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Rhythm of Our Names
Character(s) The Rainbooms
Lyrics by Perdita Finn
Appears in Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine

Rhythm of Our Names​[​dubious – discuss‍​]​ is a song featured in the chapter book Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine, written by Perdita Finn. The Rainbooms sing this song on pages 159-160 to the Canterlot High School students during a fundraiser.


Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine cover art

[The Rainbooms]
We're all different
But our music is the same
It's the sound of friendship
It's in the rhythm of our names
Fluttershy listens and never drops a beat
Pinkie's Pie's tempo keeps you tapping your feet
Rarity's playing keeps us all in tune
And Sunset's vocals shimmer over the moon
Applejack's notes make you want to sing
And, Rainbow Dash, she riffs on everything!

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