Roma ID S2E19

Roma in Putting Your Hoof Down
Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation Market salespony
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Eyes Moderate cyan
Mane ¤ Grayish gamboge with lighter streak
Coat Light apple greenish gray
Cutie mark
Roma cutie mark crop S2E19
Voice Shannon Chan-Kent (English, S3E4)
Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese, S2E19)
Agata Gawrońska (Polish, S2E19)
Olga Shorokhova (Russian, S2E19)
Roma is the placeholder name of a female Earth pony with a cream-yellow coat, two-tone brown mane, blue-green eyes, and a cutie mark of three tomatoes. She is unnamed in the show, credited only as "Vendor" in the closing credits of One Bad Apple and referred to as "MARKET SALESPONY" in the My Little Pony guidebook The Elements of Harmony.


Roma has a similar color scheme to Fine Line, and she shares her design with S07E03 Unnamed Earth Mare #1 and her coat and eye colors with Sweetie Drops, Press Release, "Paisley Pastel", "Cultivar", S05E21 Unnamed Earth Mare #1, and "Hazel Harvest". Without her hat, Roma shares her mane style with Mayor Mare, and she also resembles S02E17 Unnamed Earth Mare #1.

Depiction in the series

Tomato argument S02E19

"Two bits!"

Roma first appears in the season two episode Putting Your Hoof Down operating a tomato stand at the Ponyville marketplace. She sells three tomatoes to Fluttershy for two bits, the cost having gone up from one bit the previous week, but Pinkie Pie tricks her into selling the tomatoes for half the price.

In the season three episode One Bad Apple, Roma sells carrot crêpes at the Summer Harvest Parade. In the season four episode Trade Ya!, Roma operates a stand again at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange. Here, she sometimes appears without a hat.

In the special My Little Pony Best Gift Ever, Roma appears operating a stand selling hot cocoa at the Rainbow Falls Hearth's Warming Craft Fair.


Roma appears on the official season two poster and other second-party merchandise that depict the same. Page 31 of Little, Brown's My Little Pony Friendship is Magic official guidebook My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony lists her as simply "MARKET SALESPONY".


"[clears throat] That'll be two bits. Not one."
Putting Your Hoof Down
"That was then, this is now."
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"Mindin' my own business. Maybe you should try it."
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"I say it's two bits."
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"One bit and that's my final offer!"
— Putting Your Hoof Down
"Hot carrot crêpes! Get 'em here, get 'em hot!"
One Bad Apple


Roma selling carrot crepes S3E4

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