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For the song of the same name, see Opaline (song).
(Opaline Arcana)
Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Residence Her Dark Castle
Skyros (formerly)
More info
Eyes Moderate cobalt blue
Mane ¤ Light magentaish gray and Pale, light grayish opal
Coat Moderate magenta
Cutie mark
Purple horn and two streams of blue fire
Voice Athena Karkanis (English)
Mirna Al-Husseini (Arabic)
Mirta Zečević (Croatian)
Helena Hanson Dytrtová (Czech)
Vibeke Dueholm (Danish)
Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo (Dutch)
Pinja Hanski (Finnish)
Muriel Bersy (French)
Annabelle Mandeng (German)
Jinny Papadopoulou (Greek)
Sarit Seri (Hebrew)
Snehal Choubey (Hindi, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Prachi Choubey (Hindi, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Tímea Sági (Hungarian)
Mirna Haryati (Indonesian, some episodes of Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Miftahul Jannah (Indonesian, some episodes of Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Lorella De Luca (Italian)
Kayo Ishida (Japanese)
Kim Yul (Korean)
Norisnainy Ali (Malaysian, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Nur Azeera Nazir (Malaysian, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Wang Shiwei (Taiwanese Mandarin, Tell Your Tale)
Sarah MacDonald Berge (Norwegian, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Katrine Blomstrand (Norwegian, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Lena Schimscheiner (Polish)
Karina Botião (Brazilian Portuguese)
Carla Mendes (European Portuguese)
Andra Mirescu (Romanian)
Olga Zubkova (Russian, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Vasilisa Voronina (Russian, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Valentina Souza (Latin American Spanish, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Laura Torres (Latin American Spanish, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Anna Orra (European Spanish)
Myrra Malmberg (Swedish, some episodes of Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Mikaela Tidermark Nelson (Swedish, some episodes of Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Niramon Kitphinyochai (Thai, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Natta Hirunsatit (Thai, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Esra Baycan (Turkish, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Canan Çiftel (Turkish, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)
Olena Uzlyuk (Ukrainian)
Trương Ngọc Châu (Vietnamese, Make Your Mark Chapter 1)
Nguyễn Thụy Thủy Tiên (Vietnamese, Make Your Mark Chapter 2)

Opaline is a female Alicorn pony and the main antagonist of the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark series, first appearing in the hour-long Chapter 1 special. She is a self-proclaimed "Alicorn queen" who seeks to take all of Equestria's magic and rule over all ponykind, using her servant Misty as a spy.

She is called Opaline Arcana in merchandise and Missing the Mark. In some multilingual credits for My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Chapter 1, she is credited as Shadowy Alicorn.


Unlike most unicorns and Alicorns, Opaline's horn is long, curved, and sharp at the tip, similar to King Sombra's and Mistmane's.

Depiction in Make Your Mark[]

Opaline first appears in the hour-long special My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, appearing very briefly near the end beside her unicorn servant Misty.

In the Make Your Mark Chapter 2 episode Izzy Does It, Opaline tasks Misty with spying on the Mane 5 to observe their newly acquired magic so that she can eventually take it from them, and she schemes to find a way to see inside the Crystal Brighthouse. In Growing Pains, she intermittently spies on Sunny Starscout via a magic compact mirror Misty left for her in the previous episode. In Portrait of a Princess, she tasks Misty with luring Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm into a trap in order to get rid of them.

In Ali-Conned, after Misty's trap in the previous episode fails, Opaline pretends to be Sunny's inner voice and pressures her (via her magic compact) to embrace her Alicorn status and command respect and adoration from other ponies. In The Cutie Mark Mix-Up, Opaline uses her magic to create an artificial mouse-like critter and sends it to sneak into the Crystal Brighthouse and find the source of the ponies' harmony magic, eventually discovering that the Mane 5 channel the Unity Crystals' power through Sunny's magic lantern.

In The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over, Opaline tasks Misty with infiltrating the Mane 5's group so that she can steal the lantern. This episode also reveals how Opaline first rose to power during the age of ancient Equestria and that Princess Twilight Sparkle shielded all of Equestria in a magic bubble to keep Opaline out. In Hoof Done It?, after Misty fails to steal Sunny's lantern, Opaline sets her sights on Sparky Sparkeroni and his magic dragonfire. In Have You Seen This Dragon?, Misty fails to kidnap Sparky but obtains a small amount of his dragonfire, which Opaline absorbs.

In Top Remodel, Opaline learns of the message Twilight Sparkle left in the Unity Crystals. She also reveals to Misty that she can't absorb the magic directly from the Unity Crystals until she is able to equal or surpass their power. In Sunny Side Up, Opaline punishes Misty for once again failing by using her magic to pin her to the floor of her room. She also reflects on her past with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, claiming that they thought themselves better than her, and seeks out the Dragonstone, a powerful artifact that can help her drain Sparky's fire. In The Manesquerade Ball, she succeeds in obtaining the Dragonstone.

In Missing the Mark, Misty finally brings Sparky to Opaline, who proceeds to start draining the baby dragon's fire. When the guilt-ridden Misty attempts to make amends for this act by leading the Mane 5 to the castle, Opaline captures them, praising Misty for seemingly bringing her enemies to her. After Sparky's stolen dragonfire finally restores Opaline's full magical power, she finds that the Mane 5 have escaped (thanks to Misty's efforts, unbeknownst to her). In the clash that follows, Opaline is overpowered by Sunny when her friends' cutie mark magic gives her a boost. After her foes depart with Sparky, Opaline realizes that other dragons must be active, and makes plans to take their fire to power herself up further.

In Cutie Blossom Bash, Opaline is completely unaware of Misty's absence, and believes her to still be on her side when she returns. In Mane Smelody, she gloats to Misty about her plans to steal the dragons' fire.

In Nightmare on Mane Street, Opaline discovers that she can use the Together Tree the Mane Five created to work around the barrier Twilight placed around Equestria. After arriving in Maretime Bay, she is deeply annoyed by how everypony believes her to be wearing a Nightmare Night costume. She proceeds to steal Posey's cutie mark and return to her castle, readying herself to track down the dragons.

In The Isle of Scaly, Opaline uses the Dragonstone to brainwash Lava and Jade, a pair of dragons she kidnapped, turning them into her servants.

In Roots of All Evil Pt. 1, she uses her Together Tree to corrupt the others, and starts stealing ponies' cutie marks. She also captures Spike, Blaize, Fountain and Luxxe when they attempt to save their friends. She travels to Maretime Bay to finish her work, and is confronted by Hitch Trailblazer, whom she restrains and takes the cutie mark of.

In Roots of All Evil Pt. 2, she travels to Zephyr Heights and takes Pipp and Zipp's cutie marks. She also finally learns that Misty has been working against her, and takes her former servant's cutie mark also. After she takes Izzy Moonbow's cutie mark, Sunny confronts Opaline directly. With her power boosted by the stolen cutie marks, Opaline overwhelms Sunny and takes her mark as well. At that moment, all of ponykind sings in support of Sunny, causing Sunny's locket to release a magical rainbow that restrains her. At the same time, Sparky uses his magic to purify the Dragonstone, releasing the cutie marks and Opaline's Together Tree. The tree takes Opaline's own cutie mark, then traps her inside its roots when she attempts to reclaim it.

Depiction in Tell Your Tale[]

Opaline makes several supporting and background appearances in the 2D animated YouTube web series My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, usually communicating with Misty via a magic locket around Misty's neck. In Dragon Dad, which is set after Make Your Mark Chapter 2, she appears in Misty's flashback obsessing over Sparky's dragonfire. In Nightmare Night Party, she has Misty sneak into the Mane 5's costume party, cause trouble, and get the ponies to use their magic so she and Opaline can observe how it works. In Haunted House, Opaline observes Misty lure the Mane 5 to a haunted house so she can steal Sparky from them.

In Baby Critters Club, Opaline briefly appears when the Mane 5's critter friends contact her via Sunny's magic compact mirror, believing she is being crank-called. In Under the Mistytoe, which is set near the end of My Little Pony: Winter Wishday, she once again orders Misty to kidnap Sparky, but Misty accidentally kidnaps Cloudpuff instead. In Secret Ad-mare-er, Opaline briefly appears during Izzy's song Ain't Gonna Wait. In Ponykind Parade-emonium, she orders Misty to cause chaos during the Ponykind Parade by inducing rage and hunger in Maretime Bay's critters.

In Sparky's Sick, Opaline senses a surge of dragon magic in Maretime Bay when Sparky comes down with a case of hiccup-burps. In Mission Imponable, she harasses Misty during her efforts to steal the Unity Crystal. In Opaline Alone, Opaline has a mundane, boring day alone at her castle while waiting for Misty to return with the smoothie she tasked her to get. In As the Misty Clears, Opaline exerts her dark influence over the Mane 5 via Misty's necklace, until Misty shatters the necklace to pieces. In I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain(bows), she appears in flashbacks retelling the events of Missing the Mark. She also appears in the present, revelling in her restored fire magic.

In Lavarynth, Opaline is mentioned by Hitch Trailblazer when he and his friends encounter a trio of dragons. Spooked by the dragons’ behavior, Hitch mentions the belief that he and his friends had thwarted an unknown curse of Opaline’s making. In Nightmare Nightmarket, Opaline observes that Sunny and her friends have been accidentally turned into foals, and decides to take the opportunity to strike. But by the time she arrives, the problem has already been resolved and her enemies have departed. Annoyed, Opaline decides to take Onyx's cutie mark as compensation.

In The Rise and Fall, events from both parts of Roots of All Evil are played out from Opaline's point of view.

Other depictions[]

Opaline's name was first revealed in the I Can Read Level 1 storybook My Little Pony: Meet the Ponies of Maretime Bay, which identifies her home as "Opaline's Dark Castle". In the official My Little Pony guidebook Sunny Starscout's Book of Adventure, pages 118-120 are written by Opaline herself, and she gives her full name as "Opaline Arcana".

Opaline also appears in the mobile game My Little Pony: Mane Merge.

IDW comics[]

In Issue #2 of the 2022 My Little Pony comic book series, Opaline appears in Discord's flashback on pages 14-15, though mostly obscured in black. Her hurting Fluttershy serves as the catalytic event that causes the three pony tribes to divide. Due to Opaline's actions, foals under Fluttershy and her friends' tutelage were forbidden from attending the Mane Six's classes, and Twilight and her friends created the Unity Crystal to ensure magic would never pit the three pony races against each other.

Opaline briefly appears at the beginning of My Little Pony: Black, White & Blue, berating Misty for failing to bring Sparky to her, and ordering her to use a "Golden Flute" for the next attempt.


Opaline Arcana Wing Surprise figure and accessories

Toys of Opaline Arcana include the 6-inch Opaline Arcana Wing Surprise toy with articulated hooves and wings.


Opaline is portrayed as malicious, scheming, deceitful, and self-centered. As an Alicorn, she believes she is entitled to rule over all ponykind, and she considers Sunny Starscout a "disgrace to her kind" for not thinking the same. She regularly engages in espionage and other covert tactics, using her servant Misty to spy on the ponies, and she manipulates others to accomplish her goals. She claims to have "rescued" Misty when she was a filly and uses this (as well as the promise of one day giving Misty a cutie mark) to keep her in line, even treating her abusively. Opaline is also very condescending and petty, often putting Misty down and seeing others' hopes and dreams (like Sunny's dream of opening a community garden) as frivolous and meaningless. She is incredibly egotistical and power-hungry, wanting all of Equestria's magic for herself and for all ponies to blindly serve and worship her.

The Tell Your Tale series shows a more comedic side to Opaline's villainy: Dragon Dad shows her to be so obsessed with dragonfire, she talks about it in her sleep. Under the Mistytoe and Opaline Alone show her singing songs whenever she is alone and watching reality television shows and social media videos.

Before regaining her full magical power, she tended to become bitterly jealous at the sight of other ponies performing powerful magic (as shown in Under the Mistytoe).


"Those little ponies finally figured out how to stabilize the magic. Took them long enough. And now that they have, it's time to take back what is mine!"
My Little Pony: Make Your Mark
"So nice of you to come home, Misty. You've been gone so long, I thought you got lost... like the time I rescued you as a filly. So kind of me to do that."
Izzy Does It
"If you're going to maniacal laugh with me, Misty, at least be in sync."
Growing Pains
"Meddling ponies! Always sticking their noses places they shouldn't be! And how is Twilight Sparkle still interfering with my plan?!"
Portrait of a Princess
"This is no time to drink vegetables!"
"What is lacked in magical might, conjure from my Alicorn light!"
The Cutie Mark Mix-Up
"Hold on. Misty. "Horn decorating"? "Ponycorn"? And "hoof-reading"?! Did you have FUN with these puny ponies?!"
The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over
"It would be terrible for you to abandon your only friend. Without me, you'd have nothing. No family. No home. No cutie mark."
Hoof Done It?
"That measly drop of dragonfire wasn't enough! And YOU won't be enough, Misty! Not until you can prove that you're actually useful and get! That! DRAGON!"
Have You Seen This Dragon?
"With dragonfire, I'll be the most powerful Fire Alicorn of all time!"
Dragon Dad
"What? Who is this? Is this a prank call? When I find out who you are...!"
Baby Critters Club
"Singing? Me? You must be hearing things again."
Under the Mistytoe
"It may not be the dragonfire I asked for, but at least it's entertaining."
Ponykind Parade-emonium
"[imitating Sunny] "Ooh! I'm Sunny! And I think that everypony should have magic! I have so many friends!""
Opaline Alone
"Unicorns have better things to do than wait in line."
Issue #2


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