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|kind = [[Ponies#Kirin|Kirin]]
|kind = [[Ponies#Kirin|Kirin]]
|sex = Female
|sex = Female
|residence = Self-made residence (formerly)<br/>Kirin village
|residence = Kirin village<br/>Self-made residence (formerly)
|eyes = [ Moderate gold]
|eyes = [ Moderate gold]
|mane = [ Moderate tangelo]
|mane = [ Moderate tangelo]

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Autumn Blaze

Autumn Blaze in Sounds of Silence


Autumn Blaze as a Nirik before rescuing Fluttershy and Applejack

Kind Kirin
Sex Female
Residence Kirin village
Self-made residence (formerly)
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Eyes Moderate gold
Mane Moderate tangelo
Coat Light yellowish gray
Scales Grayish apple green
Horn ¤ Reddish brown and moderate amaranth
Magic aura Light opal
Voice Rachel Bloom (English)

Autumn Blaze is a female Kirin who appears in the season eight episode Sounds of Silence.

Design and development

Depiction in the series


"I'd rather... siiiiiiiiiiiing!"
Sounds of Silence


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