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The Sneeze Song
Shorts My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale
Character(s) Sunny Starscout
Sung by Jenna Warren
Sara Garcia
Music by Aaron Verdonk
Jesse Colburn
Lyrics by Aaron Verdonk
Jesse Colburn
Length 0:39
Transcript My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale

The Sneeze Song is a song featured in the My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale animated short Neighfever. The short was released on the My Little Pony Official YouTube channel on June 30, 2022. It is performed by Sunny Starscout and Dahlia.


[Sunny Starscout]
You're feelin' kinda crummy
And things are gettin' tough
But it's not time to give up yet
Haven't I done enough?
I thought I had the magic
But I look like a phony
Have you ever felt like, yeah
Felt like everypony
[Sunny and Dahlia]
Is lookin'?
ACHOO! They're lookin' at you
They're whispering, they're pointing their hooves
[Sunny Starscout]
You tried your best, so don't worry
You'll solve this problem, yeah, you'll see
[Sunny and Dahlia]
Beause... ACHOO! There's sparkle in you
[Sunny Starscout]
And it will shine your way right through
I'd rather hide so they can't see
Beause... ACHOO! They're lookin' at me