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There's a Pony For That
Length 0:31

There's a Pony For That is a parody video released by The Hub in July 2011.[1] It is a play on the "There's An App For That" iPhone commercial.

It consists of a male announcer with a similar voice to the one in the iPhone commercials. On the screen, a hoof, that appears to belong to Twilight Sparkle, scrolls through pages. All of the apps on the screen are parodies of existing web-sites, media or real iPhone applications. DJ Pon-3's name is spelled "DJ Pon3" in this commercial.

Pony For That.png


Icon Title Reference to
4 Hoof.png 4Hoof Foursquare
Angry Mare.png Angry Mare Angry Birds
CM Rainbow.png CM: Rainbow Crazy Machines
Derp-Zam!.png Derp-Zam! Shazam
ENay2.png eNay eBay
Equestria Daily.png Equestria Daily Equestria Daily
Equestrian Center.png Equestrian Center ESPN
Equicurious.png Equicurious Epicurious
EquWeather.png EquWeather AccuWeather
Feedit.png Feedit reddit
Flutter Shutter.png Flutter Shutter Camera App
Grazior.png Grazior Google
Groove Pony.png Groove Pony Grooveshark
Groupony.png Groupony Groupon
Happy Flower.png Happy Flower Happy Field
Hay Ninja.png Hay Ninja Fruit Ninja
HoofTube.png HoofTube YouTube
IGallop.png iGallop iRunner
Major League Pony.png MLP (Major League Pony) MLB (Major League Baseball)
Neigh.png Neigh Yelp
Open Stable.png Open Stable OpenTable
PetMinder.png PetMinder Petfinder
Pinkie Pie Sweets.png Pinkie Sweets Pinky Sweets
PonyBook.png PonyBook Facebook
Ponydora.png Ponydora Pandora
Epr.png Pony Radio (Equestria Pony Radio) NPR
Pony Wireless.png Pony Wireless (AP&P) AT&T
Pvite.png Pvite Evite
Rarity's Secret.png Rarity's Secret Victoria's Secret
Whinny.png Whinny Twitter
Wikiponia.png Wikiponia Wikipedia
Yahoof!.png Yahoof! Yahoo


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