This page contains any items (images, templates, categories, etc.) that would otherwise be listed on Special:UnusedFiles or other lists of pages and should not be.

Note that this page should not be used for personal images and the like, only for images that are important to the wiki and/or mainspace pages.

See also /format for code shortcuts used here.


This also serves as a list of all badges.

All badge-related system messages can be found here. This page is ordered by the system description page names (also used in the badge file names).

Note: most badges are only counted in the mainspace, with the exception of ones focused in other namespaces, the daily edit ones, and lucky edit (I believe). The edit, picture addition, and category addition badges are re-awarded every 500.

Bronze badges are worth 10 points, silver 50, gold 100, and platinum 250.

See also Special:Leaderboard.



Blog comments

Awarded for writing a comment on $1 different blog posts!

Blog posts

Awarded for writing $1 blog posts!

Adding categories

Awarded for adding $1 articles to categories!

Making edits

Awarded for making $1 edits on articles!

Daily edits

Awarded for contributing to the wiki every day for $1 days!

Lucky edits

Awarded for making the Lucky $1th edit on the wiki!

Adding pictures

Awarded for adding $1 pictures to articles!


Due to the nature of PDFs, these can't be displayed directly on the wiki. Some of these files may be candidates for deletion anyway, but please check other links before deleting any.

Miscellaneous images

As above, some of these may be candidates for deletion.

Images used for citation

See also: Category:Images used for citation

These images are usually only linked in references. Many of the PDFs above also fit here.


Same caveats as above about usage.

  • Sunsetshimmer1
  • Sunsetshimmer2

Quiz images

Since these are managed by Wikia staff and not fully integrated with the wiki itself, we can't rename or organize them.

My Little Pony Quiz

See also: Category:Quiz My Little Pony Quiz.
MLPQuizQuizMainQuiz Mainpage1Quiz Mainpage2Quiz Q1A1Quiz Q1A2Quiz Q1A3
Quiz Q1A4Quiz Q2A1Quiz Q2A2Quiz Q2A3Quiz Q2A4Quiz Q3A1Quiz Q3A2
Quiz Q3A3Quiz Q3A4Quiz Q4A1Quiz Q4A2Quiz Q4A3Quiz Q4A4Quiz Q5A1
Quiz Q5A2Quiz Q5A3Quiz Q5A4

The My Little Pony Quiz

See also: Category:Quiz The My Little Pony Quiz.
Quiz main pageQuiz 1000Quiz 200Quiz 500Quiz 800Quiz angelQuiz apple
Quiz applejackQuiz bookQuiz crankydoodleQuiz diamondtiaraQuiz divingQuiz featherweightQuiz fluttershy
Quiz gemsQuiz ironwillQuiz mlpQuiz mlp2Quiz mlp3Quiz mountainclimbQuiz pigs
Quiz rainbowdashQuiz rarityQuiz saladQuiz scootalooQuiz spikeQuiz taffyQuizsweetiebelle


These are templates that may be listed on Special:UnusedTemplates and should not be.


These are templates that are meant only to be substituted rather than transcluded.

  • {{Pnlink}}: [[List of ponies#{{{1}}}|"{{{1}}}"]]
  • {{Unsigned}}: —Preceding unsigned comment added by {{{1}}} ([[User talk:{{{1}}}|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/{{{1}}}|contribs]])
  • {{Wikipedialink}}: [[Wikipedia:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]


See Template:Forumheader. Transcluded here: {{Forumheader/Chat discussion}}, {{Forumheader/Speculation}}, {{Forumheader/Wiki discussion}}.

Forums: Index > Chat discussion > Placeholders
Forums: Index > Speculation > Placeholders
Forums: Index > Wiki discussion > Placeholders


Any categories other than "Site maintenance" on this page were included to prevent sometimes-empty maintenance categories from being shown as unused.

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