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Sunny Starscout
(Sunny Starshine)

Sunny Starscout Alicorn ID ANG

Sunny Starscout as an Alicorn in My Little Pony: A New Generation

Sunny Starscout filly ID ANG

Sunny Starscout as a filly in My Little Pony: A New Generation

Sunny Starscout ID TYT07

Sunny Starscout in Clip Trot

Kind Earth
Alicorn (via Unity Crystals)
Sex Female
Residence Maretime Bay
Occupation Smoothie maker
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Eyes Moderate turquoise
Mane Moderate orchid and heliotrope
Moderate orchid and heliotrope with brilliant amaranth, amber, and cyan stripe (end of A New Generation onward)
Coat ¤ Light vermilion with light brownish gray fetlocks
Nicknames Sunny Bunny
Mis Sunǝ
Relatives Argyle Starshine (father)
Unnamed mother
Cutie mark
Three pink shooting stars with green streak
Voice Vanessa Hudgens (English, film)
Jenna Warren (English, series)
Mary Nakhoul (Arabic)
Mateja Majerle (Croatian)
Vendula Příhodová (Czech)
Mira Andrea Balloli (Danish)
Isabel Commandeur (Dutch)
Maija Lang (Finnish)
Sofia Atman (French, trailer)
Cerise Calixte (French, film)
Laura Oettel (German)
Anni C. Salander (German, young)
Elena Delakoura (Greek)
Alona Alexander (Hebrew)
Surbhi Sribastava (Hindi)
Zsanett Czető (Hungarian)
Nurul Ulfah (Indonesian)
Giulia Maniglio (Italian)
Takai Mizuno (Japanese)
Sa Mun-yeong (Korean)
Yan Meme (Mainland Mandarin, film)
Zhang Yazhu (Mainland Mandarin, series)
Izwanna Sulaiman (Malaysian)
Marion Ravn (Norwegian)
Marta Burdynowicz (Polish)
Victória Kühl (Brazilian Portuguese)
Raíssa Bueno (Brazilian Portuguese, young)
Sissi Martins (European Portuguese)
Nicol Rădulescu (Romanian)
Mariya Ivashchenko (Russian)
Leslie Gil (Latin American Spanish, series)
Belinda Peregrín (Latin American Spanish, film)
Nerea Alfonso (European Spanish)
Elsa Fryklund (Swedish)
Cansın Açar (Turkish)
Maryna Loktionova (Ukrainian)
Anni Kajos (Finnish)
Viktória Békefi (Hungarian)
Alesia Dhana (Malaysian)

Sunny Starscout is the central main character of the My Little Pony Generation 5 film My Little Pony: A New Generation. She is a female Earth pony resident of Maretime Bay who dreams of making the world a better place and bringing magic and harmony back to Equestria after it disappeared a long time ago.

She is sometimes called Sunny Starshine in the film[note 1] and described as "the new princess of Equestria" in some third-party merchandise.[1]

Development and design[]

Sunny Starscout concept art 1 by Lea Dabssi

Sunny's original design by Lea Dabssi.

Sunny Starscout was designed by artist Lea Dabssi.[2] During the film's concept phase, Sunny was known as simply "The Explorer" before being named "June" and had an interest in mechanical things; her initial design was inspired by young Ellie Fredricksen from the Pixar film Up.[3] Hasbro filed a trademark for the name "Sunny Starscout"[4] with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on February 25, 2021.

Depiction in A New Generation[]

In the film My Little Pony: A New Generation, Sunny first appears as a filly, having grown up with stories of Twilight Sparkle and her friends spreading friendship and harmony in ancient Equestria. She dreams of one day meeting and becoming friends with a unicorn and a Pegasus, even though her fellow Earth ponies view the other pony races as enemies.

Years later, after her father Argyle Starshine has passed away, Sunny works as a smoothie seller in Maretime Bay and tries to spread the message of friendship and pony unity to other Earth ponies, though her words are usually ignored. When the unicorn Izzy Moonbow visits Maretime Bay one day and causes a citywide panic, Sunny hides her at her lighthouse home, to the chagrin of her childhood friend and Maretime Bay sheriff Hitch Trailblazer. Upon learning that unicorns do not have any magic, Sunny teams up with Izzy to seek answers in the Pegasus city of Zephyr Heights.

Upon arriving in Zephyr Heights, Sunny and Izzy are imprisoned but soon freed by crown princess Zipp Storm, who reveals Pegasi do not have magic either and believes the reason for this to be the separation of two magical crystals. With Zipp's help, Sunny and Izzy steal the Pegasus Crystal from the crown of Zipp's mother Queen Haven and in the process end up recruiting Zipp's sister Pipp Petals as well as the pursuant Hitch in their quest to bring magic back to Equestria.

In Izzy's hometown of Bridlewood, Sunny and her friends acquire the Unicorn Crystal from Alphabittle, but nothing happens when the two crystals are joined together. Returning to Maretime Bay in despair, Sunny discovers the existence of a third crystal among her father's old belongings, and in her efforts to rejoin her friends, she gets swept up in a destructive plot to wage war against unicorns and Pegasi orchestrated by Hitch's overzealous deputy Sprout.

After the destruction Sprout causes, Sunny urges the separated pony races to come together as friends again. When they do, the crystals activate, causing Sunny to transform into an Alicorn, and magic returns to Equestria.

Depiction in Make Your Mark[]

In the hour-long special My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, taking place months after the events of A New Generation, Sunny and her friends live happily in Maretime Bay, with all three pony races living together. However, Sunny is unable to control her Alicorn form, often transforming without meaning to. When tensions start to build between the three races, Sunny and her friends work to ensure they are all included in the upcoming Maretime Bay Day celebration. When tensions reach their boiling point and magic goes haywire as a result, Sunny finally manages to intentionally access her Alicorn form in order to save Posey and Windy.

In Izzy Does It (the first episode of the Make Your Mark series), Sunny is gifted a new mane accessory for her birthday by Izzy. She is also secretly given a magic compact by Misty that allows Opaline to spy on her, but she believes it to be a gift from Pipp. In Growing Pains, she voices her disapproval of Hitch for trying to keep the Earth ponies from using their newfound magic. She is also astounded when the Unity Crystals project a warning from Twilight Sparkle. In Portrait of a Princess, Sunny finds herself having to keep Queen Haven occupied while her daughters seek out a rare flower.

In Ali-Conned, Sunny struggles with getting ponies to believe in her causes. Opaline, using the compact to pretend to be Sunny's "inner self", manipulates her into embracing her Alicorn form to do so, but when Sunny realizes ponies only to listen to her in her Alicorn form, she is heartbroken. Her friends soon cheer her up and reveal that they made her dream of a community garden come true. In The Cutie Mark Mix-Up, Sunny and Hitch disagree over whose responsibilities are more difficult. When their cutie marks and personalities are accidentally switched by Sparky, they decide to take on each others' jobs, with the struggle to do so giving them a new level of respect for each other.

In The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over, Sunny attends Izzy's traditional Bridlewood-themed sleepover. She tells her friends of the story of how Twilight Sparkle saved magic from an evil Alicorn by creating the Unity Crystals, only to be contradicted by Misty, who has her own version. When Izzy is saddened by Misty's sudden departure, Sunny, Pipp, and Zipp cheer her up by redecorating their bedroom area to look more like Bridlewood. In Hoof Done It?, Sunny is distraught when her lantern goes missing. She goes to Hitch for help, and is on the verge of calling everypony in town to a meeting about it before learning that Pipp has found it. In Have You Seen This Dragon?, Sunny attempts to alert ponies to Sparky's disappearance, but she is inadvertently sabotaged by Izzy's own efforts. She ultimately manages to bring her friends together for a coordinated search effort.

In the special My Little Pony: Winter Wishday, Sunny and her friends travel Equestria in the newly built Mare Stream aircraft, experiencing the holiday traditions of Earth ponies, unicorns, and Pegasi. During this time, an unusual amount of snow falls, threatening to keep the group from returning home in time for Sunny to show her friends the Wishing Star as it passes over Maretime Bay. After Zipp discovers the cause of the snow to be the unicorns unknowingly casting a weather spell via an old holiday saying, Izzy provides them with a new saying that undoes the freezing weather, and they return home, where Sunny and her friends watch the Wishing Star pass by.

In the special My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock, Sunny witnesses the "Lumi-Bloom" in Bridlewood alongside her friends. She also helps Pipp with her idea to put on a music festival by convincing the retired Earth pony band known as the Dreamlands to perform.

In Top Remodel, Sunny asks the citizens of Maretime Bay for ideas on what to do with the shut-down Canterlogic factory. When the myriad of suggestions leaves Sunny wondering how she can possibly satisfy everypony, Izzy calms her down with some words of wisdom. Sunny then decides to remake the building into a multimedia community center called Canterlove Studios. In The Jinxie Games, Sunny travels to Bridlewood with her friends to cheer on Hitch as he participates in Forest Critter Field Day.

In Sunny Side Up, Sunny is convinced by Pipp to film a smoothie-making show alongside Hitch at Canterlove Studios. The show goes badly at first due to Hitch's stage fright, and Pipp's attempts to keep viewers interested by introducing outlandish elements frustrates Sunny, to the point where she makes a heartfelt speech to the ponies watching at home. After finally performing the show the way she was hoping to, Sunny encourages the rest of Maretime Bay to create their own shows. In The Manesquerade Ball, Sunny attends the eponymous ball with her friends and Misty, planning for them to perform a "Unity dance" she created. Despite her friends not having practiced enough, the dance is made a success by the group improvising.

In A Little Horse, Sunny tries to help the sick Pipp by recreating a soup Pipp was given by her mother as a filly. When her attempt fails, she tries to get the recipe from Queen Haven herself. After Haven admits that she bought the soup rather than make it herself, Sunny gets some to bring back to Maretime Bay. In Missing the Mark, Sunny and her friends find that Sparky is missing again, and Misty leads them to Opaline's castle. There, they are captured by Opaline and learn that Misty was serving her the entire time. When the regretful Misty frees them, Sunny manages to access her Alicorn form and faces off with Opaline directly. With the cutie mark magic of her friends providing a boost, Sunny overpowers Opaline and warns the evil Alicorn to stay away from her friends.

In Cutie Blossom Bash, Sunny and her friends bring Misty to Zephyr Heights so she can celebrate getting her cutie mark. Along the way, Sunny relates the story of how she got her cutie mark. After Misty admits how uncomfortable she fels about being the center attention, Sunny and the others give her a private ceremony.

In Family Trees Pt. 1, the Mane Five travel with Misty to Bridlewood to try and decipher Misty's odd dreams. Along the way, they encounter the Breezies, to Sunny's amazement. Sunny also tells Zipp to ease off on interrogating Misty about her dreams. In Family Trees Pt. 2, Sunny and the group find a way to the Dragonlands, which helps Sparky recover from having his magic drained by Opaline. After returning to Bridlewood, they witness Misty reuniting with Alphabittle, who turns out to be her father.

In Father of the Bridlewood, Sunny, along with Izzy and Zipp, bring the unicorn Elder Flower to Zephyr Heights, and learn some things about Equestrian history in return. In Mane Smelody, Sunny and Zipp find an old map that belonged to her father. Their search for more clues lead them to the Breezie Night Market, where a Breezie gives Sunny a heart-shaped locket that has supposedly been waiting for a "special" pony.

In Nightmare on Mane Street, Sunny tries to recreate the fun times she had with her father for Nightmare Night. She is initially dismayed to see her guests making a mess of things, but is convinced by her friends to accept some new surprises as well. She is also present when Sparky's fire affects the map she and Zipp found, revealing the way to the Isle of Scaly.

In The Isle of Scaly, Sunny and her friends arrives at the dragons' home. They are introduced to the Dragon Lord, who turns out to be Spike (to Sunny's amazement), who relates some of Opaline's past to them. Spike and the dragons agree to work with the ponies to stop Opaline, and they depart for Maretime Bay.

In Roots of All Evil Pt. 1, Sunny's group returns home, only to find that Opaline has corrupted the Together Trees and used them to start stealing ponies' cutie marks. After they decided to split up to defend the pony settlements (with Spike and his dragons headed to Opaline's castle), Sunny watches with horror as Opaline overpowers Hitch and takes his cutie mark.

In Roots of All Evil Pt. 2, Sunny decides to face off against Opaline herself, but is defeated and loses her cutie mark. At that moment, all of ponykind sings in support of her, which causes the locket Sunny received at the Night Market to release a magical rainbow that ensnares Opaline, helping set in motion the return of the cutie marks and Opaline's defeat. Afterwards, Sunny and her friends look upon the fully-grown version of Opaline's Together Tree, which generates a mysterious portal.

In the My Little Pony: Secrets of Starlight special, Sunny and her friends travel through the portal, finding themselves in a mysterious snowy area known as Starlight Ridge. There, they meet the Auroricorns, who seem friendly but act suspiciously. Soon, they learn that the Auroricorns are regularly placed under the thrall of Allura, who seeks a special star that would allow her to leave Starlight Ridge. Allura places Sunny's friends under her control also, until Sunny realizes that her spell can be broken by the magical snow of Starlight Ridge. Working together, the ponies are able to repel Allura, and Sunny and her friends return home, joined by the Auroricorn Comet.

Other depictions[]

Sunny Starscout is featured in the film's book adaptations, including My Little Pony: A New Adventure, My Little Pony: Ponies Unite, the My Little Pony Annual 2022, My Little Pony: Story of the Movie, and My Little Pony: Virtual Magic. Sunny also features in the picturebook My Little Pony: Sunny's Day.

Sunny Starscout appears in the 2D animated YouTube web series My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, which is set after the events of A New Generation. Additionally, she is the main playable character in the video game My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure.

Official costumed performer appearances of Sunny:

IDW comics[]

In the 2022 My Little Pony comic book series, Sunny and her friends discover one of the Unity Crystals has been stolen, and they track the thief to the ancient city of Canterlot (to Sunny's amazement). Upon learning that Discord stole the Crystal out of a desire to destroy magic and create a peaceful, magic-less Equestria, Sunny and her friends resolve to stop him. In Issue #5, Sunny and her friends follow a lead regarding Discord to a lighthouse owned by Lightning Rod, who tells them stories of the Miror of Mayhem, a dangerous artifact created by Discord.

In Issue #6, Sunny's group follows one of Discord's animal friends to an old cottage that once belonged to Fluttershy, and discover a message Fluttershy left for Discord. In Issue #7, Sunny asks Hitch to help her with setting up a ring toss game for Maretime Bay's Harvest Day celebration. In return, she and their other friends help set up Hitch's deejay booth. In Issue #8, a flashback depicts Sunny unknowingly making Izzy feel left out as she flies with Pipp and Zipp. When Izzy tries to help by giving the smoothie cart a makeover, Sunny struggles to process the new look, but after talking things out, invents a new kind of smoothie alongside her.

In Issue #9, Sunny and her friends finally figure out where Discord is going, and set out to face him. However, their glitching magic and internal strife starts to create a rift within the group. Despite their best efforts, Discord once again overpowers and escapes them. In Issue #10, Sunny despairs that her goal to bring ponies together may have been for nothing, but is encouraged by Izzy not to give up. Her confidence restored, Sunny leads her friends to escape the cage they are trapped in and confront Discord one last time. After Discord is convinced to stand down, Sunny apologises to Izzy for making her feel left out, and is quickly forgiven.

In Issue #11, Sunny aids Pipp in regaining followers by attempting to summon a vengeful spirit, and is unnerved when strange things start happening afterwards. In Issue #13, Sunny and her friends take part in the annual Maretime Bay Beachside Bake-Off. While they initially have trouble deciding on a recipe, they ultimately work together by combining ingredients that each one likes, with raisins being Sunny's contribution. In Issue #14, Sunny meets Violette Rainbow, and shows her a book detailing a race of ponies known as "Painted Ponies", who had similar coats to Violette's. In Issue #15, Sunny and the others are invited to see Izzy's refurbished treehouse. In Issue #17, Sunny is made aware that Pipp and Zipp have had both their cutie marks and lives swapped.

In the My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock story I Waited All Day in the Merch Line and All I Got Was This Lousy Hat, Sunny talks with Peony, telling her that making memories with her friend is more important then buying merchandise.

In the My Little Pony 40th Anniversary Special story Tales of Dream Valley, Sunny finds an old book in her father's belongings that tells of a place called Ponyland where all the pony tribes lived together. She, Izzy and Hitch decide to travel to Zephyr Heights to see if they can find out more from the castle library.

In IDW Endless Summer - My Little Pony, Sunny is saddened over the end of summer drawing near, mostly due to all the good memories of her father associated with the season. Her friends help her see that fall has lots of fun activities too, and that while they can't replace her father, they can help her keep his memory alive.

In My Little Pony: Black, White & Blue, Sunny attends a sleepover at the Brighthouse. She also unknowingly convinces Misty to fix the sudden loss of color in Maretime Bay.

In the first issue of My Little Pony: Kenbucky Roller Derby, Sunny tries out for Maretime Bay's roller derby team, the Sandy Shore Slammers, but is rejected. Sunny is convinced by Pipp to start her own team, and they find and recruit retired roller derby star Tracy Tailspin to be the coach. In Issue #2, Sunny challenges the Sandy Shore Slammers after they try to take the potential recruits for her team. In Issue #3, Sunny and her friends learn the story of what caused Tracy to retire. In Issue #4, Sunny realizes that she never got around to paying the Derby's entrance fee, and decides to put together a "Disco Derby" to raise the funds. Despite the Sandyshore Slammers' attempts at sabotaging the event, Sunny and her friends succeed in raising enough money to pay the entrance fee. In Issue #5, Sunny's team (now called the Maretime Bay Brawlers) finally enter the Derby. While the Slammers attempt to sabotage the team by tripping Hitch, Misty takes his place, and the team succeed in defeating the Slammers. Though the team ultimately loses the final match against the Baltimore Bolts, Sunny is proud of how far they came, and looks forward to the following year's contest.


MLP G5 Sunny Starscout Crystal Adventure figure

Crystal Adventure Sunny Starscout.

Toys of Sunny Starscout include the articulated 3-inch Crystal Adventure Sunny Starscout and Mix and Make Sunny Starscout figures and the 6-inch Rainbow Reveal Sunny Starscout figure, each of which come with their own accessories. The electronic 9-inch Sing 'N Skate Sunny Starscout toy sings a snippet of the song Gonna Be My Day and comes with a cordless microphone. The 12-inch brushable Styling Head Sunny Starscout toy comes with styling accesories. The Sunny Starscout Movie Magic Playset comes with a 3-inch Sunny figure and accesories. 3-inch Sunny figures are also part of the Movie Friends and Best Movie Friends toylines and included in the 2021 Unicorn Party Celebration and Royal Gala Collection sets, a 6-inch Sunny figure is included in the Shining Adventures Collection set, an 8-inch brushable Sunny figure is part of the Mega Movie Friends toyline, and mini-figures of Sunny are included in the Snow Party Countdown, Friendship Shine Collection, and Mini World Magic Mini Equestria Collection sets.


MLP G5 Hasbro website - Sunny Starscout profile

Sunny is portrayed as a very optimistic and bright-eyed pony. Having grown up with her father Argyle's stories of Twilight Sparkle, she values the idea of friendship between all ponies and holds it in the highest regard, despite what her peers teach and believe. It is this belief of hers that alienates her from the other Earth ponies (aside from Hitch) and causes her to frequently get in trouble around Maretime Bay (mostly due to her not thinking things through). Sunny is also a very curious type, shown to bombard unicorns and Pegasi with questions when she meets them for the first time.

Despite her belief in pony unity, Sunny can't help but think some of the things Earth ponies claim about unicorns and Pegasi are true (such as unicorns being able to read minds). Meeting her new friends quickly dissuades her of these notions.

The Tell Your Tale short A Home to Share shows her talking to a picture of her father when she doesn't know what to do. Both On Your Cutie Marks and the Make Your Mark special show that Sunny places a lot of pressure on herself to help maintain unity between the pony races, and sees her Alicorn form as being an embodiment of this unity, and thus a symbol for ponies to look to. This causes her to fall into a depression after she becomes an Equestriawide laughing stock in My Bananas. Both The Unboxing of Izzy and Pony Partay show that Sunny has a habit of laughing at her own jokes.

The Make Your Mark episode Ali-Conned shows that Sunny is still affected by the years spent having her opinions dismissed and mocked. As such, she is heartbroken when she realizes her newfound popularity is based solely upon her remaining in her Alicorn form. The same episode also shows that Sunny is still very passionate about causes that she believes in.

Official description[]

  • Curious
  • Adventurous
  • Hopeful

"Sunny is an Earth Pony that lives in Maretime Bay. She is determined to make the world a better place and is known for making the best smoothies any pony can find in Maretime Bay. She always stands up for what she believes in and loves roller skating into new adventures. Her dream is to bring magic and harmony back to Equestria, and make sure that it stays!"[18]


"Someday, the both of us will meet unicorns or a Pegasus, and we'll be best friends forever!"
— As a filly, My Little Pony: A New Generation
"Peace with Pegasi! Unity with unicorns!"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"Do unicorns really live in trees? Do they eat pizza? If so, what toppings do they like? If not, why not? Can you actually fry pony brains with a single horn zap?"
— To Izzy Moonbow, My Little Pony: A New Generation
"We need to find out what happened to your magic and bring it back."
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"What's it like to fly? Is your wingspan the same as your height? [...] Do you need a license to fly? How far can you go? [...] Do Pegasi wear horseshoes, or do they just weigh you down?"
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"We'll do our part. Hoof to heart."
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"I think you'll find I'm average height."
— To Alphabittle, My Little Pony: A New Generation
"I thought that I could make a difference. But everywhere I go, I just make things worse."
My Little Pony: A New Generation
"It's not the crystals that need to be brought together. It's us. We can bring back everything that was lost, but it's up to us. We can stay separated by fear and distrust, or we can choose friendship. We can choose love. That's the true magic."
My Little Pony: A New Generation


My Little Pony 2021 movie first look by Entertainment Tonight

Sunny Starscout image gallery


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