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My Little Pony: Generations #3
MLP Generations issue 3 cover A.jpg
Issue №: 3
Published: December 22, 2021
Writer: Casey Gilly
Artist: Michela Cacciatore
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Megan Brown
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My Little Pony: Generations #3 is the third issue of IDW Publishing's crossover comic miniseries My Little Pony: Generations. In the issue, Grackle and Dyre's scheme to destroy friendship heats up, and Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Zecora try to get to the bottom of things.


Starlight Glimmer and her friends find themselves overworked trying to rein in and resolve their students' recent mean behavior and animosity toward each other, caused by Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm working behind the scenes. When they go to Mayor Mare for help, they discover that what has been going on at the School of Friendship has been happening all over Ponyville, with ponies getting into fights and ending their friendships with each other.

Pinkie Pie comes up with the idea of throwing a large party where everyone can reconcile and be friends again. When Grackle and Dyre learn about this development, they task their Smooze-pony minions with sabotaging it. Black Belle and Shadow Storm push Violet Shiver to volunteer for Pinkie's party-planning team. Later, Twilight Sparkle meets with Starlight, utterly exhausted by recent events, to offer her assistance with the party.

The next day, Pinkie gets together with her party-planning volunteers to make decorations, and she pairs herself up with Violet Shiver so the two can spend time together. Violet struggles to make normal-looking streamers so as not to arouse suspicion, and when Pinkie compliments her crafting skills, Violet feels flattered and starts to enjoy herself. However, Twilight noticing a strange magic emanating off of Violet while she crafts, which Pinkie does not notice. Twilight asks Pinkie to bring some of Violet's streamers to the woods later that evening so that an "objective friend" of theirs can examine them.

That evening, Twilight and Pinkie are angrily arguing with each other while putting up Violet Shiver's streamers in the trees when Zecora arrives. Twilight explains that the streamers give off a foreign magic that is unaffected by her own, and Zecora believes the magic comes from another dimension. After some inconclusive scientific testing, Twilight theorizes that the magic coming off the streamers is what caused her and Pinkie to argue earlier, and she attempts to absorb the magic into her to determine where it came from.

When Twilight does this, however, her body is suddenly possessed by a sinister entity, and she attacks Pinkie Pie. Before this entity can consume Zecora's magic, Pinkie uses Zecora's potions to knock it into the river, whereupon it exits Twilight's body and Zecora captures it inside a test tube. Twilight recognizes the strange, parasitic lifeform as being similar to the Smooze, but instead of craving gold and jewels, it wants to cause chaos and destroy friendship. She also senses that this creature's intended target is not the ponies of Equestria but similar ponies from elsewhere. Through some research, Zecora discovers a method by which they determine this Smooze's weakness and how to stop it.

Later that night, the Mane Six and Starlight Glimmer gather outside Zecora's hut, where Zecora brews a potion using the Smooze they captured to create a magical doorway into another world. Upon stepping through the doorway, the ponies find themselves in the world of Ponyland, inhabited by ponies very similar to themselves.


Fluttershy: Silverstream, Ocellus. Care to share what's making you giggle?
Silverstream: Sharing is boring.
Ocellus: Your outfit is the joke. Professor Belle wouldn't be caught dead wearing that.
Fluttershy: Oh, AJ, I'm so sorry about your hat. The poor shriek-yowls' projectile defense is...
Applejack: Stickier than a caramel apple on a tractor engine?
Pinkie Pie: Let's help Ponyville untangle their friendship knots!
Dyre: Mah name's Applejack, and I sure would like a rotten apple to the face!
Dyre: Black Belle, Shadow Storm, and Violet Shiver have gotten Ponyville's withers in such a twist that their solution is to... throw a party?
Grackle: That's either the smartest or the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Dyre: I vote for dumbest.
Grackle: Do I look like I've ever been to party? Do I look like I even have friends? The answer is no! No, Grackle, you don't go to parties, because you live in exile!
Twilight Sparkle: [to Starlight Glimmer] You are the most talented pony I've ever met. Your magic is even stronger than mine. There's no problem you can't solve.
Pinkie Pie: You have such great style! These streamers are perfect.
Violet Shiver: P--Perfect? Me?
Twilight Sparkle: What do you mean, "I hung them crooked"? It's not my fault my magic couldn't make them hover!
Pinkie Pie: Well, maybe you're not as powerful as you think!
Zecora: Try as you might, your powers won't bite me. Pleased to meet you, I'm Zecora the Mighty.
Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie, do you remember why we were arguing earlier?
Pinkie Pie: Because... uh... Hmm. Huh, I guess I don't!
Smooze: Twilight Sparkle isn't here anymore.
Twilight Sparkle: It's a kind of Smooze, but not like we've ever seen. It doesn't want gold or jewels, like Discord's Smooze. It wants chaos. It wants to destroy everything--friendships, magic, community. I sense that it's here by mistake. It was meant for ponies like us but not us. [...] And I don't know how to fight it, but I know it's trying to ruin Ponyville... and it won't stop until it succeeds.
Applejack: Well, slap my saddle and call me silly!