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[birds chirping]
Fluttershy and Discord: [laughing]
Fluttershy: Care for a carrot-ginger sandwich?
Discord: Oh! You remembered to cut off the crusts for me.
Fluttershy: Of course I did. I know how you like them.
[pop, pop, pop!]
[poof, poof, poof!]
Discord: You really do make the best finger foods.
Discord's finger: [high-pitched burp]
Discord: What do you say?
Discord's finger: [high-pitched] Excuse me.
Discord: [scoffs] I really can't take them anywhere.
Fluttershy: [giggles]
Discord: Can I trouble you for another sugarcube?
Fluttershy: Oh, no. I'm so sorry, but I seem to be out.
Discord: Well, I can just pop us in some more.
Fluttershy: Oh, that's all right. I need to go to the market anyway. I have to restock my pantry for our tea party next week.
Discord: Oh. I never realized how much work into hosting these tea parties.
[fluttery music]
Fluttershy: Oh, it's really not that much.
Discord: No, no, no, no, no! I've been taking advantage of your hospitality for far too long. It's high time I do something about it. What to do, what t o do...
Discord 2: Why don't you host the next tea party?
Discord: I've got it! Why don't I host the next tea party at my place?
Discord 2: Hey, that's my idea.
Discord: [snaps fingers]
Discord 2: Why didn't I see that coming?
[theme song]
Discord: So, Fluttershy. Mmmm! What do you think of my brilliant, genius, amazing idea of having the next tea party at my place? [snaps fingers]
[faucet running]
Fluttershy: Are you sure? I wouldn't want you to go through any trouble.
Discord: You? Trouble? Never! I insist! [snaps fingers]
[sheep baaing]
Fluttershy: Then count me in. I'm already looking forward to it.
Discord: Me, too! I'm so excited! I can't wait! No, really, I can't! How about we have the tea party tomorrow afternoon?
Fluttershy: Sounds good to me. You know, Discord, I've never been to your house before.
Discord: Well, that's okay, because I've never hosted a tea party before.
Discord: Oh! I've never hosted a tea party before! So much to do! [sips tea] Thank you so much for the tea and nibblies, but I really must be going!
Fluttershy: Uh, Discord? Before you go, would you mind helping me tidy up?
Discord: [snaps fingers]
Discord: There you go. Back to normal, just the way you like it. See you tomorrow!
Discord: I can't wait!
Fluttershy: [giggles]
Discord: Okay. Since Fluttershy always goes out of her way to host the perfect tea party for me, how do I make my tea party for her even more perfect?
Pearly Stitch: I'm sorry, dearie. Were you talking to me?
Discord: Actually, madam, I'm talking to myself.
Discord 2: Well, I'm not talking to you!
Discord: It's for Fluttershy!
Discord 2: Oh, all right. No more holes, though. [snaps fingers] You have to knock this tea party out of the park for her. She was our first friend, after all.
Discord: You don't have to tell me that. She gave us a chance when no other pony would.
Discord 2: She makes us want to be a better draconequus. Fluttershy deserves the best of everything.
Discord: Of course! I should get her the best of everything. Why didn't I think of that? ...Well? are you going to answer me or not?
Pearly Stitch: Me? Uh, I thought you were talking to...
Discord: No time! I'm off to prepare a tea party worthy of Fluttershy! [snaps fingers]
[jetpack engine whirring]
Discord: Excuse me. Is this where Fluttershy usually buys her tea?
Shopkeeper Pony: Why, yes, it is.
Discord: Oh, wonderful! I'll be enjoying her company tomorrow, so I will be needing your very best tea, please. Something especially special.
Shopkeeper Pony: I'm sure Fluttershy would enjoy some of our rose hip green tea.
Discord: [chuckling] Oh, interesting. Does it decorate your hips in roses or turn you green?
Shopkeeper Pony: Uh... neither? It just tastes good.
Discord: How boring. Pass. Hold on! Ginseng tea! Now that sounds promising. What does it sing? I'm partial to something upbeat and jazzy.
Shopkeeper Pony: Again, it's just tasty like all of our tea here.
Discord: So... all of this is just tea you simply drink?
Shopkeeper Pony: Uh-huh.
Discord: Ohhhh, it seems I got here just in time. [snaps fingers]
[tea bags singing]
Discord: [laughs] Singing ginseng! I'll take it!
Shopkeeper Pony: Are you sure you're friends with Fluttershy? You seem so very different from her.
Discord: Well, of course we're friends! She gets me, and you obviously do not! [imitating Shopkeeper Pony] "Are you sure you're friends with Fluttershy?" [scoffs] The very nerve!
Discord: I'm sorry. Do you validate?
Discord: Hello!
"Raspberry Vinaigrette": [yelps] Uh, can I help you find something?
Discord: Yes, you can. Your finest tea set, please. I want only the best for my friend Fluttershy.
"Raspberry Vinaigrette": Uh... you're friends with Fluttershy?
Discord: Yes... judgy... clerk... pony! Why is it such a surprise? Sure, she's on the quieter side, and I'm a bit, well, more showy. But I'll have you know we're besties. And that's why I need the [echoing] best tea set!
"Raspberry Vinaigrette": Uh, perhaps then you'd be interested in our classic tea-for-two set.
[tea pouring]
Discord: A teapot that just pours tea? How positively dreadful!
"Raspberry Vinaigrette": But that's all teapots are supposed to do.
Discord: Not anymore! [snaps fingers] Much better! Don't wrap it. I'll walk it home. [snaps fingers]
[bits jingle]
Discord: Now, let's see. I have the perfect tea and the perfect tea service. What else do I need for the perfect tea party? Oh! Decorations, of course!
Discord: Good... but not nearly good enough for Fluttershy. [snaps fingers]
Piñata: [sneezes]
[volcano rumbling]
Discord: [chuckles] Better. Oh! I'll need napkins. I'll simply make them... ah, well, I could... or... No. I've got nothing. How do I make these better? What should I do? Make them... [gasps, snaps fingers] Make them glow! Oh, that's not good enough for Fluttershy. Should I make them fly? Glow, fly, and [chuckles] and fold! Glow, fly, fold into fun shapes, perhaps?
Pinkie Pie: Uh, Discord? Are you okay?
Discord: Pinkie Pie! Just the pony I need. [snaps fingers] As the party pony and Fluttershy's close – but not best – friend, I need your advice. I'm hosting a tea party for her, and it has to be perfect. No! It has to be even better than perfect!
Pinkie Pie: Oh, Discord. You're waaaaaay overthinking things. All you have to do is make Fluttershy feel comfortable. It should be pretty easy for you. You know her so well!
Discord: And that's why you're the party expert. Thank you, Pinkie Pie. I feel so much better now.
Pinkie Pie: Eh, it's what I do.
[shopping cart wheeling away]
Discord: [snaps fingers]
[bits jingle]
Pinkie Pie: [to Cherry Fizzy] Excuse me! Where can I find the glowing, flying, self-folding napkins?
Discord: Make Fluttershy feel comfortable, make Fluttershy feel comfortable, comfortable, comfortable... Well, I mean, that shouldn't be a problem.
[whimsical music]
[lava bubbling]
[teapot clanking]
Piñata: [sneezes]
[tea bags singing]
Discord: Oh, dear. That might be a problem.
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