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Episode transcript

Prologue: The Amity Ball announcement

Sandbar asks Yona to the dance

Yona goes to Rarity for help

Finding the right dress

You'll start to fit right in

The most important part of the ball

Pony cotillion with Fluttershy

Pony prance with Rainbow Dash

The Fetlock Fete Lucky Pot

Baking with Pinkie and Applejack

Practicing to be a pony

By Celestia, I think she's got it

Welcome to the Amity Ball

The new and improved Yona

Dancing the pony cotillion

The pony prance goes wrong

At the Treehouse / Yona sing sad song

Worst pony ever / The best Yona

Yona and Sandbar: best Pony Pals

Epilogue: The Yakyakistan Stomp