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My Little Pony: Generations #5
MLP Generations issue 5 cover A.jpg
Issue №: 5
Published: February 9, 2022
Writer: Casey Gilly
Artist: Michela Cacciatore
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Megan Brown
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My Little Pony: Generations #5 is the fifth and final issue of IDW Publishing's crossover comic miniseries My Little Pony: Generations. In the issue, the Mane Six and their new friends try to put an end to the evil Smooze tearing friendships apart, and the witches Grackle and Dyre take their fight to Ponyville.


The Mane Six test the combined magic of the Elements of Harmony and the Rainbow of Light on a sample of the sinister Smooze that is currently wreaking havoc across Ponyville, using their new friends Minty and Lickety-Split as test subjects. Twilight Sparkle splits the Rainbow of Light's power into six pieces and creates compact forms out of them for her and her friends to control more easily, and the test is a success.

Meanwhile, Grackle and Dyre enter Ponyville via interdimensional portal and are immediately drawn to the tasty smells coming from Sugarcube Corner. However, the presence of two strange-looking, bipedal humans in Equestria sends ponies into a crazed panic, and they chase after Grackle and Dyre as an angry mob. Black Belle and Shadow Storm find them, and they all go to find Violet Shiver so that they can cause some real destruction together.

Elsewhere, Pinkie Pie finds Violet Shiver still decorating for the "Bestie Festie" party, and Pinkie is so pleased with Violet's efforts that she thanks her with a shirt – one of a pair to match Pinkie's – to wear to the party. Violet feels guilty about her and the other Smooze-ponies' scheming and starts to have second thoughts, but the streamers she created suddenly take hold of her and possess her body as they did Twilight's in Issue #3.

As Grackle, Dyre, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm make their way through town, passing many angry and arguing ponies along the way, they see Ocellus fleeing from the destruction they are causing. Black Belle, out of uncharacteristic concern for Ocellus' safety, escorts her to the party. Unable to enter the party without drawing unwanted attention, Grackle and Dyre stop at Carousel Boutique and make a two-person unicorn costume.

Once everyone has gathered at the Bestie Festie, where Rarity introduces the Ponyland ponies in fashionable outfits, Twilight tries to encourage the divided townsfolk to come together again in friendship. However, the party quickly comes under attack by the evil Smooze and the possessed Violet Shiver. Twilight and her friends attempt to fight back with the Rainbow of Light, but it is not strong enough, simply bouncing off of Violet. Even Grackle, Dyre, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm are overcome by the Smooze's unexpectedly immense power.

The Smooze ensnares everyone around it and causes general misery, taunting Grackle and Dyre as it has transcended their original desire for revenge. Realizing what she and Dyre have created, Grackle says she never truly wanted revenge on the ponies; she wanted freedom from her volcano prison and to make her and Dyre's mothers proud. She stands up to the Smooze, and the ponies stand alongside her. Channeling the Rainbow of Light through her own magic, Grackle destroys the Smooze and frees Violet Shiver from its control. The Rainbow's magic spills over onto Black Belle and Shadow Storm.

Violet Shiver, Black Belle, and Shadow Storm start to fade out of existence; having been created from Smooze themselves, they are unable to maintain their physical forms due to its destruction. As Grackle, Dyre, and the ponies shed tears over this, the Smooze-ponies' bodies suddenly become solid again, as accepting the magic of friendship has turned them into real, non-artificial ponies. They accept Twilight's invitation to stay on as teachers at the School of Friendship. With their newfound freedom, Grackle and Dyre decide to explore before settling down in a new home, and the Ponyland ponies decide to stay in Equestria for a little longer.


Minty: Come to an alterate universe, they said. It'll be fun, they said.
Twilight Sparkle: These two brave ponies are now fully in the grips of what I call "Smoozession."
Smoozessed Minty: [to Lickety-Split] Time to change your name to Lickety-Splat!
Dyre: Did we die? Is this heaven?
Grackle: Quit acting like you've never seen a human before!
Violet Shiver: [reading] "Dear Vi, not sure if these are on the dresscode 'don'ts' at Hayvard, but it's a best friends shirt. I have the other half. Let's be twins tonight! XOXO, Pinkie Pie." I don't deserve this.
Grackle: So far we've been swatted with a broom, screamed at, chased, and aggressively hoofed.
Dyre: I can't feel my face anymore.
Violet Shiver: If I wear it, I'll look completely ridiculous. If I don't, I'll hurt Pinkie Pie's feelings. Ugh, too hard! This is why I don't want friends!
Smooze: [to Violet Shiver] You have given me ppppower... And I will nnnnot be sssstopped...
Black Belle: Masters, that is one of my students! She's a sweet, barely domesticated animal, but I cannot let her get hurt.
Black Belle: Ocellus, these are my, er, friends. Grackle and Dyre.
Ocellus: They're so pretty! Are you changelings, too?
Dyre: ...Pretty?
Grackle: ...Friends?
Twilight Sparkle: Hello, everycreature! Welcome to the Bestie Festie! I know that lately it seems Ponyville citizens have been more focused on our differences--but tonight is about remembering why we are all friends. In fact, I brought some new friends of mine that I'd love for you all to meet. This is North Star, Minty, Lickety-Split, Rosedust, and Lofty. They came into my life quite unexpectedly, and even though they had no reason to be kind or to welcome me, they did. They reminded me how important it is to never let somepony be a stranger, and to always treat them like a bestie.
Black Belle: Leave my barely adequate, painfully ordinary, precious students alone!
Smoozessed Violet Shiver: Is this what you wanted?
Grackle: You really wanna know what I wanted? I wanted some freedom! So I took it away from others. I wanted to make our moms proud! And for what? What was so bad? Their exile gave them a home, gave them us. They wanted revenge for that?
Smoozessed Violet Shiver: You're just a little girl with a few magic tricks. You're going to need much more than that to take me on.
Rosedust: She's got us.
Twilight Sparkle: All of us.
Grackle: You're hungry for pain, for sadness. Because that's what I made you with.
Smoozessed Violet Shiver: Displeasure is delicious.
Grackle: Well, if it's chaos you crave, I hope you can handle this! Because I don't need it anymore!
Grackle: I'm just like our moms--rotten and selfish.
North Star: I knew your moms. I was one of the ponies they wanted revenge against, Grackle. You're nothing like them. You are strong and curious--you saw what was happening and stopped it before it was too late. Your moms were so afraid of us, they never gave us the chance to become friends.
Ocellus: You saved us! You're the best teacher ever!
Black Belle: [wheeze] A simple reflex.
Black Belle: We don't deserve to stay.
Twilight Sparkle: Of course you do. Grackle destroyed the Smooze, but you're still here. Which means you're not all bad.
Violet Shiver: I think we'd like that, very much.
Twilight Sparkle: Anypony would be lucky to have all of you on their next adventure.
Pinkie Pie: Next adventure? Don't you think we should finish the party first?