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This template is used to link automatically to the next or previous episode. It uses a Lua module, Module:Episode.


  • First unnamed parameter: which section of the full page name (or specified page name) to send to Template:Nameconvert. See here for help. For example, in the page name "Friendship is Magic, part 1/Gallery", this would be 1. Default is the first section (value of 1).
    • Note: usually this only uses one section. It will autodetect and add "/Animated shorts" subpages. Any other exceptions need to be added to the template.
  • Second unnamed parameter: set to "prev" or "next". If unspecified, the current episode will be returned.
  • Third unnamed parameter: what to display for the link. If unspecified, it will be the pre and suf parameters combined with slashes removed. If set to "TITLE" (no quotes), the displayed text will be the resulting episode name.
  • pre: prefix for the page name to link to, e.g. "Transcripts/".
  • suf: suffix for the page name to link to, e.g. "/Gallery".
  • page: the page name to use (defaults to full page name).
  • PonyLife: set this to anything other than whitespace if using a Pony Life episode.
  • ismisc: set this to anything other than whitespace if looking up non-episode media. You may want to set this to {{nameconvert|media title|checkmisc=x}}.


  • {{episode|1|prev|text|pre=Transcripts/|page=The Crystal Empire - Part 1}} -> text
  • {{episode|1|prev|TITLE|pre=Transcripts/|page=The Crystal Empire - Part 1}} -> A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
  • {{episode|1|next|TITLE|suf=/Gallery|page=My Little Pony Equestria Girls|ismisc=x}} -> Rainbow Rocks animated shorts
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