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Episode transcript

Prologue: The photographer

Queen Chrysalis' cloning ritual

Twilight Sparkle's friendship retreat

Chrysalis and the anti-ponies

Stop and smell the roses / Helping a bird

Chrysalis' minions get separated

Pinkie Pie and Anti-Twilight

Fluttershy alone / The Mane Six get separated

Queen Chrysalis loses her patience

Fluttershy and Anti-Fluttershy

Applejack, Rainbow, and Anti-Rarity

Rarity, Starlight, and Anti-Applejack

Twilight and Anti-Pinkie Pie

Keeping on schedule / Seeds of disharmony

Anti-Twilight Sparkle's machinations

Anti-Rarity's monstrous greed

Anti-Applejack's callousness

Chrysalis and her minions reunited

Strife between the ponies

The Mane Six reconcile

The clones turn on Chrysalis / Disintegration