"Star Gazer"
Star Gazer ID S4E19

Star Gazer in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
Kind Earth
Sex Male
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Eyes Brilliant amber
Mane Grayish brown
Coat Light gray
Cutie mark
PonyMaker Telescope
Star Gazer is placeholder name of a male background Earth pony with a light gray coat, brown mane and tail, gold eyes, and a cutie mark of a blue telescope with a white star. He has a speaking role in the episode For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils.

Design and development

Star Gazer shares his design, eye color, and accessory design with S04E19 Unnamed Earth Stallion #1, shares his coat and eye colors and cutie mark with "Star Bright", shares his tail style, cutie mark, and sometimes eye color with Starry Eyes, shares his tail style and coat color with "Sightseer", shares his tail style and eye color with Perfect Pace, "The Tenth Doctor / Doctor Whooves #3", "Emerald Beacon", "Raggedy Doctor", and "Infinity", shares his tail style and sometimes eye color with Royal Pin, shares his eye color and sometimes tail style with "Earl Grey", shares his tail style with Compass Star, "Ponet", Madden, "Poppycock", S02E26 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #4, and S04E17 Unnamed Earth Stallion #4, and shares his mane color with S04E22 Unnamed Unicorn Stallion #3.

In the audio commentary of The Best Night Ever on the DVD My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season One Disc 4, Jayson Thiessen refers to Star Gazer as "the Carl Sagan pony" due to his resemblance to scientific author Carl Sagan.

Depiction in the series

Applejack helps Star Gazer get back up S1E26

Star Gazer and Applejack in The Best Night Ever.

Star Gazer most commonly appears among other high-society Canterlot ponies. He first appears in The Best Night Ever as a guest at the Grand Galloping Gala. Star is one of several chorus singers in At the Gala, and during Pony Pokey, he trips on apples that Applejack puts on the ground in an attempt to sell more of her goods.

In Sweet and Elite, Star Gazer appears several times during Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) and at the Canterlot Garden Party. He attends both wedding ceremonies as well as the reception in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2.

Star Gazer appears at Twilight Sparkle's princess coronation in Magical Mystery Cure.

Star Gazer appears at Fashion Week in Rarity Takes Manehattan, at Appleloosa at the beginning of Pinkie Pride, in Sweetie Belle's dream in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils (in which he has a brief speaking role), in the stadium crowd in Equestria Games, at the Crystal Empire in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1, and again in Appleloosa at the end of Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.

In Make New Friends but Keep Discord, Star Gazer appears once again as a guest of the Grand Galloping Gala.


Times are approximate.

Season one
26 3:49 - walking with Fine Line; 4:12 - standing inside the castle gates; 4:20, 4:37, 5:47 - seen during At the Gala; 8:06 - standing in the castle lobby; 8:09, 8:21 - talking with Lyrica Lilac; 8:17 - talking with Sealed Scroll; 8:54, 8:59 - talking with Perfect Pace; 10:09, 10:27, 10:39, 12:47, 18:15 - in the castle ballroom; 11:48, 18:12 - talking with "Charm"; 12:07, 12:28 - climbing the castle lobby steps; 12:55 - sitting on a pillow in the garden; 14:11, 14:29 - talking with Golden Harvest; 14:20 - watching Rainbow Dash speed by; 15:16 - listening to Pinkie Pie; 15:31 - shaking hooves with Twilight Sparkle; 15:34 ~ 15:46 - tripping by Applejack's stand and refusing her food; 15:57 - pulling Spitfire and Soarin aside; 18:30 - watching Pinkie's stage dive; 18:37 - watching Rarity's meltdown at Prince Blueblood; 18:59 - watching the statue topple; 19:19 - looking at Rainbow Dash

Duplicates: one at 3:49, 4:20, and 15:16

No other appearances in this season.
Season two
9 9:23, 9:26, 10:04 ~ 10:06 - seen during Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know); 15:28, 19:50 - at the Canterlot Garden Party
26 5:53 ~ 6:00, 6:48, 6:57, 7:34, 8:11 ~ 8:33, 9:27, 9:59, 10:22 - at the first wedding ceremony; 17:34, 17:47, 18:28, 18:59 - at the second ceremony; 19:43 ~ 20:29 - at the wedding reception; 20:36, 20:58 - watching the bride and groom leave

Duplicates: several at 5:58 and 18:59; one at 20:09; two at 20:20

No other appearances in this season.
Season three
13 19:09, 20:32 - at Twilight's princess coronation; 19:28, 20:01 - in the large crowd outside the castle
No other appearances in this season.
Season four
8 2:22, 2:24 - in line to see Hinny of the Hills; 3:08 - riding a taxi carriage; 15:06, 15:08 - in the crowd at Fashion Week
12 0:01, 0:15 - partying in Appleloosa
19 9:12, 9:18, 9:33 - in Sweetie Belle's dream (speaking role)
24 4:40, 6:43 - in the Games stadium crowd
25 1:28 - in the crowd welcoming the dignitaries
26 18:08 - celebrating in Appleloosa
No other appearances in this season.
Season five
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 None
5 None
6 None
7 13:22 - at the Grand Galloping Gala
8 None
9 None
10 None
11 None
12 None
13 None
14 None
15 5:24, 5:46 - at Princess Celestia's dinner party
16 3:42, 3:50 - riding a Manehattan taxi carriage
17 None
18 None
19 None
20 None
21 None
22 None
23 None
24 None
25 None
26 None

Depiction in the comics

Star Gazer appears on page 8 of the IDW comics' Micro-Series Issue #4.


Star Gazer is included in trading card puzzle B, appearing on the backs of the foil cards Royal Wedding Princess Celestia and Royal Wedding Princess Cadance in parts of a shot from A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2.

A T-shirt titled "Rarity Prefers Diamonds" shows him, "Sir Pony Moore", Perfect Pace, and Twilight Sky wearing jackets and bow ties.


"Sweetie Belle!"
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils


Sweetie holding her trophy S4E19

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