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Episode transcript

Hearth's Warming Eve at the School of Friendship

How the prankster stole Hearth's Warming

Confronting the Young Six

Interrogating the suspects / Ocellus' story

Ocellus' tale: The changelings' Hearth's Warming

Interrogation, part 2 / Yona's story

Yona's tale: Snilldar Fest

Interrogation, part 3 / Smolder's story

Smolder's tale: A Dream Come True

Interrogation, part 4 / Sandbar's story

Sandbar's tale: The Day My Hearth's Warming Doll Almost Fell Into the Fire

Interrogation, part 5 / Silverstream's story

Silverstream's tale: The Three Days of Freedom

Deliberations / Seeds of doubt

Gallus' story / Blue Moon Festival

Gallus' confession

The value of honesty / Friends forever

Epilogue: Cleaning up the school lounge