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Gallery page image gallery
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This template uses four different parameters; however, only one is required. The required parameter is for the image. The image name should be the first parameter without a File or Image parameter, such as 42.png or xyz.jpg. The second unnamed parameter specifies the width of the image (defaults to 300px if left blank). With the second parameter, as mentioned above, the width will default to 300px, but it can be filled in with a custom width (i.e. 200px). To specify a height instead, place "x" in front of the number (i.e. x200px). The third unnamed parameter is used to specify a link for the image and text underneath it to point to, but the link will default to the gallery subpage of the article it is on if left blank. The other parameter is |t=, which specifies the display text underneath the template, and if left blank, it defaults to the article's name, followed by "image gallery".

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