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This template is used to create a song infobox.
Type {{infobox song|...}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
{{infobox song
| song            = Name of the song [defaults to pagename]
| youtubeid       = Alphanumeric string after "v=" in YouTube URL of video
| youtubewidth    = The width of the YouTube video (defaults to 300)
| youtubeheight   = The height of the YouTube video (defaults to 169)
| video           = Video used (if not available on YouTube)
| episode         = Episode appeared
| character       = Singer of the song (as an MLP character)
| sung            = Singer of the song (as an actress)
| staff           = Additional crew who were involved specifically with the song, such as instrument performers or storyboard artists
| music           = Who wrote the music to the song (usually Daniel Ingram, but on occasion William Anderson)
| lyrics          = Who wrote the lyrics to the song (usually a combination of the episode's writer and Daniel Ingram)
| length          = Length of the song
| album           = Album the song appears on, if applicable
| season          = Season the song appeared
| bmiworkno       = The work number listed for the song on BMI's webpage (all that needs to be filled out is the number; the link and display will generate automatically)
| key             = The key signature of the song, such as C major or A minor
| headercolor     = Color of the Header
| headerfontcolor = Color of the font of the header
| headerfontsize  = Size of the font of the Header
Sample input
{{infobox song
| song            = Face Your Fears
| youtubeid       = WODiCCJfp94
| episode         = Friendship is Magic, part 2
| character       = Pinkie Pie
| sung            = Shannon Chan-Kent
| staff           = Tom Sales<br />Mike West<br />Sherann Johnson<br />Sam To (storyboard)
| music           = Daniel Ingram
| lyrics          = Lauren Faust<br />Daniel Ingram
| length          = 1:09
| album = [[Songs of Friendship and Magic]]
| season          = 1
| bmiworkno       = 554554
| key             - D major
| headercolor     = #2c3f40
| headerfontcolor = #b49fb7
| headerfontsize  = 140%

Results in...

Face Your Fears
Episode Friendship is Magic, part 2
Character(s) Pinkie Pie
Sung by Shannon Chan-Kent
Staff Tom Sales
Mike West
Sherann Johnson
Sam To (storyboard)
Music by Daniel Ingram
Lyrics by Lauren Faust
Daniel Ingram
Length 1:09
Album Songs of Friendship and Magic
Season Season 1
BMI Work No. 554554
Key signature D major

All parameters are optional.

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