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This is a sortable list of My Little Pony: Pony Life animated media – including episodes and animated shorts – divided by installment and initially sorted by original air date or release date.


The series was originally scheduled to premiere on Discovery Family on June 13, 2020, at 11:00AM EST/8:00AM PST, but was then rescheduled to Summer 2020.[1] A September 10, 2020, promo also indicated a YouTube release.[2] Discovery Family announced on Twitter on October 12, 2020, that the series would premiere on Saturday, November 7, 2020, at 11:30AM EST/8:30AM PST.[3] Unlike Friendship is Magic, each episode of Pony Life has a runtime of 11 minutes.

Season one[]

Title Writer Original airdate Transcript Gallery
01 (01) Princess Probz Katie Chilson 2020-11-07 Transcript Gallery
02 (02) The Best of the Worst Whitney Ralls 2020-11-07 Transcript Gallery
03 (03) How Applejack Got Her Hat Back Katie Chilson 2020-11-14 Transcript Gallery
04 (04) Cute-pocalypse Meow Katie Chilson 2020-11-14 Transcript Gallery
05 (05) Bad Thing No. 3 Whitney Ralls 2020-11-21 Transcript Gallery
06 (06) Pinkie Pie: Hyper-Helper Katie Chilson 2020-11-21 Transcript Gallery
07 (07) The Trail Less Trotten; Death of a Sales-Pony Whitney Ralls; Katie Chilson 2020-11-28 Transcript Gallery
08 (08) Bighoof Walking; The Fluttershy Effect Taneka Stotts 2020-11-28 Transcript Gallery
09 (09) The Fast and the Furriest; Disappearing Act Dave Horwitz 2020-12-05 Transcript Gallery
10 (10) Badge of Shame; Discord's Peak Greg Levine 2020-12-05 Transcript Gallery
11 (11) A Camping We Will Go; Campfire Stories Greg Levine; Dave Horwitz 2020-12-12 Transcript Gallery
12 (12) Friendship Gems; Dol-FIN-ale Taneka Stotts; Katie Chilson 2020-12-12 Transcript Gallery
13 (13) Potion Mystery; Sick Day Taneka Stotts; Dave Horwitz 2020-12-19 Transcript Gallery
14 (14) Meet Potion Nova!; Pony Surfin' Safari Whitney Ralls; Katie Chilson 2020-12-19 Transcript Gallery
15 (15) All Bottled Up; All That Jitters Greg Levine; Katie Chilson 2021-01-02 Transcript Gallery
16 (16) I, Cookie; Keynote Pie Taneka Stotts; Dave Horwitz 2021-01-02 Transcript Gallery
17 (17) Ponies of the Moment; One Click Wonder Dave Horwitz; Taneka Stotts 2021-01-09 Transcript Gallery
18 (18) Zound Off; Unboxing Day Greg Levine; Katie Chilson 2021-01-09 Transcript Gallery
19 (19) Don't Look a GIF Horse in the Mouth; The Root of It Katie Chilson; Dave Horwitz 2021-01-16 Transcript Gallery
20 (20) The Mysterious Voice; The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Ponies Taneka Stotts; Greg Levine 2021-01-16 Transcript Gallery
21 (21) Game Knight; Director Spike's Mockumentary Taneka Stotts; Dave Horwitz 2021-01-23 Transcript Gallery
22 (22) Whoof-dunnit; Dear Tabby Gillian M. Berrow; Greg Levine 2021-01-23 Transcript Gallery
23 (23) Pie vs. Pie; Superb Six Greg Levine; Taneka Stotts 2021-01-30 Transcript Gallery
24 (24) The Debut Taunt; Flutterdash Dave Horwitz; Gillian M. Berrow 2021-01-30 Transcript Gallery
25 (25) The Rarity Report; The Great Divide Taneka Stotts; Dave Horwitz 2021-02-06 Transcript Gallery
26 (26) The Great Collide; Sportacular Spectacular Musical Musak-ular Greg Levine; Gillian M. Berrow 2021-02-06 Transcript Gallery

Season two[]

Title Writer Original airdate Transcript Gallery
01 (27) Cute Impact; The Crystal Capturing Contraption Taneka Stotts; Greg Levine 2021-04-10 Transcript Gallery
02 (28) The Comet Section; Cotton Candy-Colored Glasses Josh Riley Brown; Dave Horwitz 2021-04-10 Transcript Gallery
03 (29) Close Encounters of the Balloon Kind; The Tiara of Truth Greg Levine; Gillian M. Berrow 2021-04-17 Transcript Gallery
04 (30) Terrorarium; Bubble Trouble Taneka Stotts; Dave Horwitz 2021-04-17 Transcript Gallery
05 (31) Time After Time Capsule; The Great Cowgirl Hat Robbery Gillian M. Berrow; Greg Levine 2021-04-24 Transcript Gallery
06 (32) Planet of the Apps; Back to the Present Taneka Stotts; Dave Horwitz 2021-04-24 Transcript Gallery
07 (33) Magical Mare-story Tour; Life of Pie Julia Mayfield Prescott; Taneka Stotts 2021-05-01 Transcript Gallery
08 (34) The Rarest of Occasions; Portal Combat Dave Horwitz; Greg Levine 2021-05-01 Transcript Gallery
09 (35) What Goes Updo; Communication Shakedown Julia Mayfield Prescott; Dave Horwitz 2021-05-08 Transcript Gallery
10 (36) Lolly-Pop; Little Miss Fortune Greg Levine; Taneka Stotts 2021-05-08 Transcript Gallery
11 (37) Playwright or Wrong; The Shows Must Go On Julia Mayfield Prescott; Taneka Stotts 2021-05-15 Transcript Gallery
12 (38) The De-Stress Ball; Mad Props Greg Levine; Dave Horwitz 2021-05-15 Transcript Gallery
13 (39) Magic is Ahoof; Journey to the Center of the 'Cord Julia Mayfield Prescott; Dave Horwitz 2021-05-22 Transcript Gallery
14 (40) One Last Wish; Wild Heart Beats Greg Levine; Taneka Stotts 2021-05-22 Transcript Gallery

Animated shorts[]

Stop Motion Shorts[]

Main article: My Little Pony: Pony Life/Stop Motion Shorts
Title Writer Release date
01 Potion Party Celina Frenn 2020-01-24
02 Cake Off Celina Frenn 2020-01-31
03 Fashion Failure Celina Frenn 2020-02-07
04 Valentine's Day Card Celina Frenn 2020-02-14
05 Pillow Fight Celina Frenn 2020-02-21
06 Ice & Slice Celina Frenn 2020-02-28
07 Snow Pony Contest Celina Frenn 2020-03-03
08 Pie Assembly Line Celina Frenn 2020-03-13
09 Snowball Fight Celina Frenn 2020-03-20
10 Magician Pinkie Pie Celina Frenn 2020-03-27
11 Pinkie Pie Wants to Play! Celina Frenn 2020-04-03
12 Pinkie Pie vs the Flowers Celina Frenn 2020-04-12
13 Rarity's Paintful Pony Portrait Celina Frenn 2020-04-17
14 Rainy Day Puddle Play Celina Frenn 2020-04-24
15 Fluttershy's Hiccups Celina Frenn 2020-05-01
16 Gem of a Problem Celina Frenn 2020-05-08
17 Dance Dance Celina Frenn 2020-05-15
18 Volleyball Game Between Rainbow Dash and Applejack Celina Frenn 2020-05-20
19 Carving Contest Celina Frenn 2020-05-29
20 The Great Race Celina Frenn 2020-06-05
21 Book Filled Adventure Celina Frenn 2020-06-11
22 Hat in the Way Celina Frenn 2020-06-16