponyville bowling alley, causing animosity between the two establishments' staff members. Lastly, Violet Shiver freezes the Apple family's crops, ruining their harvest for an upcoming festival and causing arguments among Applejack and her family. Meanwhile, back at the school, students have been using their new teachers' lessons to pull frightening and meanspirited pranks on each other.

Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm are pleased with the chaos and antagonism they have been causing around town, but Grackle and Dyre's pet Trench arrives to tell them to go even further in their schemes. The comic ends with Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm plotting their most sinister plan yet.


Pinkie Pie: It's so nice to meet you! How long was the trip? Your hooves must be exhausted! Do you like cupcakes? Of course you do, everypony likes cupcakes. I might've had three or four already, which is why I'm so hyper.
Pinkie Pie: You just have a little something... there!
Violet Shiver: No touchy!
Black Belle: You have a class called kindness? Ahem. I mean, at Hayvard we call it... uh...
Shadow Storm: Pony relations. Domestic and international.
Fluttershy: That's so fancy!
Shadow Storm: Where's the lava? Brary. The lavabrary. Which is what we have at Hayvard. To study volcanos. Because of all the... lava.
Grackle: Dyre, do you think it, uh... matters that we've invaded a totally different pony world that's not our own?
Dyre: They never said which ponies we needed to go after.
Black Belle: I have no idea how these creatures survive on garbage they call cupcakes. We're meant to eat joy and happiness, not refined sugar, butter, and food coloring.
Violet Shiver: Please... stop... saying... names of... food.
Grackle: Welcome, Smooze ponies. Smoozies? Poozies?
Dyre: S'monies?
Grackle: Yes! Good! Welcome, S'monies.
Silverstream: Whatcha workin' on, Oce?
Ocellus: My project for Professor Shiver's class.
Gallus: You got into afterlife drawings? Dang, I'm so jealous!
Silverstream: Yona, aren't you in Professor Belle's haunted home-ec class?
Yona: Yona is best in entire class. Look what Yona made!
Spooky Cookie: Who dares to ingest me? A curse! A currrrse upon you!
Dyre: Hey, my skin does feel soft as a newborn demon's bottom!
Black Belle: Tonight's homework? Practice this on your roommate! Report back tomorrow. Whoever produces the loudest scream will receive extra credit.
Spitfire: Is there a problem, Bolts?
Fleetfoot: No problem... if you like dumb.
Spitfire: Dumb? Dumb? We've practiced this for weeks! Think you can do better? Go ahead! Try it!
Applejack: I told y'all we needed to harvest sooner! But did you listen? Nooooo! Y'all said I was crazier than a raccoon eatin' jelly beans. Now look! We've got no crops, no harvest--
Apple Bloom: Which means no festival!
Granny Smith: The Pony Farmer's Almanac said the frost wasn't comin' for two more weeks!
Applejack: Two weeks my hoof!
Starlight Glimmer: Let me see if I have this correct. Professor Shiver told to "make it fang-ier" and said she would give extra credit for placing it in an unsuspecting student's room?
Ocellus: [sniff] I--I--just wanted to do a good job. I didn't think Pizzelle would think it was real.
Violet Shiver: Mayhem? Check. Fighting? Check! Poisoning young minds? Oh, mega-check.
Black Belle: Trench, go tell our masters that the S'monies are about to be... unbridled.