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Episode A Camping We Will Go; Campfire Stories
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[theme song]

A Camping We Will Go

Applejack: [deep breath, sighs] The Great Outdoors! Well, I'm pleased as apple pie to be leadin' the Trail Trotters troop on a camping trip. Time to dig our good old hooves into some good old dirt.
Rarity: [panting]
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, no. What's wrong, Rarity?
Rarity: Good grief. I've forgotten my equipment. [sighs]
Fluttershy: You can share with me.
Rarity: Oh, you're a peach, Flutter darling. But my equipment was for glamping. Camping in glitz, glamour, and comfort. Comfy mattress, a comfy bathtub, the comfy portable generator to plug in my comfy lamp – it's all very comfy!
Applejack: But not the most outdoors-y. No lamps are needed in... [deep breath, sighs] ...the Great Outdoors! Where it gets so dark, you can see all the stars in the night sky.
[wolf howls]
Pinkie Pie: Let's stop talking about it, and let's get camping! [panting]
Rainbow Dash: Do you have any idea where you're going, Pinkie?
Pinkie Pie: Hah! Hoo! Nope! Just got so excited, I couldn't wait any longer!
Rest of Mane Six: [laugh]
I don't know, but I've been told
[Mane Six without Applejack and Rarity]
I don't know, but I've been told
The campin' badge is made of gold
[Mane Six without Applejack and Rarity]
The camping badge is made of gold
And over there I saw a mole
[Mane Six without Applejack and Rarity]
And over there I saw a mole
Rarity: Where?! [yelps]
Rest of Mane Six: Rarity?
Rarity: Aah!
Rarity: [screams, yelping] I can't get out!
Fluttershy: Stay calm. The fear is in your head.
Rarity: But the water rushing around me is very real!
Applejack: Form a Trail Trotter chain!
Twilight Sparkle: [grunts]
Rainbow Dash: [grunts]
Pinkie Pie: [grunts]
Applejack: [grunts]
Rarity: [pants]
Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash: [cheering and laughing]
Rarity: [coughing]
Twilight Sparkle: Are you okay?
Rarity: I'm wet but alive.
Rainbow Dash: Cannonball!
Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy: [laugh]
Pinkie Pie: Oh, Rainbow!
Fluttershy: Now we're all wet. Swim time!
Mane Six: [laughing]
Applejack: Huh. Here's a good spot to make camp.
Rarity: Oh, wonderful news, darling. Let me know when that's all done. I shall be attending to my mane.
[frog croaks]
Fluttershy: We all have to help or we won't get the Camping Badge.
Applejack: You're right as rain, Fluttershy. Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow Dash, you three assemble the tents. Fluttershy and Rarity will help me build the fire.
Rarity: Me? Build? The fire?
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie: Whoo-hoo! [groan]
Pinkie Pie: There's gotta be an easier way to do this. Master of Instructions?
Twilight Sparkle: I... I... I... I need to make a spreadsheet! Calculator!
Twilight Sparkle: [gasps] By my calculations, we need seven more ponies to get the job done!
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, I have a better idea.
Pinkie Pie: Whew! That was "in-tents" [intense]! Get it? In... tents?
Rarity: [whimpers] Oh! I haven't juggled since my vaudeville days. But I suppose I can try.
Applejack: Strike the rocks together. That'll create a spark.
Rarity: All right. [grunting]
Applejack: I feel like you're holdin' back. Give it your all!
Rarity: [grunts, sighs] Darlings, this is one pony who is not meant for camping.
Applejack: Now, that's just silly hogwash.
Rarity: Oh, I wish I had my glamping stuff. I wish I had my comfy mattress. I wish I had my lamp!
Rest of Mane Six: [groan]
Applejack: Now, now. Camping is about gettin' out of your comfort zone. And you're already doin' that.
Rarity: Am I?
Applejack: Yup. Just by comin' on this trip.
Rest of Mane Six: [agreeing]
Applejack: I know today was hard and maybe even scary, but I'm right proud of ya.
Fluttershy: Me, too.
Rarity: But I fell in the river.
Fluttershy: And got yourself out.
Rainbow Dash: You swam in the pond.
Twilight Sparkle: And you hiked into the woods.
Pinkie Pie: All without your glamping equipment.
Applejack: See? You're good at campin'. So, what do you say? Want to grab those rocks and light our campfire?
Rarity: [deep breath, grunting] Hah!
[flames roaring]
Rest of Mane Six: [cheer]
Rarity: Perhaps I was born to play the part of a camper after all.
Pinkie Pie: And I'm ready to get close up to some camping treats!
Pinkie Pie: Mm-mm!
Mane Six: [indistinct chatter]
[horse whinnies]
Rarity: [deep breath, sighs] The Great Outdoors!

Campfire Stories

[upbeat music]
Pinkie Pie: [scatting]
[music winds down]
Pinkie Pie: [gasps]
Pinkie Pie: Oh, no! Hmm...
[egg mixer whirring]
[blender whirring]
Pinkie Pie: [groans] Hmm...
[electric fizzling]
Pinkie Pie: [sighs] Hah!
[whirring builds]
Pinkie Pie: Huh?
[electric fizzling]
Pinkie Pie: Oooh, pretty. Wait. This can't be good.
Fluttershy: [singsong] Tablet time... I love my tablet time...
[winding down]
Rarity: [wailing] My eyes! I can't see!
Rainbow Dash: [whimpering] Gonna be honest! I don't love the dark!
[light switch clicking]
Applejack: Okay, hang on. Hang on, y'all. Let's keep it together long enough to find out what happened. We're gonna need a little artificial sunshine.
Pinkie Pie: Mmm, anypony else happen to... plug in a device and get purple sparks?
Rest of Mane Six: No.
Rainbow Dash: Uh, no purple sparks around here.
Pinkie Pie: Cool, cool. Cool, cool. Yeah, uh-huh. Definitely not from me either. [laughs nervously] Good to know.
Fluttershy: Mm-hmm. Mm. Mm-hmm. Oh. The electrician won't be here for at least an hour.
Rest of Mane Six: [groans]
Twilight Sparkle: Well, hang on, everypony. We could stand around getting mad that the power's off. We could sit around wishing on potion magic that we were electricians. Or we could pass the time by... telling stories!
Rarity: I guess that could be...
Fluttershy: ...kind of fun!
Fluttershy: I got one! I got a real good one! Remember the time we baked a twenty-seven-layer cupcake?
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, yes!
Fluttershy: [narrating] It was a normal day. Everypony was baking together and having fun.
Mane Six: [laughing]
Rarity: More layers! We need more layers! [panting]
Twilight Sparkle: No way. It's the perfect size.
Fluttershy: [narrating] But soon, our perfect cupcake would devolve into perfect chaos!
Pinkie Pie: Aah!
Cupcake Monster: [roars]
Mane Six: [scream]
Rainbow Dash: Wait, wait, wait! You're making it sound like a kitchen nightmare! It wasn't scary. Here's how it really happened.
Rainbow Dash: [panting] Jam, ponies! Discord's making his famous lava brownies, and we cannot be shown up!
Twilight Sparkle: Excuse me! That is ridiculous! There are inaccuracies all over these stories.
Pinkie Pie: Okay, then how did it happen?
Twilight Sparkle: It was a lovely sunny day.
Twilight Sparkle: [narrating] We were baking in the kitchen. I combined four eggs, two cups of milk, a cup of flour, a pinch of magic, exactly one bag of sugar—
Rarity: [sighs] I am on the verge of fainting... at your level of detail! That wasn't the story at all. It was a very accurate cupcake recipe.
Twilight Sparkle: Well, excuuuuuuse me for being meticulous! Why don't you regale us with your story?
Rarity: Ah, with pleasure and gusto. It was a day not unlike today. Jazz was all the rage.
Rarity: [narrating] I had to be at Jay's mansion on East Egg in two hours. Little did I know, his old flame Daffodil lived across the way. Anywho, I had no idea where my prized diamond necklace was. Not the really good one, mind you. The really really good one. Ugh! And I was retracing all of my steps, starting in the forest. "Where is my necklace? Where—?"
Pinkie Pie: RARITY! That's not the story we're telling.
Rarity: Well, it's the story I'm telling.
Pinkie Pie: Well, we're telling the tale of the twenty-seven-layer cupcake.
Applejack: Now that I think about it, wasn't it thirty layers?
Twilight Sparkle: Am I drinking crazy potion, or was it twenty-seven one-layer cupcakes?
Fluttershy: It was very specifically one huge twenty-seven-layer cupcake!
Rainbow Dash: Did we win an award? I think we won for fastest baking.
Rest of Mane Six: [groan]
Pinkie Pie: There's no such award!
Mane Six: [indistinct arguing]
Pinkie Pie: Uh-oh.
Mane Six: [gasp]
Rainbow Dash: Quick! Unplug the mixing bowl!
[electric fizzle]
Mane Six: Whew! [laugh]
Pinkie Pie: I wonder how we're all gonna remember this.
Fluttershy: As long as we remember we're together as friends, it's a memory we're gonna share forever.
Twilight Sparkle: I'm also writing all of this down for accuracy. "It was the best of times... it was the best of times!"
Mane Six: [laughing]