All Bite & No Park

Vignette Valencia's venue

Applejack and Rarity's job troubles

Rarity's dream come true

Rarity meets Vignette Valencia

A phone call between friends

Equestria Land / Rarity's new BFF

Frenemy Request

The Equestria Girls meet Vignette

Applejack's seeds of jealousy

Rainbow and Fluttershy / Conquering fears

Applejack and Rarity backstage

Stop the ride, I want to get off!

Micro Chips: cool nerd chic

Vignette's BOLD, NEW VISION!

Applejack Investigates

Flim and Flam's ring toss, part 1

Rarity is (not) having a meltdown

Flim and Flam's ring toss, part 2