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My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Canterlot High: March Radness
MLPEG Canterlot High March Radness cover A.jpg
Published: March 25, 2020
Writer: Danny Djeljosevic (Detention is Magic)
Christina Rice (Dashin' Around)
Toni Kuusisto (Getting Seconds)
Artist: Toni Kuusisto
Colorist: Heather Breckel
Letterer: Valeria Lopez
Editor: Megan Brown
Natalie Waltz (assistant editor)
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My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Canterlot High: March Radness is a special-edition Equestria Girls comic released by IDW Publishing. It is a collection of three new Equestria Girls stories that also includes The Fall of Sunset Shimmer from the My Little Pony Annual 2013.


Detention is Magic

The story opens with the Equestria Girls in detention for playing a prank on Mrs. Harshwhinny and uploading it to the internet. Each girl in the group blames another for landing them in detention:

  • Pinkie Pie blames Fluttershy for unleashing an army of gerbils while she was decorating the school for homecoming.
  • Fluttershy blames Rainbow Dash for kicking a soccer ball into the school lockers, frightening Fluttershy's gerbils.
  • Rainbow Dash blames Sunset Shimmer for popping a balloon and startling her while she was practicing with her basketball.
  • Sunset Shimmer blames Twilight Sparkle for making a mess with her pie-making robot and causing Sunset to slip while recording Rarity's "Outfit of the Day" livestream.
  • Twilight blames Applejack for pressing the "On" button for her robot too early.
  • Applejack blames Pinkie because Pinkie's homecoming decorations clouded her vision, causing her to turn on Twilight's robot by mistake and trip over Sunset Shimmer.

Rarity interrupts her friends' arguing and shows them the recording of the incident on her phone. As the girls already argued, Pinkie's decorations caused Applejack to turn on Twilight's robot, which caused Sunset Shimmer to slip and pop a balloon, which caused Rainbow Dash to throw her basketball, which caused Fluttershy's gerbils to escape, and Applejack tripped over Sunset, causing her apple pie to fly into Mrs. Harshwhinny.

The entire incident was an accident for which each of them was partly responsible. The girls apologize to each other for casting blame and go to show Mrs. Harshwhinny what really happened. Upon reviewing the evidence, Mrs. Harshwhinny forgives the girls for what was clearly an accident. By this time, the girls have already fully served their detention, having spent most of it arguing, and they leave for home.

Dashin' Around

Rainbow Dash wakes up to an announcement on the radio stating Daring Do author A.K. Yearling is holding a book signing at the Canterlot book store later that day. As soon as Rainbow gets dressed, Applejack calls her to remind her that she promised to help out on the Apple family's farm that day. Rainbow Dash does not back out of her promise, but she resolves to help out quickly so that she can make it to A.K. Yearling's book signing.

At Applejack's house, Rainbow Dash is welcomed by Applejack, Big McIntosh, and Granny Smith. For the next hour and a half, the four catch up over apple cider. When Rainbow wonders where Apple Bloom is, Applejack mentions that she left early for the book store. Wanting to get out quickly, Rainbow Dash uses her super-speed to rake all the leaves, collect eggs from the chicken coop, feed the pigs, and pick apples from the trees.

When Apple Bloom returns with a copy of the new Daring Do book signed by A.K. Yearling, Applejack pulls Rainbow Dash along to the book store so that she can get her own copy. Unfortunately, the book signing is already over by the time they get there. Applejack realizes that Rainbow was rushing to do the Apple family's chores so that she could make it to the book signing. When asked why she did not say anything earlier, Rainbow says she did not want to let Applejack down by breaking her promise to help out on the farm.

Applejack points out that Rainbow did let her down because the whole point of asking Rainbow for help was because Applejack and Big Mac wanted to spend time with her, which they hardly get to do anymore because of schoolwork and saving the city from Equestrian magic. Rainbow Dash apologizes for putting her own desires over spending time with a friend.

Just then, A.K. Yearling comes out of the book store. Applejack catches her before she leaves and asks her to sign Rainbow Dash's copy of her new book. A.K. is happy to do so, and Rainbow Dash is too starstruck to say anything. As A.K. leaves, Rainbow Dash resolves to spend the rest of the evening hanging out with Applejack.

Getting Seconds

At Canterlot High School, Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna announce the upcoming "Springing Into Sports" athletics competition, the winner of which will be declared the top athlete in the school. Rainbow Dash is confident that she will win, but her friends get into the spirit of competition. Though they cannot possibly excel at every single sport, they decide to focus on excelling at one sport each.

One month later, the sports competition begins, and Rainbow Dash is still overconfident in her ability to win. However, she finds her friends beating her at every event: Applejack beats her in track and field, Ditzy Doo beats her in the long jump, Fluttershy beats her in the discus throw, Pinkie Pie beats her in gymnastics, Twilight beats her in ping-pong, and Rarity beats her in ballet. Even though she comes in first overall, she only wins second place medals. Despite her friends' congratulations, her ego is severely bruised.

The next day, the sports competition is set to conclude with an exhibition soccer match. Rainbow Dash, having been beaten by her friends in every sporting event, starts to feel like she is holding them back and they do not need her anymore. When her friends find her sulking by herself, she expresses disappointment in herself; they offer her words of encouragement, but she has lost all confidence. Without Rainbow to be their captain, the rest of the girls switch up their team positions, but Rainbow argues against their changes. Fearing they will lose the soccer match without her, Rainbow Dash decides to join them on the field.

As the Equestria Girls play soccer, Rainbow Dash realizes she does not always need to be the best, and she is proud of her friends for doing so well in the sports competition.


Detention is Magic

Mrs. Harshwhinny: Some of you are here because you played a prank on one of your teachers and streamed it to the entire internet. I sincerely hope you take this time to think about what you did and ask yourself some very tough questions. I'm keeping this ball, by the way.
Pinkie Pie: [to Fluttershy] Us being in detention is your fault!
Fluttershy: It's... It's... It's Rainbow Dash who did it!
Rainbow Dash: You're so wrong you didn't even get the sport right! But I bet Sunset Shimmer can tell you what sport it was!!
Sunset Shimmer: A balloon did pop... because of Twilight Sparkle! And Applejack! Kind of.
Twilight Sparkle: It was obviously--
Twilight Sparkle: You, Applejack!
Applejack: Pinkie Pie!
Rarity: Everyone stop arguing!
Rarity: ...There you have it. Everyone's to blame and no one's to blame.
Pinkie Pie: Does that mean we get out of detention early?
Mrs. Harshwhinny: Early? Girls, detention is already over. You can all go home.

Dashin' Around

Rainbow Dash: A.K. Yearling?!
Radio Announcer: That's right, the A.K. Yearling! She'll be signing copies of the new Daring Do book. First come, first serve so get there...
Rainbow Dash: Get there when?!
Radio Announcer: Now!
Rainbow Dash: Right!
Applejack: It's been ages since you spent the day helpin' out at the farm.
Rainbow Dash: Helping out on the farm... Right. That's today.
Granny Smith: And then Apple Bloom turns to Goldie Delicious and says, "The apple doesn't fall far from the family tree!"
Applejack and Big McIntosh: Hahahaha!
Applejack: We can start with rakin up the leaves and then--
Rainbow Dash: On it!
Applejack: I admit we're behind on collecting eggs from the coup[sic]. It may take awhile--
Rainbow Dash: Done!
Applejack: You piggies must all be starv--
Rainbow Dash: Done!
Rainbow Dash: I promised I'd come help you at the farm. I couldn't be a flake and let you down.
Applejack: The thing is... you did let me down. Do you really think we need your help? Why, Big Mac n 'me can get them chores done with both hands tied behind our backs! We wanted to spend time with you.
A.K. Yearling: You don't talk much, do you, Rainbow Dash?
Rainbow Dash: Uhhhh...
A.K. Yearling: You two have a wonderful evening.
Rainbow Dash: Oh, I will have a wonderful evening.
Applejack: Why? Because you just met your favorite author?
Rainbow Dash: No! Because I'm spending it with a good friend.

Getting Seconds

Vice Principal Luna: At the end of the competition, we'll be able to crown the best overall athlete in the school!
Rainbow Dash: I think we know who that is.
Applejack: Uh-huh.
Fluttershy: Is it Lyra? I heard she just broke the school record on rope skipping!
Sunset Shimmer: *sigh* I'm not very into sports--the stuff I did was on four legs or with magic.
Pinkie Pie: Just yesterday I finally mastered the back-handspring-to-somersault-with-tuck-switch-to-flip!
Fluttershy: Dash, you don't need to win to be the best.
Pinkie Pie: Yeah, like, to be a best friend, you don't need to win in anything!
Rainbow Dash: I feel like my friends are outpacing me, and I thought I was the fast one... What if they don't need me anymore? What if they think that I'll just hold them back? Even worse, what if they're right in thinking that?
Rainbow Dash: Wait, you're making Fluttershy goalkeeper? And AJ in front? No way! You can't--it won't--whatteryathinkyer--ow! I bit my tongue!
Sunset Shimmer: Let's have fun!
Rainbow Dash: And win this thing!
Twilight Sparkle: Dash!
Rainbow Dash: What? I can't let all your hard work go to waste!