"Rainy Feather"

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Rainy Feather in Twilight Time

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Rainy Feather as an Earth pony in Simple Ways

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
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Eyes Moderate cyan
Mane Light cyan
Coat Pale, light grayish apple green

Rainy Feather is the placeholder name of a Pegasus pony filly who first appears in the season one episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles. She has a light yellow coat, turquoise mane and tail, and deep turquoise eyes.

Development and design

Rainy Feather shares her design with "Peachy Petal", "Mango Dash", "Pinkie Feather", "Sweet Pop", S05E25 Unnamed Pegasus Filly #1, and sometimes earlier filly Derpy, her mane and tail style with Peachy Pie, her mane style with "Purpletastic/Purpleskies", and her color scheme with Sunshower Raindrops.

She, along with "Tornado Bolt", Cotton Cloudy, "Princess Erroria", "Noi", Aura, and Liza Doolots and as well as Prim Posy, Lemony Gem, "Serena", "Pinkie Feather", "Mango Dash", and "Sweet Pop", was to appear in Friendship is Magic, part 2.[1]

Depiction in the series

Season one

Foals hear Diamond Tiara S4E15.png

Rainy Feather first appears in The Cutie Mark Chronicles. She is seen in both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's flashbacks cheering during the race at Cloudsdale flight school.

Season two

In Hurricane Fluttershy, Rainy Feather appears making fun of filly Fluttershy's poor flight school performance in a flashback.

Season four

Rainy Feather listens to Ms. Harshwhinny and Rainbow Dash's presentation in Flight to the Finish, appears as an Earth pony at the beginning of Simple Ways, and becomes awestruck with both Twilight Sparkle and the Cutie Mark Crusaders in Twilight Time.

Season five

Rainy Feather takes part in the Ponyville Schoolhouse class president elections in Crusaders of the Lost Mark and appears in past Cloudsdale in The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1 and The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2.

Season six

Rainy Feather watches Tender Taps' dance recital in On Your Marks, sitting next to Goldengrape. In The Cart Before the Ponies, she appears spectating the Cloudsdale Derby in Rainbow Dash's flashback.

Season seven

In Parental Glideance, Rainy Feather appears spectating the Wonderbolts' showcase in Canterlot from the private box with Goldengrape and another unnamed foal. In Fame and Misfortune, she appears as one of Rainbow Dash's fan fillies following her and holding a copy of the Journal of Friendship. In Secrets and Pies, she appears talking in Ponyville with Aura and Noi and runs to take Pinkie Pie's pies from Rainbow Dash when she deliberately mentions it to them.

Season eight

In Marks for Effort, she makes cameo appearance flying out of the Ponyville Schoolhouse after class ends. In The Washouts, she appears in the audience for the titular group's second Ponyville show.


Times are approximate and taken from videos with no prolonged transition for commercial breaks.

Season one
23 7:11 - in Fluttershy's flashback; 18:26, 19:32 - in Rainbow Dash's flashback
No other appearances in this season.
Season two
22 6:07, 6:11 - in Fluttershy's flashback
No other appearances in this season.
Season four
5 0:58 - sitting behind Diamond Tiara; 4:32 - leaving the Ponyville Schoolhouse
13 0:20 - getting a pat on the head from Granny Smith (Earth pony)
15 3:01 - reading a book with "Ruby Pinch"; 11:23, 12:55 - admiring Twilight Sparkle; 13:02 - admiring the Cutie Mark Crusaders; 15:03 - pushing against Diamond Tiara's gate; 17:12, 17:30 - inside the Golden Oak Library; 18:05, 18:09 - listening to Sweetie Belle; 18:18 ~ 19:09 - watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders
No other appearances in this season.
Season five
18 3:52, 5:29, 5:52 - appears during The Vote; 10:42 - leaving the Ponyville Schoolhouse; 16:46 - appears during The Pony I Want to Be (Reprise); 20:25 - appears during We'll Make Our Mark
25 6:01, 15:39 - appears in past Cloudsdale; 7:02, 7:43 - watching Rainbow Dash's race
26 11:33 - watching Rainbow Dash's race; 16:56 - watching the sonic rainboom
No other appearances in this season.
Season six
4 17:50 ~ 20:25 - watching the dance recital
No other appearances in this season.
Season seven
7 10:50 - in the stands of the Wonderbolts arena
14 9:54 - part of Rainbow Dash's "fans"
23 13:56 - talking to Aura and Ruby Pinch; 14:13 - talking to Aura and Noi; 14:16 - overhearing Rainbow Dash talk about pie, then running after the pies
No other appearances in this season.
Season eight
12 13:28 - heading out of Miss Cheerilee's class once the school bell rings
20 18:12 - watching the Washouts second performance
No other appearances in this season.


"[chanting] Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy can hardly fly!"
Hurricane Fluttershy


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