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This template is used at the top of forum pages. It is used in conjunction with template subpages such as Template:Forumheader/Wiki discussion and Template:Forumheader/Speculation (full list), which are involved in preloads and cannot therefore include the standard link to their own documentation. See Help:Wiki-style forums for more information.
Please note that this template automatically categorizes any forum page it is used on.
{{Forumheader|Name of forum}}.
For grandchild forums (such as Forum:Speculation/Animation/Season one), there is a second parameter which should be the intermediate page name (Animation in this case).
Furthermore, the archive parameter can be used to transclude {{Archive}} rather than adding it manually and typing out the full forum directory. This parameter must simply be defined, e.g. archive=x.
Similarly, the sticky parameter can be defined to place a thread in Category:Stickied threads and list it at the top of forum listings.
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