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Pipp Petals
(Princess Pipp Petals)
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Princess Pipp Petals
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Residence Maretime Bay
Zephyr Heights (formerly)
Occupation Princess of Zephyr Heights
Pop singer
Social media influencer
Mane Melody manager/stylist
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Eyes Moderate spring bud
Mane Moderate purple
Coat ¤ Pale, light grayish fuchsia with light magentaish gray fetlocks
Wings Light sapphire bluish gray
Relatives Zipp Storm (older sister)[note 1]
Queen Haven (mother)
Cutie mark
Purple/pink musical note with gold crown in middle
Voice Sofia Carson (English, film)
AJ Bridel (English, series)
Rosie Al-Yaziji (Arabic)
Lu Jakelić (Croatian)
Pavlína Dytrtová (Czech)
Silja Okking (Danish)
Roos van der Waerden (Dutch)
Jenny Pitkänen (Finnish)
Marghe Davico (French)
Lina Rabea Mohr (German)
Konstantina Kordouli (Greek)
Laura Shopov (Hebrew)
Suvela Sharma (Hindi)
Fanni Faluvégi (Hungarian)
Marin Ifa Hasmarina (Indonesian)
Francesca Bielli (Italian)
Tsugumi Iki (Japanese)
Nur Ain Nabilah Abdul Rahman (Malaysian)
Sofie Bjerketvedt (Norwegian)
Anna Szpaczyńska (Polish)
Marisol Marcondes (Brazilian Portuguese)
Joana Castro (European Portuguese)
Alina Chinie (Romanian)
Vasilisa Voronina (Russian)
Samanta Figueroa (Latin American Spanish, trailer)
Paulina Goto (Latin American Spanish, film)
Lourdes Fabrés (European Spanish)
Lisa Holmgren (Swedish)
Jeanne Tassanaplern Tanseriskulpat (Thai)
Esra Kucur (Turkish)
Oksana Hrynʹko (Ukrainian)
Marketta Tikkanen (Finnish)
Caroline Wunderlich (German)
Amylea Azizan (Malaysian)
Sasha Kapustina (Russian)

Princess Pipp Petals is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony: A New Generation and My Little Pony Generation 5. She is a princess of Zephyr Heights, Zipp Storm's younger sister,[note 1] Queen Haven's youngest daughter, and a famous pop singer and social media influencer.

Development and design

Pipp Petals was designed by character artist Celia Kaspar.[1] Hasbro filed trademarks for the names "Pipp Petals"[2] and "Princess Petals"[3] with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on February 25, 2021.

Depiction in A New Generation

In My Little Pony: A New Generation, Pipp appears as a princess of Zephyr Heights, pop singer, and social media celebrity. Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow arrive in Zephyr Heights on the day of a royal celebration, during which Pipp is scheduled to debut a brand new song. When Sunny and Izzy are brought before Pipp and her mother Queen Haven and sister Zipp Storm, Pipp reveals their presence to the entire city through social media (to her mother's chagrin). She later visits Sunny and Izzy in the dungeons ("For the content") and tells them that the royal family are the only Pegasi able to fly, though Zipp later reveals this to be false.

When the celebration gets underway, Pipp sings the song Glowin' Up while performing an aerial routine on wires. During this, Sunny, Izzy, and Zipp try to steal the magical Pegasus Crystal from Queen Haven's crown while avoiding Haven's pet pomeranian Cloudpuff and Maretime Bay sheriff Hitch Trailblazer. Through Sunny, Izzy, and Zipp's interference, Pipp's wires and inability to fly are revealed to the audience, exposing her and her family as frauds.

After Haven is arrested and additional arrest warrants are put out for Pipp and Zipp, Pipp gives the Pegasus Crystal to Sunny and her friends and gets dragged into their quest to bring magic back to Equestria. Though she initially bears resentment toward Zipp and the others for causing her mother to be arrested and herself to be seen as a criminal, and only comes along because restoring magic is the only way to salvage her reputation, Pipp eventually comes to view them as friends and their quest as important.

Pipp and her friends acquire the Unicorn Crystal in Bridlewood, but nothing happens when it is joined together with the Pegasus Crystal. Sunny returns to Maretime Bay in failure and despair, but Pipp and the others follow out of a desire to stay friends with her. Upon arriving, they get swept up in Hitch's deputy Sprout's destructive plot to wage war against unicorns and Pegasi. After Sunny succeeds in bringing the three pony races together, Pipp and her new friends happily welcome a new age of friendship and magic.

Depiction in Make Your Mark

In the hour-long special My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, Pipp takes part in preparations for Maretime Bay Day by writing a new anthem for the holiday. When Zipp believes something is wrong with magic, Pipp initially believes she is worrying over nothing, but when Zipp is proven right, Pipp and her friends work to fix things by easing the tensions between the three pony races.

During the festival, the debut of Pipp's new song is interrupted by Earth pony protest, causing magic to go haywire. After the crisis is resolved, Pipp invites the repentant Posey Bloom to sing the new song with her.

Other depictions

Pipp is featured in the film's book adaptations, including My Little Pony: A New Adventure, My Little Pony: Ponies Unite, the My Little Pony Annual 2022, and My Little Pony: Story of the Movie.

Pipp also appears in the 2D animated YouTube web series My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, which is set after the events of A New Generation. She has a non-playable role in My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure.

IDW comics

Pipp is featured in the 2022 My Little Pony comic book series by IDW Publishing. In Issue #1, she plays a game of flyball with Zipp and Sunny, but later falls out of the sky (and is saved by Izzy). She and her friends discover that one of the Unity Crystals has been stolen, and they set out to track down the thief. In Issue #2, they discover the ruins of Canterlot, and learn that Discord stole the crystal, and plans to destroy it in hopes of ensuring peace in Equestria.


Singing Star Princess Petals.

Toys of Pipp Petals include the articulated 3-inch Crystal Adventure Princess Petals and Performance Prep Princess Petals toys, each of which come with various accessories. The electronic 6-inch Singing Star Princess Petals toy sings a snippet of the song Glowin' Up. The Princess Petals & Cloudpuff Royal Racing Ziplines playset comes with a 3-inch Pipp figure and castle playset. 3-inch Pipp figures are also part of the Movie Friends and Best Movie Friends toylines and included in the 2021 Unicorn Party Celebration, Favorites Together Collection, and Royal Gala Collection sets, a 6-inch Pipp figure is included in the Shining Adventures Collection set, an 8-inch brushable Pipp figure is part of the Mega Movie Friends toyline, and mini-figures of Pipp are included in the Snow Party Countdown and Friendship Shine Collection sets.


MLP G5 Hasbro website - Pipp Petals profile.png

Pipp is portrayed as a lover of celebrity life and being in the spotlight. She loves to sing and perform, and she regularly engages with her adoring fans, whom she affectionately calls the "Pippsqueaks", on social media. Because of this lifestyle, however, she is very often seen using her smartphone, taking selfies and recording videos to post to her social media. She can also be scatterbrained and tactless at times, demonstrated when she reveals Sunny and Izzy's presence to the public with little regard for how they react. Despite this, Pipp is very charismatic and compassionate, cherishing the love and support of her followers, and she has a strong relationship with her mother Queen Haven.

Her appearances in Tell Your Tale show her to be quite exuberant, even singing her words when in high enough spirits. Welcome to Mane Melody shows that she dislikes criticism, as she doesn't take it well when Posey Bloom gives the manestyle she gave her a moderate rating, and is terrified that Phyllis will destroy her business with a terrible review. Sunny-Day Dinners shows that Pipp likes the idea being minorly scared, enjoying the "spooky" atmosphere at Prancing Point.

The series also shows that, despite their polar opposite personalities, she and Zipp share a strong sibling bond (though Pipp tends to annoy Zipp by trying to film or take pictures of her against her will).

Official description

  • Charismatic
  • Confident
  • Compassionate

"Pipp is the stylish and talented pop star Pegasus princess of Zephyr Heights. She loves performing, singing and engaging with her fans on social media on her mobile phone. This charismatic princess treats the world as a stage."[4]


"What is up, everypony? Big shout out to all my fans, the Pippsqueaks!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"Everypony knows that only royals can fly, of course."
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"My sparkle is aquamarine? That's, like, my sixth favorite color!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"I so wish I had live-streamed that!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"Yay, makeovers! I love makeovers!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"[singsong] Stunning!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation


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  1. 1.0 1.1 Pipp and Zipp are stated to be twins in the My Little Pony Movie Sticker Activity Book, but most other official materials state Zipp to be the older sister, and according to Gillian M. Berrow, they are "not twins."