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My Little Pony Annual 2021
My Little Pony Annual 2021 cover A.jpg
Published: April 28, 2021
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Brianna Garcia
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Bobby Curnow
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Annual 2021, also titled The Two Kingdoms of Caninia,[1] is an annual edition comic released by IDW Publishing and an installment of the comics' "Season 10", taking place after the series' season nine.

In the issue, Rarity, Big McIntosh, Maud Pie, and Mage Meadowbrook travel to the Kingdom of the Diamond Dogs and try to fix the broken friendship between six royal sisters.


Rarity, Big McIntosh, Maud Pie, and Mage Meadowbrook are traveling to the Diamond Dog kingdom of Caninia as part of Princess Twilight Sparkle's ongoing mission to spread friendship to the furthest reaches of Equestria. Meadowbrook is puzzled as to why they received two invitations to Caninia from two different queens, but Rarity believes it was simply a mistake. They enter the kingdom via a very fast mine car ride and discover two castles—one lavish and modern-looking, the other drab and old-fashioned—separated by a gorge.

At the first castle, Rarity and her friends are happily welcomed by sister princesses Moonbeam Twinkletail ("Moon") and Ambrosia Muffinbuns ("Amber") and meet with their sickly sister Queen Jennino Lanternlight ("Jenn"). Jenn is very excited to open trade with Equestria, and Moon and Amber give Rarity and her friends a tour of the kingdom. After some pressing from Meadowbrook, Rarity finally asks about the other castle across the gorge, and Moon and Amber reveal it is where their other three estranged sisters live.

Moon explains that Caninia was once a single kingdom with one castle. One day, while digging for gems in the royal mines, she, Amber, and Jenn discovered a new vein of gems populated by strange turtle-like creatures. They wanted to continue exploring this new vein, but their sister Queen Katherina Proudpaws forbade it. A strict stickler for tradition, Katherina even suppressed Moon's interest in magic, Amber's interest in decoration and fashion design, and Jenn's love for exploration. Eventually, Jenn, Moon, and Amber broke off from the pack and built their own castle across the gorge, splitting the kingdom in two. Some time later, Jenn became sick, which Katherina blamed on her stubbornness, and with the two refusing to make amends, the six sisters have been estranged ever since.

Rarity and her friends offer to meet with Queen Katherina and try to fix the sisters' fractured relationship. At the other castle, they are greeted by the other three royal sisters of Caninia: Fiona Floppyears, Indiana Embereyes ("Indy"), and the very stern Katherina. Unlike Jenn, Katherina refuses to establish relations with Equestria because it is always embroiled in conflict, citing her loyalty to her kingdom. When Katherina's estranged sisters are mentioned, Katherina says she does not want to expose her subjects to whatever made Jenn sick. Meadowbrook offers to determine what made Jenn sick and cure her if Katherina makes peace with her estranged sisters.

Rarity, Big Mac, Maud, and Meadowbrook enter the mines under Caninia, with all six royal sisters seeing them off at the entrance. In the mines, they discover bite marks in the earth left by the turtle-like creatures Moon and her sisters found long ago, which Maud identifies as carbunkappas. She realizes the carbunkappas have been eating the surrounding galena, causing the mines to fill up with lead dust. Jenn's overexposure to this dust resulted in her contracting lead poisoning. To make matters worse, the earth under the old Caninia Castle has considerably weakened over time from the carbunkappas eating the galena, threatening to collapse the entire castle.

The royal Diamond Dog sisters enter the mines just in time to learn about this development and offer to help. As the ponies and Diamond Dogs work to reinforce the earth with boulders, the ground underneath them suddenly gives way, and they fall into a chamber even deeper underground. The chamber houses another Tree of Harmony, with six panels on the floor around it. Just like with Zecora and her friends in the Farasian desert, the floor panels light up when the sisters stand on them: magic for Moon, kindness for Amber, honesty for Indy, laughter for Fiona, generosity for Jenn, and loyalty for Katherina.

However, Jenn and Katherina's floor panels do not light up. Katherina believes it is because she did not show loyalty by letting her sisters' relationship break apart, and she admits she was wrong for doing so. Jenn also takes responsibility for not listening to Katherina's warnings and not being generous with her forgiveness. The two sisters apologize for their past mistakes, and the floor panels light up beneath them, causing the Elements of Harmony to awaken. With the new magical powers given to them, the six Diamond Dog sisters work together to keep the castle from collapsing and save their subjects from falling debris.

With the crisis over and the six royal sisters' friendship repaired, Katherina suggests moving everyone into the newer castle, where the six will all rule over Caninia as queens together. In the aftermath, Meadowbrook cures Jenn of her lead poisoning, and Rarity writes a letter to Twilight while enjoying the Caninia Castle spa. Meanwhile, in the library shown at the end of Friendship is Magic Issue 92, the display of five lights now has three lights lit up, and a character off-screen calls for a meeting of the "Knights of Harmony".


Rarity: Helloooo! My name is Rarity, and I am an emissary from Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria.
Diamond Dog: Go car. Go car go.
Rarity: So... we should take the cable car then?
Diamond Dog: Mine. Mine car.
Rarity: The car is yours? It's very nice. Kind of a strange cable car.
Maud Pie: That's because it's not a cable car. It's a mine car.
Moonbeam Twinkletail: I'm Princess Moonbeam Twinkletail, but you can just call me Moon. And this is my sister--
Ambrosia Muffinbuns: Who can introduce herself. I am Princess Ambrosia Muffinbuns, please call me Amber. And tell me, who are you, and who does your mane? Is everypony in Equestria so well-coiffed?
Rarity: I am Rarity, and they wish!
Jennino Lanternlight: I am Queen Jennino Lanternlight, but that is such a mouthful. Jenn will be just fine.
Jennino Lanternlight: Do you like diamonds? Because we have a lot of them.
Rarity: I think I'm in love.
Maud Pie: Fixing friendships is Rarity's specialty. My specialty is rocks.
Rarity: I miss walking! I never thought I'd miss walking!
Fiona Floppyears: I'm Princess Fiona Floppyears, and this is my sister, Princess Indiana Embereyes.
Indiana Embereyes: Call us Fiona and Indy.
Rarity: Fiona, you're Amber's twin? You all don't seem like--
Fiona Floppyears: --Like we've been apart for a day? Like we've been without each other for so long? Like you could even tell us apart?! How is Ambie? I love my twin so much, but I understand that she had to leave to do what she loved. Sometimes I wish I'd gone with her, but I couldn't leave Indy alone. Are we still just alike?
Rarity: You're the spitting image of one another.
Katherina Proudpaws: Queen Katherina Proudpaws, regent of Caninia and protector of the sacred mines of our ancestors. You are welcome to refer to me as--
Rarity: Let me guess! Kat?
Diamond Dogs: *GASP*
Katherina Proudpaws: You may not! And that word is forbidden in this kingdom, so I would mind your tongue!
Maud Pie: If your sisters are so important to you, why haven't you even allowed them to visit each other? The twins haven't seen each other in years, and you use them as an excuse?
Big McIntosh: Yup!
Katherina Proudpaws: My sister thinks the only way to run a country is to let heirs to the throne do whatever they like. And so, they decorate, and use magic recklessly, and dig wherever they like with no regard for safety. Then they call me the mean one. But I am not mean. I am loyal.
Maud Pie: Yup.
Big McIntosh: Hey!
Maud Pie: Oh, I'm sorry, do you own "yup"?
Mage Meadowbrook: Jenn has lead poisoning! It's not even a magical illness! I can cure that!
Moonbeam Twinkletail: I'm going down there!
Jennino Lanternlight: No, Moon, it's too dangerous!
Moonbeam Twinkletail: And I can use my magic to help them! What good is all this magic if I don't help others?
Katherina Proudpaws: Princess Fiona Floppyears, you sit and stay!
Fiona Floppyears: Not this time, sister.
Rarity: Moon, you're clearly magic. Amber wanted to take care of guests, she's kindness. Indy can always see the truth. Fiona tries to make everypony laugh and be happy. [...] Jenn was generous in giving her sisters what they wanted, and Katherina was loyal in trying to protect her sisters.
Katherina Proudpaws: Jenn, my strong, generous sister. You saw what I couldn't, and it made me angry at you. A truly loyal sister would have come to visit you, no matter how angry I was. You all told me what you needed, but I thought I knew better. My loyalty to tradition and my need to protect you all... It kept me from seeing what capable young dogs you've become.
Jennino Lanternlight: You warned me it might be dangerous, and I didn't listen. I charged right in without protecting myself. Sometimes being generous isn't just about giving to others. Sometimes it's about forgiving others, especially when they care for you.
Jennino Lanternlight: Here, my light is way brighter now!
Moonbeam Twinkletail: I can dig super-fast!
Fiona Floppyears: Check out what my ears can do!
Ambrosia Muffinbuns: You think that's cool, check out my tail!
Indiana Embereyes: I would look, but my eyes are pretty busy right now.
Indiana Embereyes: If we're back together, who's going to be queen now?
Katherina Proudpaws: Hmmm... Well, I don't think having two queens seems quite right. What would you think about... having six queens instead?
Unknown Character: Another one!? That's it! Call a meeting of the Knights of Harmony.


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