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The Fresh Princess of Friendship
Character(s) Pinkie Pie
Sung by Andrea Libman
Music by Quincy Jones
Will Smith
Unknown arranger
Lyrics by Will Smith
Josh Haber (parody lyrics)[1]
Length 0:45

The Fresh Princess of Friendship is a promotional video from Discovery Family Channel for season seven of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It features a shot-for-shot parody of the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as originally performed by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, and first appeared on on April 12, 2017.[2] The video made its broadcast debut on Discovery Family on April 29, 2017, after the network premiere of the 2013 film Walking with Dinosaurs. Unlike the Equestria Girls advertisement from 2011, brand new animation was created just for this ad.


Mane Six group pose in Fresh Princess music video.png
[Pinkie Pie]
Now this is a story and it's not even tragic
Where we all learn that friendship is magic
And I wanna make sure there's nothing I skip
I'll tell ya how I came to know the Princess of Friendship
In Western Equestria, born and raised
On the rock farm is where I spent most of my days
But Ponyville's where Twilight Sparkle met me
Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity
She learned one little lesson, that's all it took
Ask her about friendship 'cause she wrote the book
And she turned big scary villains from mad to delighted
How'd I feel about it? Well, nervicited!
She got wings and a castle, so don't even trip
She's Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship


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