Included in the DVD/Blu-ray home media release of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games are four deleted scenes that were removed from or altered in the final version of the film; released online around May 3, 2016[1] is a video of bloopers.[2] The deleted scenes are only available in animatic form, scrapped from the film before being fully animated. The bloopers are fully animated. On the DVD and Blu-ray, commentary by Brian Lenard, Josh Haber, Daniel Ingram, Jayson Thiessen, Ishi Rudell, and Rebecca Dart is also included with the deleted scenes.

Twilight Sparkle/Sunset Shimmer duet

EG3 animatic - Twilight and Sunset sing together.png

This deleted scene is an earlier, extended duet version of What More Is Out There? with Sunset Shimmer singing about feeling homesick and wanting to return to Equestria in addition to Twilight Sparkle's vocals.

Production and development

This animatic was storyboarded by Katrina Hadley and Hanna Lee.

Puppy Spike: [growls]
Sci-Twi: Maybe she has news about my scholarship. It's never too early to get started on the rest of your life, Spike. And it's not like I have anything left to learn at Crystal Prep.
I've walked through all these halls before
I've been in and out of every door, oh-whoa-oh
There's nothin' in this school that I don't know
In every class, my grade's the best
The highest score on every test
I think that means it's time for me to go
I know there's more that's out there
And I just haven't found it yet
I know there's more that's out there
Another me I haven't met
[Sunset Shimmer]
Everyone here likes who I am
And it's not from a magic spell's command, oh-whoa-oh
My friends look past the things I've done before
But still I miss those quests
The mythic creatures, magic tests
High school's great, sure, but who am I anymore?
It's not that I'm ungrateful or trying to succeed
But there's something left still missing, something that I need
[Sunset Shimmer]
I know there's more that's out there
Maybe folks that need my help
I know there's more that's out there
Because I've seen it for myself
There's only so much this town can offer
And I'm not saying that's so bad
But I know there's more that's out there
'Cause it's a life that I once had
Beyond these rooms, beyond these walls
So much to learn, I can't see it all
[Sunset Shimmer]
This town is home, this school is safe
But how can I be home and still feel out of place?
And I know there's more that's out there
Another world to explore
[Sunset Shimmer]
And I know there's more that's out there
Am I wrong for wanting more?
[Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer]
And I can't wait for it to happen
But what it is I cannot say
I just know there's more that's out there
And it's calling out my name
And I'm searching for the answer
'Cause I feel I've lost my way
I may not know what's really out there
But I'll find out someday!
I'll find out someday...

Sunset and Twilight in the café

EG3 animatic - Twilight asks if something's wrong EG3.png

In this scene, Sunset meets up with the Twilight from Equestria at the Sweet Shoppe to express how she is bored with the human world and how she might want to return to Equestria. Twilight assures Sunset that the portal is open indefinitely so she can return to Equestria at any time. When the waitress comes by with the bill for Twilight's order, she is unable to pay because she only has bits from Equestria, so Sunset offers to pay.

Production and development

According to the DVD/Blu-ray commentary, this deleted scene would have immediately followed the previous deleted scene. Rebecca Dart stated that the Sweet Shoppe backgrounds were fully colored and animated before the scene was scrapped.

[patrons conversing]
Twilight Sparkle: Sunset? Why did you wanna meet? Is something wrong?
Sunset Shimmer: I don't know. Maybe, I guess. It's just... there's this big competition coming up at school and everyone's looking forward to it, and I am, too, I guess. It's just kind of... ordinary and... not very...
Twilight Sparkle: Magical?
Sunset Shimmer: [sighs] After studying magic in Equestria and traveling to a different dimension and making friends and defeating evil, I kinda need more than intramural sports.
Twilight Sparkle: Have you talked to the others about it?
Sunset Shimmer: Sort of. But I don't want them to think I don't support them, or want CHS to win. It just makes me wonder if there's... more for me back home?
Twilight Sparkle: In Equestria? Well, there's definitely more magic there. But there's magic here now, too.
Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, but, I don't understand it and even if I did, Vice Principal Luna wants me to keep it away from the competition as much as possible.
Twilight Sparkle: Well, it's up to you. As long as the portal is open, you can come back to Equestria whenever you want.
Sunset Shimmer: Uh, I got it. You can pay me back when I come to see you.

Alternate hallway scene

EG3 animatic - Main five cheering for Sunset.png

This is an alternate version of the scene after the Equestria Girls meet Sci-Twi. Out of frustration, Sunset reveals to the others how she would like to go home because magic is more predictable in Equestria. The girls simply tell Sunset to focus on the Games.

Production and development

This animatic was storyboarded by Roxana Beiklik.

Rarity: I can't believe our world's Twilight goes to Crystal Prep!
Rainbow Dash: You're saying that Twilight's gonna play against us? She'd never do that!
Fluttershy: Our Twilight wouldn't.
Sunset Shimmer: [angrily] Our Twilight's a princess in Equestria where magic doesn't randomly pop up during pep rallies and costume changes! [deep breath] I'm sorry. I know how important the Games are to all of you, but the magic over here is so frustrating! It makes no sense!
Rainbow Dash: Aw, you'll figure it out.
Sunset Shimmer: I'm not sure I want to.
Applejack: Whaddaya mean?
Sunset Shimmer: Well, I keep thinking that magic should behave here in the way it does in Equestria. But maybe what I really need to do is go back.
Fluttershy: You mean leave us?
Sunset Shimmer: Of course I don't wanna leave all of my friends, but I don't wanna spend my whole life wanting things to be different than they are.
Pinkie Pie: Sounds to me like trying to control magic for the Friendship Games is stressing you out.
Rarity: Oh, Sunset, Vice Principal Luna only asked you to try your best. I'm sure she never meant to put any undue pressure on you.
Applejack: That's right. Why don't ya just wait until after the Games, then we can all take a look at the magic over here together. If you still wanna go back after that, we won't stand in your way.
Sunset Shimmer: [sighs] Alright. I mean, I am already on the team. I wouldn't wanna let everyone down.
The Equestria Girls: [cheering]

Alternate ending

EG3 animatic - Wondercolts and Shadowbolts best of friends.png

In this alternate ending, Twilight Sparkle ends up staying at Crystal Prep Academy, but she is now on better and friendlier terms with the Shadowbolts. After Twilight leaves, the Equestria Girls talk to Sunset once again about returning to Equestria, but Sunset, now having a somewhat better understanding of the magic in the human world, decides to stay.

Production and development

This animatic was storyboarded by Jen Davreux.

[rock music playing on headphones]
Indigo Zap: I don't care what Principal Cinch says. It's been more fun gettin' to know everyone at CHS than it ever was playing against 'em.
Dean Cadance: Crystal Prep is definitely going to be a different place now.
Puppy Spike: Hey, Twilight, any idea who you wanna sit next to on the way back? I already have a waiting list.
Sunset Shimmer: It's actually kinda nice to know I have someone at CPA I have so much in common with.
Sci-Twi: And it's nice to know that CHS is a place where I can always find the Magic of Friendship.
Sunset Shimmer: I bet you'll be able to find it at Crystal Prep pretty soon, too.
Applejack: [to Sunset] So now that the portal's back open, I guess you can finally head off to Equestria.
Rarity: Yeah. Now you can go and have all of those magical adventures you were after, Sunset.
Sunset Shimmer: Well, I guess it's pretty obvious I don't need to go all the way to Equestria for that.
Fluttershy: Still, I'm sure it'll be nice to get back to where magic is predictable.
Sunset Shimmer: I guess.
Pinkie Pie: Even though you finally figured out all our magic comes from the things that makes us such good friends. Wahoo! [giggles]
Sunset Shimmer: Actually, I've been thinking about it. I know the magic in Equestria's dependable, but there's something cool about not knowing what it's gonna do next.
Rarity: Oh. Well, that's certainly the case here.
Sunset Shimmer: And after everything we just went through, I feel like not knowing something isn't always so bad. It gives ya something to work for.
Rainbow Dash: So, what're you saying?
Sunset Shimmer: Equestria has a magic all its own. But this place does, too. Someone has to figure out how it works here and it may as well be me, so... I guess I'm saying... I've decided to stay.
The Equestria Girls: [cheering]
Fluttershy: Yay.
Sunset Shimmer: Of course, I will have to go back to Equestria for a visit. I think Twilight's gonna wanna hear about the other her.
All: [laugh]


Friendship Games blooper reel scene change EG3b.png

On May 3, 2016,[1] a Friendship Games "blooper reel" was posted on the official Equestria Girls website,[2] containing fictional outtakes of various scenes from the film.[3] Some gags involve the cast messing up their lines or tripping. One running gag is the endless amount of animals emerging from Fluttershy's backpack.

Production and development

Animated by Tim Stuby.[4] According to Friendship Games director Ishi Rudell, the bloopers were made around the same time as the film.[5] Also according to Rudell, some of the outtakes were inspired by actual line flubs by the voice actors.[6]

Sunset Shimmer: Twilight, what have you been up to?
Sci-Twi: Me? Oh, I was just, uh—
Indigo Zap: Who wants to know?!
Rainbow Dash: Um, we do.
Applejack: All right, everypony. Sorry. Force o' habit.
Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Indigo Zap, Sci-Twi: [giggle]
Sci-Twi: Guess I'm not the only one to smuggle her pet into school.
Fluttershy: [giggles] Not just one.
[animal noises]
Sci-Twi: Shining Armor? Why is my brother here?
Dean Cadance: As an alumni, Principal Cinch thought he could provide some unique perspective.
Sci-Twi: Perspective on what?
Principal Cinch: Why, the Friendship Games, of— [screams, laughs]
Sci-Twi: [laughs]
Pinkie Pie: Ooh, floaty! [screams, grunts]
Beyond these rooms, beyond these wa—Whoa! Oof!
[animal noises]
Rarity: Yes. If only that Principal Cinch hadn't re-freeze it—re-frozen—frozen it again, much clearer. Oh, six pages since my last line and then there's this totally shifty line, no costume change, I mean really! Can I speak to the writer?! Is he on the— What?
Puppy Spike: [belches]
[animal noises]
Vice Principal Luna: Somewhere on campus, a pennant from each school has been hidden. The first team to find their school's flag and bring it... back... wins. Back wins.
[off-screen: That was really good.]
Vice Principal Luna: Thank you. Thank you. I am a fropessional.
Sunset Shimmer: [grunts] Oh, am I getting Danger Pay for this?
Rarity: [screams]
Fleur Dis Lee: Ah.
"Velvet Sky": Huh.
Rarity: Anticlimactic.
"Velvet Sky": Anti-nothing really.
Rarity: Hmm.
"Velvet Sky": Hmm.
[animal noises]
Rainbow Dash: This is awesome!
["Music to My Ears" playing]
[rock music playing]
[portal opening]
[portal closing]


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