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Welcome to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki! The community portal lists tasks and projects in need of attention around the wiki.

A tutorial for contributors who are new to wikis is available.

Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.


Edit articles in the workshop or edit articles in need of improvement[]

These pages have been marked with {{ce}}, {{in-universe}}, or {{delete}}, and either require more content, copy-editing, general cleanup, or a complete overhaul. Improving these articles and pages helps the wiki the most. Common problems include excessive use of the passive voice ("is seen", "as shown", "as demonstrated"), in-universe perspective ("has the ability to", descriptions of fictional events in the past tense, descriptions of fictional characters in a biographical manner), excessive use of parentheses (if a statement is not parenthetical, it doesn't belong in parentheses), editorializing (using parenthetical, speculative, instructive, or overly subjective statements: "notably", "importantly", "interestingly", "it is apparent"), excessive capitalization (Especially Nouns).

Check the to-do list thread on the forum[]

Wiki contributors may list tasks for improving the wiki on the forum, and specifically use the to-do list thread to keep track of these tasks.

Improve media[]

Some media are distorted, pixelated, downscaled, upscaled, or of low quality. If you have a higher-quality file please upload it to replace the lower-quality one. Make sure you select the proper license for the image and use it with permission or under fair-use stipulations.

Discuss monthly featured articles[]

Suggest and discuss articles that should be featured on the front page of the wiki each month.

Fix orphaned pages[]

Orphaned pages are pages that have not been linked from other pages. The best way to get a proper link to an article that is orphaned is to find a more prominent related article and link to the orphaned page from it.

Fix dead-end pages[]

Pages that do not give any links to another article are dead end pages. Linking them to related topics is useful. Some exceptions are gallery pages, fan labor pages, and speculation pages.

Create missing category pages[]

Check the list of missing categories, and check whether the articles in the category are in the right place. If not, update the category links on the article(s) in question. If they are, then add a category page, ensuring that you categorize it so it shows up in the right place in the tree.

If all else fails[]

Click away for random page! Most pages in the wiki need tweaking. Chances are you'll get to a page with a grammar mistake or a broken template. If you can fix it, go ahead!

More things to do[]

You can have a look at Fandom's default community portal page for even more links.