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This template is used as a shortcut for linking image sources according to the image sourcing guidelines. For common sites, shortcuts have been added to the template, as detailed below. In these cases, leaving out parameters after the link will display generic terms. See Category:File license templates for other templates used for indicating the licensing of an image.


Most of these parameters are optional and will automatically be filled in by the template when information is available in the link. (Since many URLs are not case sensitive, you can often change the capitalization of things in the link to make them display correctly; you can also override them using parameters.)

  • {{source|link|name|category}}. Category (optional) is the merchandise images category it goes in, without the " images" suffix, case sensitive.
  • or {{source|link|author|title}}. For links using, the author and title information will be filled in automatically from the URL unless manually specified.
  • {{source|1=link|2=author}} (assuming the URL has an equals sign in it).
  • {{source|link|author|title}}.
  • {{source|link|author|type}}.
  • or {{source|link|author|title}}.
  • Otherwise, you can use {{source|link|author|description}} to display a generic source message. If only one parameter is given, the template will show a simple link that says "Source".
  • If no parameter is given, it will mark the image as needing a source per the image sourcing guidelines (as shown above, plus adding Category:Images missing source information). The |notes= parameter can be used to include additional information in the message box.
  • Note that in some cases, categories (such as Category:Fanmade images) are added automatically. Use |nocat=x to disable them (nocat can be defined with anything).


Be aware that if you want to use a link that has an equals sign (=) in it, you will need to use the template like this: {{source|1=url}}. An alternative would be to replace the = with {{=}}. Also, if using further numbered parameters in this case, they must all be explicit, e.g. |2=.


  • {{source||My Little Pony Volume 1: Friendship Is Magic}} --> Source: Amazon's "My Little Pony Volume 1: Friendship Is Magic" product
  • {{source||johnjoseco|Pretty Pretty Princess Twilight}} --> Source: johnjoseco's DeviantArt "Pretty Pretty Princess Twilight"
  • {{source|}} --> Source: jarntazecht's DeviantArt "Rare Grylls"
  • tumblr example
  • {{source|}} --> Source: dannyimusic's Twitter photo ("photo" is what would be replaced by the third parameter; for non-photo Tweets, this says "post")
  • YouTube/ example


To add a new site in the code: copy the case code from one line and change the site to whatever you want (preferably only the core domain [not including www] plus a / to make the search as accurate as possible). Then after the equals sign, put the display code. Please avoid breaking anything. You can also allow multiple websites to have the same result ( is a good example) by not putting an equals sign until the last one (they must be grouped). Please contact User:Bobogoobo with any requests for improvement of this template.

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