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This template returns the official name of an episode or other animated media, if given either its season and episode numbers, overall number, or a shortcut alias; or the season and episode number ("SXEY"), zero-padded and truncated as specified, if given the official name; or the overall episode number, given the season and episode or the name. Other combinations can be achieved through nested uses.

The template uses Module:Nameconvert (code) and Module:Nameconvert/list (data).



If you want to get an episode number or non-episode index:

  • There is one unnamed parameter, which is the episode/media name. Must be exactly the same as listed on episodes.

If you want to get an episode name:

  • Use two unnamed parameters: the first is the episode's season number, and the the second is the episode's number in that season. Zero-padding is irrelevant.
  • Or you can use one unnamed parameter, which is the episode's overall number.

In either case:

  • "pad" (optional) is the amount of zero-padding you want. pad=0 will produce no padding, pad=1 will pad only the episode number, and pad=2 will pad both the season and episode numbers. Won't do anything if you're getting an episode name, obviously. Defaults to pad=2. This will have no effect when retrieving a non-episode.
  • "r" (short for "return") (optional) is how much you want to be returned (only applies when returning an episode number). Possible values are s, sn, e, en, oa — for, respectively, season (S01), season number (01), episode (E01), episode number (01), overall number (55). Default is full return (S01E01). Pad is still applied when using this.
    • Note: this will have no effect when retrieving a non-episode, except when r=oa. Then, the media's index as defined in Module:Nameconvert/list will be returned.

For Pony Life, a parameter named "PonyLife" (no space) must be set and not be blank.

"checkmisc": if not blank, the template will check whether the first unnamed parameter is the title of a non-episode. If so, it will return 1. If not (it could be an episode or not a match at all), it will return an empty string (so you can check the result with #if); if the second unnamed parameter is not blank, it will return 0 instead (for use with #ifexpr). This parameter is useful to pass back to "getmisc" or to Template:Episode.

"getmisc": if not blank, the template will use the first unnamed parameter as an integer index to retrieve the name of a non-episode media. Usually you will want to use this in a nested call to the template, similar to using an overall episode number. Note: if the media is standalone (index is 0), this will return N/A.

    • You can use #ifexpr to determine the series based on this value (e.g. EG is between 0 and 100, non-inclusive).

"getdesc": if not blank, the template will return the media type of the media with the title given in the first unnamed parameter, e.g. Film, Shorts, Special, or Episode.


  • {{nameconvert|1|2}} -> Friendship is Magic, part 2
  • {{nameconvert|Baby Cakes}} -> S02E13
  • {{nameconvert|Look Before You Sleep|pad=0}} -> S1E8
  • {{nameconvert|Magic Duel|r=e}} -> E05
  • [[{{nameconvert|2|26}}]] -> A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
  • [[{{nameconvert|3|1}}|The Crystal Empire]] -> The Crystal Empire
  • [[{{nameconvert|1|1}}/Gallery#Prologue|introduction]] -> introduction
  • {{nameconvert|{{nameconvert|1|25}}}} -> S01E25
  • {{nameconvert|Magic Duel|r=oa}} -> 57
  • {{nameconvert|{{nameconvert|46}}|pad=0}} -> S2E20
  • {{nameconvert|Cute-pocalypse Meow|PonyLife=x}} -> S01E03

For more examples and automated test cases to run, see Module:Nameconvert.


To update this template's data:

  1. Go to Module:Nameconvert/list and add the episode/media to the appropriate place, following the existing formatting. See the notes at the top for more detail.
  2. Make sure {{eps}} is updated (at Module:Eps), as this template makes use of it.

All values should follow what is listed on the relevant media list - capitalization, punctuation, and going in airing order rather than production order.

Please contact User:Bobogoobo with any questions or suggestions regarding this template.

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