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The End of the Rainbow
Special My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip
Character(s) Sunny Skies
Sung by Ian Hanlin
Music by Daniel Ingram
Lyrics by Nicole Dubuc
Daniel Ingram
Length 3:10
Transcript My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip
Key signature C major, A minor, C major
International versions

The End of the Rainbow is the second of three songs featured in My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip. In the song, Mayor Sunny Skies sings about the town of Hope Hollow, the former Rainbow Festival, and its subsequent decline.


This was our town at the end of the rainbow...

[Mayor Sunny Skies]
Next door neighbors chatting over white-wood fences
Stoppin' on the street to say hello
When friends did well, we sang their praises
Brought soup to comfort them when they felt low
That was our town at the end of the rainbow
No pots of gold or buried treasure
Just everypony looking after each other
The truest riches cannot be measured
It was a lesson that had kept us together
In our town at the end of the rainbow
To honor our fine town, my Grandpa Skies decided
To throw a party each and every year
They planned for weeks, cooked for days, celebrated fifty ways
So everypony would gather here
In our town at the end of the rainbow
Grandpa made a gizmo called the Rainbow Generator
To paint the sky with lots of colors shining bold and bright
To remind us all together we are greater
And darkness never wins against the coming of the light
Grandpa passed it on to Dad, then it was my turn
To make the pretty rainbows in the sky
It filled my heart with pride to see our whole town gathered gratefully
Where we were sure there would never be
An end to the rainbow
Then fences went up, we lost track of our neighbors
Each year passing, dimming spirits all around
The happy days came to an end
Nopony had time to spend together in the town
I thought I knew exactly what the festival needed
A bigger, better rainbow would surely make them see it
But the extra magic was too much for the Rainbow Generator
And I'm the one who brought the rainbow to an end
That's how our town, our little pony town
That's how our town saw the end of the rainbow

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