Comic issue 46 Rich family

Diamond Tiara's family.

The Rich family are Diamond Tiara's relatives in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. They are mostly shown to be a family of very wealthy Earth ponies.

Diamond Tiara's immediate family


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Filthy and Spoiled's disapproving glares S5E18

Spoiled Rich and Filthy Rich.

Diamond Tiara's father is Filthy Rich. He first appears in Family Appreciation Day giving a presentation to Diamond Tiara's class about his business, Rich's Barnyard Bargains. He is also a close friend of Granny Smith's and stated to have the selling rights to her first hundred jars of zap apple jam during zap apple harvest season. In the IDW comics story arc Election, Filthy Rich also briefly serves as mayor of Ponyville.

Diamond Tiara's mother is Spoiled Rich; before marrying into the Rich family, her name was Spoiled Milk. She is first indirectly mentioned by Babs Seed in One Bad Apple, and she makes her physical debut in Crusaders of the Lost Mark as the president of the Ponyville school board. Unlike her husband Filthy, Spoiled is very pompous toward lower-class ponies and overbearing in her parenting toward Diamond Tiara.

Extended family

Stinking Rich selling Zap Apple Jam S2E12

Stinkin' Rich.

In Family Appreciation Day, Diamond Tiara's great-grandfather Stinkin' Rich is featured in flashback opening a zap apple jam stand, which later grew into Rich's Barnyard Bargains.

In Viva Las Pegasus, Fluttershy poses as Impossibly Rich, the grand matriarch of the Rich family.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #46, Filthy Rich mentions that his great-great-grandfather Seed Investor is half Pegasus.

Filthy Rich's unnamed father is also mentioned in Family Appreciation Day and Where the Apple Lies.

In My Little Pony: Spirit of the Forest, Filthy Rich's "Grandmama" is mentioned as having lived in White Tail Woods.

Family mansion

Diamond Tiara's house S4E15

The Rich family mansion.

The Rich family home, introduced in Gameloft's mobile game, is briefly featured in Twilight Time and My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #16. It is a two-story mansion with a balcony, a large front gate with tall surrounding hedges, a big swimming pool, and according to Spoiled Rich in Applejack's "Day" Off, several steam rooms. The house is maintained by at least three butlers/maids, including Randolph.

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