This template is used to reduce the number of listings on Special:WantedPages by avoiding ifexist checks for gallery overview pages, as only a few characters have overview pages. It simply contains a list of names of characters that do have such a page and returns a value of 0 or 1, which can be used with ifexpr. See also {{has spec}}.

Template code:

|Apple Bloom
|Applejack (EG)
|Big McIntosh
|DJ Pon-3
|Fluttershy (EG)
|Granny Smith
|Lyra Heartstrings
|Pinkie Pie
|Pinkie Pie (EG)
|Princess Cadance
|Princess Celestia
|Princess Luna
|Queen Chrysalis
|Rainbow Dash
|Rainbow Dash (EG)
|Rarity (EG)
|Starlight Glimmer
|Sunset Shimmer
|Sweetie Belle
|Sweetie Drops
|Twilight Sparkle
|Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi)
= 1
|#default = 0
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