The Super Duper Party Pony
Episode Pinkie Pride
Character(s) Cheese Sandwich
Pinkie Pie
Sung by "Weird Al" Yankovic
Shannon Chan-Kent
Music by Daniel Ingram
Steffan Andrews (arrangement)
Lyrics by Amy Keating Rogers
Daniel Ingram
Length 1:45
Album Pinkie Pie's Party Playlist
Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of "Weird Al" Yankovic - Medium Rarities
Season Season 4
Transcript Pinkie Pride
BMI Work No. 17949559
Key signature D major
International versions
The Super Duper Party Pony
(Album Version)
Length 1:48
Season Season 4
Key signature D major
International versions

The Super Duper Party Pony is the seventh song featured in the fourth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and is the second of six songs featured in the twelfth episode of season four, Pinkie Pride. It is performed by Cheese Sandwich, voiced by special guest star "Weird Al" Yankovic, and the song is done in the style of a polka, which is a "Weird Al" trademark.

An instrumental version of the song is used in levels 7-9 of Hasbro's online game Key Crusaders.

It is the eighth track on the album Pinkie Pie's Party Playlist, under the title Super Duper Party Pony. It is also a track on the album Medium Rarities.

A clip from this song was used in Weird Al's concerts during his 2015 Mandatory World Tour; specifically, during one of his costume changes.​[​citation needed​]​


Amy Keating Rogers based this song off of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins.[1]


"That pony is me."

[Cheese Sandwich]
The super-duper party pony–that pony is me
I always knew that was the kind of pony I would be
Pinkie Pie: Me too!
Cheese Sandwich: Come on, ponies! Who here likes to party? Ha-ha! You do! I can tell!
When I was but a little colt, I just wanted to play
Pinkie Pie: Like me!
[Cheese Sandwich]
But everypony told me, "Cheese, that fun just wastes the day"
Pinkie Pie: As if!
[Cheese Sandwich]
But when I threw a party and I busted out some moves
Pinkie Pie: Uh-huh!
[Cheese Sandwich]
The ponies finally saw the light and got into the groove
Pinkie Pie: You know it!
[Cheese Sandwich]
The super-duper party pony–that pony is me
Pinkie Pie: And me!
[Cheese Sandwich]
You'll never meet another party pony quite like Cheese!
Pinkie Pie: Uh, Pinkie?
Cheese Sandwich: Hey, good-lookin', want some mayonnaise?
My parties are all off the hook
I never plan them by the book
I start out fun, then whoopsie-daisy
Everybody just gets crazy!
Bored of snacks made by your mom?
How about a giant party bomb?
Huge piñatas filled with cake
Or dive into my fruit punch lake!
Goldengrape: Geronimo!
[Cheese Sandwich]
The super-duper party pony–that pony is me
You'll never meet another party pony quite like Cheese
C'mon, kid, take it for a spin!
Colt: Golly! Thanks, mister!
[Cheese Sandwich]
Oh, when I throw a Cheese party, be sure to not be lame
And miss my pie fights, wacky kites, and streamers in your mane
Fizzy drinks, Hawaiian shirts, and brie fondue delight
You know that with Cheese Sandwich, you'll be partying all night!
Rainbow Dash: C'mon, everypony! Let's party down with Cheese!
Fluttershy: You're really a certified party pony?
Cheese Sandwich: That's right! That's my guarantee!
The super-duper party pony–that pony is me-e-e-e-e
[Pinkie Pie]
But what about the super party pony named Pinkie...?
Cheese Sandwich: [indistinct] Thanks buddy! You're gonna love this party! Hey kid, have a streamer, on me!


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