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My Little Pony: The Manga -
A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 3
MLP The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 3 cover.jpg
Published: March 16, 2021
Writer: David Lumsdon
Artist: Shiei
Ludwig Sacramento (toning)
Letterer: Nicky Lim
Editor: Julie Davis
Shanti Whitesides (assistant)
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My Little Pony: The Manga - A Day in the Life of Equestria Vol. 3 is an original English-language manga published by Seven Seas Entertainment on March 16, 2021, and the third of three volumes in the A Day in the Life of Equestria series. It is written primarily in the "yonkoma" comic strip format.


Table of contents
Chapter title Pages
Chapter 1 6-19
Chapter 2 20-33
Chapter 3 34-47
Chapter 4 48-61
Chapter 5 62-75
Chapter 6 76-89
Chapter 7 90-103
Chapter 8 104-117
Bonus Gallery 118-121

Chapter 1

The manga begins at a party thrown by Fluttershy for her animal friends and Discord, though Discord is visibly bored. Sometime into the party, Fluttershy organizes a scavenger hunt, but Discord uses his powers to find all the items instantly, much to Fluttershy's disappointment. The rest of the Mane Six scold Discord for ruining Fluttershy's hard work, and Rainbow Dash challenges him to organize a better scavenger hunt. Discord accepts the challenge but is unable to think of one right away.

The story then jumps years into the future depicted in The Last Problem. Discord appears before the ponies and Spike during a movie viewing, having finally come up with a scavenger hunt involving the Elements of Harmony. Since the Elements were destroyed by King Sombra, Discord borrows a set of Elements from the past—specifically, from the time of the Mane Six's battle against Nightmare Moon. Discord scatters these Elements across several dimensions and challenges the Mane Six to retrieve them; each Element will only react to its original wielder.

However, as a result of Discord taking the Elements of Harmony from the past, the past Mane Six were unable to defeat Nightmare Moon, causing all of history to be changed. The Equestria of the future is now ruled by Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis, and Twilight Sparkle (no longer an Alicorn) works as one of their imprisoned slaves. While the ponies, Spike, and Discord are mostly unaffected by history changing, Spike and the ponies have reverted to their younger physical appearances. In addition, Discord is unable to undo what he has done until the Elements are recovered. The rest of the Mane Six and Discord recruit Twilight to help them retrieve the Elements from the other dimensions.

Chapter 2

In pursuit of the Element of Kindness, Fluttershy ends up in an alternate dimension's Manehattan. In this version of Equestria, she is a very popular celebrity, singer, and fashion model, causing fans to swarm her on the street. As Fluttershy flees, Rainbow Dash saves her by pulling her into a horse-drawn limousine, and they run into Applejack and this dimension's Fluttershy.

After speaking with someone on the phone, alternate Fluttershy takes her other-dimension counterpart to a restaurant, where they meet with Rarity (alternate Fluttershy's hairstylist) and Celestia (alternate Fluttershy's record producer). Alternate Fluttershy is scheduled to compete in a televised talent competition against this dimension's Pinkie Pie, but she twisted her ankle, so she, Rarity, and Celestia convince Fluttershy to take her place. Fluttershy only agrees to this because the Element of Kindness is on the competition trophy.

Fluttershy practices her dance routine, and her alternate universe counterpart comes up with the idea of blindfolding her so she does not succumb to stage fright during the competition. Unfortunately, when Fluttershy takes the stage later that evening, her blindfold falls off, and she flies into a hysterical panic in front of an audience of millions. When her alternate universe counterpart tries to calm her down, they fly toward the judges' table. Fluttershy inadvertently grabs the trophy cup with the Element of Kindness on it, and she vanishes into thin air, leaving her counterpart to take all the applause alone.

Chapter 3

Rarity pursues the Element of Generosity into a version of Equestria filled with neon signs and gaudy fashions based on the real-life 1980s. To Rarity's complete horror, her own alternate universe self is at the center of this fashion craze. She meets this dimension's Applejack and Rainbow Dash and explains to them what she is looking for. Applejack says the Element of Generosity is part of a mosaic at the youth center across the street from Carousel Boutique, but the youth center is closed and scheduled for demolition.

Sudden Twist, the spoiled daughter of real estate mogul Plot Device, shows up to gloat about the youth center's imminent demolition, but Rainbow Dash says they can save the establishment if they raise enough money. This dimension's Sweetie Belle mentions a fashion contest, first prize for which is enough to save the youth center. Rarity decides to enter the contest, despite having to work with fashion styles she hates.

Some time later, the fashion contest begins, and Rarity's fashions are met with overwhelming approval. However, Sudden Twist appears at the last minute with designs that were completely stolen from Rarity. When the contest is declared a tie, Princess Celestia appears and tasks Rarity and Sudden Twist with solving a Rubik's Cube as a tie-breaker. With Rarity's sense of color coordination, she beats Sudden Twist easily and wins the contest. With the youth center saved, Rarity claims the Element of Generosity and returns to her own dimension.

Chapter 4

Pinkie Pie pursues the Element of Laughter into yet another version of Equestria. In this dimension, Ponyville is a large city of skyscrapers, and Twilight Sparkle serves as its nighttime protector as a Batman-like superhero named the "Somber Twilight". When Pinkie appears before her, Twilight initially mistakes her for her archenemy the "Pink Piester", but Pinkie explains she is from another universe and looking for her Element of Harmony. Twilight accepts Pinkie's explanation without question and offers to assist Pinkie in her search.

After foiling a bank robbery by the "Bad Apple Gang"—this dimension's counterparts of Applejack and her family—Twilight and Pinkie run into Twilight's former sidekick: an alternate version of Spike who calls himself the "Spyke". Twilight and Spyke broke their partnership over differences in hero philosophy, but Pinkie convinces them to work together so they can find the Element of Laughter. They eventually discover the Element in the possession of the real Pink Piester, a Joker-like supervillain and this dimension's version of Pinkie Pie, who is using pies to make ponies laugh uncontrollably.

Pinkie foils the Piester's schemes by consuming all of her pies, but the Piester has one pie left—large enough to cover an entire city block—which she launches high into the sky. Pinkie Pie has Twilight and Spyke carry her and the Piester into the sky over the falling pie. Using the Element of Laughter, Pinkie dives onto the pie from above so that it disappears along with her when she touches her Element. With the city saved, Twilight and Spyke are inspired by Pinkie to resolve their differences and become partners again.

Chapter 5

Rainbow Dash pursues the Element of Loyalty into a version of Equestria similar to hers, and she is quickly confronted by this dimension's Rainbow Dash and an angry mob of Pegasi. Alternate Rainbow explains that the Element of Loyalty appeared in her dimension a week prior, collided with a comet in space, and has been flying around out of control and causing destruction ever since. Alternate Rainbow's attempts to stop it resulted in one of her wings getting injured.

Rainbow Dash teams up with this dimension's Rainbow and Fluttershy to stop the comet, but the two Rainbow Dashes quickly butt heads due to their over-competitiveness. Eventually, the comet makes its way onto a Pegasi racing track called the Star Dash Speedway, which uses a magically-shielded black hole at the center to make racers fly at incredible speed. Alternate Rainbow is worried if the comet accelerates around the track enough to create a sonic boom, the shield will rupture, and most of Equestria will get sucked into the black hole. With a big race taking place soon, Rainbow Dash decides to enter in order to stop the comet.

During the race, Rainbow Dash chases after the comet, knocking out the other racers in the process, but she holds back from going full-speed out of fear of making a sonic rainboom and breaking the black hole's magic shield. Despite the injury to her wing, alternate Rainbow joins Rainbow on the racetrack to help. Since Rainbow is unable to stop the comet without doing a sonic rainboom, alternate Rainbow suggests she use the wake of her speed to slingshot past her and grab the comet so that she would teleport back to her own dimension right before the rainboom goes off.

The plan works: Rainbow uses her alternate counterpart's wake to gain extra velocity and grab the Element of Loyalty, and she vanishes just before doing a sonic rainboom. With her counterpart gone, alternate Rainbow Dash accepts the trophy and glory for winning the race.

Chapter 6

In her pursuit of the Element of Honesty, Applejack ends up in the anime-inspired world depicted in chapter 8 of the first volume. Here, she runs into the ninja versions of herself and Apple Bloom, each of whom believe her to be the other sister in disguise and attack with ninja weapons. Granny Smith, however, immediately recognizes that Applejack is from another dimension, and in accordance with an ancient Apple family prophecy, Big McIntosh quickly acquires the Element of Honesty for her.

Before Applejack uses the Element to return to her home dimension, Granny Smith tells of another family prophecy that says the two Applejacks would work together to defeat the dreaded "Apple Lord" and recover their family's stolen summoning scroll. Applejack agrees to help her ninja counterpart defeat the Apple Lord to repay her family's help in retrieving the Element of Honesty.

When the two Applejacks confront the overconfident Apple Lord, Applejack tries to convince him with her words and honest nature to return the scroll he stole from the Apple family. Ninja Applejack believes this to be just a distracting tactic for her to catch Apple Lord off-guard and knock him out. However, Apple Lord uses the power of the "Dark Matter Apple" tree to become all-powerful, and he quickly dispatches ninja Applejack. With the knowledge that Dark Matter Apples are ultra-dense, Applejack bucks the tree and defeats Apple Lord by burying him under the apples' immense weight.

Applejack and her ninja counterpart return with the stolen summoning scroll. As thanks for her help in defeating Apple Lord, Granny Smith allows her to take the scroll home with her so that she can temporarily summon the ninja family whenever she needs them.

Chapter 7

In her pursuit of the Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle ends up in Dream Valley from My Little Pony Generation 1, crashing on top of her G1 counterpart and accidentally knocking her unconscious. What follows is a shortened, slightly altered version of the G1 animated special Rescue at Midnight Castle.

As Twilight meets Applejack and Firefly, Dream Valley suddenly comes under attack by dragon-like creatures called Stratadons, led by the monster Scorpan, and they capture several ponies to bring back to Midnight Castle. Twilight suggests following after them, but the ponies remaining are too scared to pursue, especially since Tirek, the evil master of Midnight Castle, possesses both the Rainbow of Darkness and the Element of Magic. Upon also learning that there is a version of Spike trapped at Midnight Castle, Twilight heads to Tirek's castle to save him and the captured ponies. Applejack, Bow Tie, and Firefly go with her. (This effectively puts Twilight in the stand-in roles of both her G1 counterpart and Megan Williams.)

After receiving the Rainbow of Light from the Moochick and a musical encounter with the Sea Ponies, Twilight and the others arrive at Midnight Castle, where Tirek seeks ponies suitable to pull his Chariot of Midnight. Twilight notices Tirek wearing the Element of Magic on his head. Tirek transforms three of the ponies he captured into dragons, and when he threatens to harm Spike if Scorpan does not find a fourth pony suitable enough, Twilight angrily bursts in, transforming a small stone Spike sculpture into a giant living statue to attack Tirek. After making sure Spike is unharmed, Twilight resolves to save this world from Tirek and then save her own world from Nightmare Moon.

Tirek destroys Twilight's living statue, incapacitates Scorpan, turns Applejack into a fourth dragon, and takes off in the Chariot of Midnight to bring about "the night that never ends". Twilight opposes Tirek with the Rainbow of Light, but it is small compared to his Rainbow of Darkness. When Tirek unleashes the Rainbow of Darkness, it seems to consume the Rainbow of Light at first, but the Rainbow of Light soon fights back and overwhelms the darkness. Tirek is destroyed, the ponies he turned into dragons return to normal, and Scorpan changes into a human prince, having been turned into a monster when Tirek took over his kingdom. With Tirek defeated, Twilight retrieves the Element of Magic and leaves for home.

Chapter 8

Twilight returns to her own dimension and reunites with Discord; Applejack and Rarity arrive shortly after. However, the four of them are soon discovered by Nightmare Moon and her guards. As Nightmare Moon and the guards corner them, Fluttershy appears. Though they have several of the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon notices Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie's absence. Just before she eliminates the ponies before her, a group of resistance fighters bursts into the castle, led by Spike.

A brawl breaks out between the resistance and Nightmare Moon's guards, and when the guards appear to be gaining the upper hand, Applejack uses her summoning scroll to summon the Apple family ninjas and provide extra support. Fluttershy even manages to turn Nightmare Moon's army of bugbears against the rest of her forces. When Nightmare Moon prepares to join the fight herself, the Apple ninjas restrain her long enough for Rainbow Dash to appear and blow her away with a sonic rainboom. With Nightmare Moon seemingly defeated, the Apple ninjas return to their own dimension, but Nightmare Moon stands yet again and magically subdues Twilight and her friends.

Just then, a giant pie appears in the sky over Nightmare Moon, heralding Pinkie Pie's arrival. The pie lands on Nightmare Moon, and she finally surrenders. In the aftermath, Nightmare Moon turns back into Princess Luna, Princess Celestia is freed from her banishment, and the two make amends. Discord returns the Elements of Harmony to their proper time period, and the timeline is restored—as the universe of My Little Pony: Pony Life.


Chapter 1

Applejack: Discord! We saw what you did! You should be ashamed of yourself!
Discord: Okay, fine! You caught me... I took two slices of cake instead of one, so sue me.
Past Twilight Sparkle: You see, Nightmare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the spark that resides in us all, it creates--
Past Nightmare Moon: !!
Discord: Just gonna borrow these for a tick.
Past Twilight Sparkle: Uuuumm... I don't suppose we can get a do-over?
Past Nightmare Moon: Hmm... No.
Rainbow Dash: Why...?! Why would you make it so that not even you can bring back the Elements of Harmony to our world?
Discord: Well, ex-CUSE me for having a sense of fair play!
Twilight Sparkle: Things have been tough in Equestria since Empress Nightmare Moon banished Princess Celestia to the sun... and then banished the sun to the moon. Still not sure how she did that...
Twilight Sparkle: Omigosh! It's you! Punkie Pie, Scarcity, Rainbow Crash, Sugar Smack, Stuttershy, and real stone Spike!
Discord: What do you say we get you out of here, and I personally send you off to get those Elements of Harmony back and set everything right?!
Twilight Sparkle: Wow! Thanks, helpful stranger!
Princess Celestia: When I get out of here, Luna is going to be sooo jealous of my tan!
Spike: Fine! I didn't want to be part of your dumb dystopia anyways!

Chapter 2

Fan Pony 1: Fluttershy! Over here!
Fan Pony 2: Omigosh! I love you, Fluttershyyyyy!
Fan Pony 3: Fluttershy! Sign my filly!
Alternate Fluttershy: Hey, afraid of anything...?
Fluttershy: H-Huh...?
Alternate Fluttershy: Something you find frightening. Could be anything!
Fluttershy: Oh, well, um... p-public speaking... I guess...
Alternate Fluttershy: Omigosh! Is that a giant debate podium outside?!
Fluttershy: EEEEEEEEEK!!! Where?!
Headwaiter Pony: Ah! Mademoiselle Fluttershy! How good to see you again with, uh... Mademoiselle Fluttershy...?
Alternate Fluttershy: Oh, um... This is the...winner... of the, uh... Fluttershy Lookalike Contest!
Fluttershy: Princess Celestia?!
Celestia: "Princess"? Ooo, I like her!
Fluttershy: That's the Element of Kindness! That's why I'm here! That's what I came to get no matter the cos-- Oh no...
Alternate Fluttershy: Well, well... Look who just ran out of options!
Alternate Fluttershy: You have stage fright?! I thought you were just afraid of rampaging crowds of fans!
Fluttershy: I...I mean, it's right there in my name...
Alternate Fluttershy: Noooo! Wardrobe malfunction!
Alternate Zecora: Your dramatic performance had the world seeing double; now your record sales have inflated like a giant bubble. The press was relentless in their pursuit of you. Can I get the scoop on how it looked like you were two?
Alternate Fluttershy: Now, now, Zecora--you know I can't give away all my secrets. At least not until my tell-all biography comes out.

Chapter 3

Rarity: Oh, good heavens! Stirrup pants? Zebra prints, bubble skirts... Why, this Ponyville is a fashion disaster!
Rarity: Rainbow Dash! What have you done to your mane?!
Alternate Rainbow Dash: Heh! I know, pretty boss, right?
Rarity: Now, listen here. I don't care how pretty that boss of yours is... You tell her to stay away from your head!
Alternate Rainbow Dash: Huh?
Alternate Pinkie Pie: You designed all the clothes we're wearing now! I bet you could win this thing blindfolded!
Rarity: Y-Yes... Looks like I may have to...
Alternate Pinkie Pie: I know you'll make something outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.
Rarity: It'll be perfect, or this establishment isn't called "The Carousel Boutique."
Alternate Pinkie Pie: Um...isn't it called "Rarity's Ultra Rad Carousel Threadery"?
Rarity: I know... I'm trying not to think about it.
Alternate Rainbow Dash: Ehhh... I'd say it needs to be about twenty... thousand percent more gnarly.
Rarity: For the last time, Rainbow Dash, I don't know what that means!
Alternate Rainbow Dash: You know... "Funky fresh"? "Mondo rad"? "Totally tubular"? "Really fly"?
Alternate Photo Finish: Whoa! So stunning! So radically outrageous!
Rarity: Oh, come on! That's just my design with an inverted color scheme!
Sudden Twist: When I found out you entered this contest and realized it threatened Daddy's plans, I did what any good daughter would do... I cheated!
Alternate Princess Celestia: I brought our holiest of relics--the Colorful Puzzle Cubes of Eternal Frustration!
Alternate Pinkie Pie: Oh no! Rarity's disappeared into thin air! Possibly never to retuuuurn!
Alternate Rarity: Why, hello, everyone. I'm back from my trip.
Alternate Pinkie Pie: Never mind--there she is!

Chapter 4

Somber Twilight: [narrating] Ponyville... My city... A city I am sworn to protect from the vile and corrupt... Rest well, gentle pony folk, for from the shadows your protect remains ever vigilant. Though you may never see my face, sleep well in the knowledge that you are under the protection of... the Somber Twilight!! Justice's last gleaming!!!
Somber Twilight: So! My arch-nemesis the Pink Piester once again threatens Ponyville with a cunningly crafted conspiracy of confectionary crime?
Cyborg Scootaloo: Somber Twilight! The future needs your help to stop the rise of Ponytron 5000! Only you ca--
Somber Twilight: Again? Okay, fine, but I'm busy with alternate-reality Pinkie here. You're just going to have to wait your turn. Honestly! What are you ponies doing in the future that you always need our help?
Cyborg Scootaloo: But... robot apocalypse...!
Somber Twilight: Ponyville First National Bank is being robbed by... the Bad Apple Gang!
Applehijack: Seed y'all later! It's been real ap-peel-ing doin' business with ya!
Spyke: No criminal escape the cutting-edge justice of the Spyke!
Pinkie Pie: That's not how you spell "Spike," silly!
Spyke: Th-the "Y" makes it look cool. Okay?!
Pink Piester: Hi, Somber Twilight! Hi, Spike with a "Y"! Hi, Pinkie that isn't but also is me!
Pinkie Pie: Hiii, Pink Piester! Those pies look delicious!
Pink Piester: Thanks!
Spyke: D-Don't encourage the supervillain!
Somber Twilight: "Laughter"?! You never said it was the Element of Laughter! In the Pink Piester's hooves, that could be extremely dangerous! Tell me! What does it do?
Pinkie Pie: Well, to tell you the truth, the Elements of Harmony do pretty much whatever the plot needs them to do.
Somber Twilight: Huh?
Pinkie Pie: Yeah, we find it's best not to call too much attention to it.
Pink Piester: They called me crazy for building that colossal pie oven all those years ago, and... well, I guess they were right!
Pinkie Pie: Of course! A giant pie oven! Why did I never think of that?!
Somber Twilight: Thank you, Spike... I couldn't have done it without you.
Spyke: Yeah, working together again wasn't so bad... was it?
Somber Twilight: Listen... I've got to go help a cyborg Scootaloo save her future. Want to tag along?
Spyke: You mean... like a "team-up"?
Somber Twilight: Let's call it a "crossover" and take things from there.

Chapter 5

Alternate Fluttershy: T-Two Rainbow Dashes?! But... how?!
Alternate Rainbow Dash: Discord?
Rainbow Dash: Discord.
Rainbow Dash: Can't you use... I don't know... a butterfly net or something?
Alternate Fluttershy: Oh, we used every butterfly net we could get our hooves on, with no success... Of course, now Ponyville is overrun with butterflies, but we'll have to deal with that later.
Alternate Rarity: The fluttering... The horrible, horrible FLUTTERING!!!
Alternate Rainbow Dash: Me first!
Rainbow Dash: C'mooon... I said I'll do it!
Alternate Fluttershy: [to waiter] Sorry about that. They're both...very competitive. We, um... probably should have seen this coming...
Alternate Rainbow Dash: That's a black hole contained in a magical field! We use its gravity to build up to top speed for the final lap! With that comet going faster and faster, it'll eventually cause a sonic boom large enough to burst that bubble and let the black hole suck in most of Equestria!
Rainbow Dash: Ulp! If it's so dangerous, why did you build a racetrack around it?
Alternate Rainbow Dash: Well, our Princess Celestia is a big racing fan.
Alternate Princess Celestia: Good luck, Rainbow Dash! If we survive, we'll be rooting for you!
Alternate Rainbow Dash: You know, we really make a good team.
Rainbow Dash: I know, right? And ponies say we have an ego!
Alternate Rainbow Dash: As the last pony standing, I humbly accept first place in the Cloudsdale 500. But really, I dedicate this award to the other Rainbow Dash, who through her actions saved Equestria, as well as all the other brave racers who pitched in to help. This trophy belongs to all of you! But, um...just so we're clear... I'll still be keeping the trophy at my place.

Chapter 6

Applejack: I'm not yer Applejack--I'm an Applejack from a parallel world sent here on a mission by Discord's magic. Y'all have a Discord on yer world, right? Tall critter... Kinda mixed-up lookin'?
Ninja Apple Bloom: Ohhh... I get it...
Applejack: Oh, good... Ya do?
Ninja Apple Bloom: You're just trying to get me to lower my guard!
Ninja Applejack: Your disguise skills have come a long way, Apple Bloom.
Applejack: H-Hunh?
Ninja Applejack: Your big sister is impressed.
Applejack: Oh, um...I'm not Apple Bloom! But if'n you could have a talk with her 'bout proper knife safety--
Ninja Applejack: My voice, my appearance--you've replicated them to near perfection. It's almost like looking in a mirror. If it weren't for ooooone little detail... You forgot my hat.
Ninja Apple Bloom: If...If you're not Applejack...
Ninja Applejack: And you're not Apple Bloom in disguise...
Ninja Apple Bloom: Then that makes you...
Applejack: Yes, like I've been trying to tell y'all, I'm--!
Ninja Applejack and Ninja Apple Bloom: A SPY!!!
Applejack: [to Ninja Apple Bloom] Whoa... Pretty good with a needle, ain'tcha...? Say, can I take ya home with me? My Rarity could use you in her boutique.
Applejack: Those ancient prophecies are mighty specific.
Ninja Applejack: You're telling me! I'm starting to suspect one of us gets trapped in the ancient past at some point and writes them all there. Oh, applesauce! What if it's me?!
Apple Lord: So, the puny ninjas of the Apple clan think that they can defeat the great and mighty Apple Lord... with their pathetic excuse for a cloning technique? It is to laugh!
Applejack: You had him beat! Why'd ya let Apple Lord eat his Dark Matter Apple and power up?!
Ninja Applejack: I had to! We'd have never known his true power level! What was I supposed to do? Not let him eat it?!
Applejack: Yes! That!
Apple Lord: The cosmic power of the ultra-dense Dark Matter Apple courses through me, and I'm only at eighty percent apple power!
Ninja Applejack: How do you like them apples, Apple Lord?!
Applejack: I think those Dark Matter Apples are too dense to let sound through.
Ninja Applejack: I know, but...I still wanted to say it!
Ninja Apple Bloom: Granny Smith...did the prophesy really say Applejack had to take the scroll with her?
Ninja Granny Smith: Enh... A lot of what those things say are open to interpretation.
Ninja Applejack: I knew it!

Chapter 7

G1 Twilight: Hee... Spinnyyy...
Twilight Sparkle: S-Sorry about that... You just rest here. You'll be fine in about twenty-two minutes. Half an hour, tops.
G1 Applejack: Hi, Twilight. Care for some applesauce?
Twilight Sparkle: Applejack! Finally, a familiar face!
G1 Firefly: You look different, Twilight... Did you do something to your mane?
Twilight Sparkle: Um... sure. Let's go with that.
G1 Scorpan: You are all doomed! Soon every pony will belong to Tirek, the master of Midnight Castle!
G1 Firefly: Things only got bad around here after Tirek captured the Rainbow of Darkness.
G1 Applejack: Which happened shortly after he found that otherworldly Element of Magic which appeared out of nowhere.
Twilight Sparkle: You've gotta be kidding me!!
Megan Williams: Gosh, T.J., wouldn't it be wonderful if a magical talking pony were to swoop down out of the sky and whisk me away on a grand epic adventure beyond my wildest imagination...? Oh well... Back to my chores!
G1 Applejack: Thanks for the ride to this secret entrance to Castle Midnight, Sea Ponies.
Twilight Sparkle: And thanks for the musical undersea adventure!
G1 Tirek: Scorpan...if by midnight I do not have a fourth pony, a head will roll... His!
Twilight Sparkle: You leave not-stone Spike alone!!!
G1 Spike: Scorpan was always looking out for me. He's my friend.
Twilight Sparkle: Well, that makes him my friend, too.
Twilight Sparkle: Hey, Tirek! You may have the Rainbow of Darkness, but we have... this... teeeeny, tiny little Rainbow of Light? Note to self: Next time look inside the locket before storming the evil castle.
G1 Spike: Did... Did that rainbow just explode?
Twilight Sparkle: I... guess so?
G1 Spike: Do all rainbows explode?
Twilight Sparkle: It's... probably best not to think about it.
G1 Medley: Look, Twilight! We made a statue of you to commemorate your bravery.
G1 Twilight: Golly, that sure is nice of you... But is that really what I look like?
G1 Medley: Yeah... sometimes.

Chapter 8

Twilight Sparkle: Where are the others?
Discord: Rrright... About that... You're the first to return, and due to differences in the flow of time between worlds, there's no telling when the others will reappear. Could be a week from now, or a hundred years.
Twilight Sparkle: A hundred y--?!
Twilight Sparkle: Oof!
Discord: Or now. Now's good, too. Heh... My watch must be off.
Rarity: What colors are in this season? If you say neon, I'll scream!
Fluttershy: Tuh-Twilight... D-Don't look now, but... I th-th-think Nightmare Moon may be standing behind us...!
Twilight Sparkle: Y'don't say...
Spike: Your reign of terror ends now, Nightmare Moon! So swears the Ponyville Resistance!
Ninja Apple Family: Apple family ninja clan into action!!!
Nightmare Moon: What do you mean, Fluttershy made friends with the bugbears and they've turned on my troops?!
Princess Celestia: Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
Princess Luna: I...I'm sorry I banished you to the surface of the sun...
Princess Celestia: And...?
Princess Luna: Sigh... And your tan looks amazing.
Princess Celestia: Oh? You noticed!
Twilight Sparkle: Hey, is it just me or is there something different about us?
Rainbow Dash: Naw, you worry too much, Twilight.
Pinkie Pie: G'night, everypony!