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Sabrina Alberghetti
Sabrina Alberghetti profile.jpg
Full name Sabrina Alberghetti
Nickname Sibsy
Sex Female
Birthdate May 24, 1980 (age 42)
Occupation Storyboard artist

Sabrina Alberghetti is a storyboard artist for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is credited as storyboard artist in season one and senior storyboard artist in season two until season six.

Alberghetti became involved with Friendship is Magic through her prior storyboarding work on Studio B Productions' (later DHX Media's) Kid vs. Kat and Martha Speaks. Hesitant to work on the show at first, Alberghetti accepted "after seeing Lauren's drawings and the direction it was heading."[1]

Among Alberghetti's personal touches in storyboard revisions are using Berryshine for the punch bowl scene in Call of the Cutie,[2] representing Applejack's parents with shooting stars in Apple Family Reunion,[3] and inserting DJ Pon-3 into Magical Mystery Cure.[4]

Alberghetti has an original character named Wild Fire that is featured in several episodes.[5][6]

In November 2014, Alberghetti got engaged to brony musician Andrew "MandoPony" Stein.[7] The two were officially married on July 29, 2015.[8]

Alberghetti's professional credits include being a storyboard artist for Martha Speaks, Cartoon Network's Ed, Edd n Eddy, and the Hub Network's Pound Puppies, and a storyboard revisionist for Kid vs. Kat. She is also a frequent comic artist for Boom! Studios' Disney-based comic serials and IDW Publishing's My Little Pony Micro-Series.

On October 11, 2015, Alberghetti announced that she was leaving My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.[9]


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