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[door opens]
Rarity: [singsong] Oh, Spiiiike? Are you in here? Hellooooo?
Rarity: Spike?
Spike: Mm-hmm...
Rarity: Oh, there you are! I was starting to think you weren't here. I realize this is last-minute, but I've decided on a quick trip to the gem cave! I am on an urgent mission to find some faceted iridescence for my new design, and I can't think of anypony I'd rather have along than my favorite basket holder/bodyguard Spike.
Rarity: Spike?
Rarity: Spiiiike?
Rarity: [echoing] SPIKE!
Spike: What? Oh. Hey, Rarity.
Rarity: Honestly, Spike. It's almost as if you haven't been listening.
Spike: [blows fire] Oh, uh... of course I was. But just to be sure, could you say it all again?
Rarity: [sighs] I was saying that I had planned on visiting the gem cave—
Spike: Oh, no! Is that the time?!
Rarity: Aah!
Spike: [panting]
Rarity: Of course, you're right. This is a bit of a late start, and those gems won't pick themselves.
Spike: Uh-huh.
[doors open]
Rarity: But the real question is which basket do you want to hold? The smaller one, right? [laughs]
Spike: Oh, right. Sorry, Rarity. Can I take a rain check on... What was that again?
Rarity: The... gem cave?
Spike: Right. Sounds great. But I need to get to the post office before noon.
Rarity: [laughs] All right, very funny. Obviously, you'll get the bigger basket, and I shall—
Rarity: Spike? Hello?
[theme song]
[gem clinking]
Rarity: I don't understand. For as long as we've known each other, Spike has never turned down an opportunity to join me here. It's his favorite place.
[gem clinking]
Rarity: Ideally you catch the gems, dear. And for a trip to the post office of all places?
[gem clinking]
Rarity: Maybe you should move closer? And why would Spike need to go to the post office at all? He sends mail by breathing! Breathing, darling! Breath mail!
[gems clinking]
Rarity: Honestly, Applejack, if you're going to fill in, you could make an attempt to hold the basket the way Spike would.
Applejack: [spits] And how's that?
Rarity: Well, for one thing, Spike knows how to keep things quiet so as not to waken the bats.
[bats squeaking]
Rarity: And he usually pulls me closely so no gem ever touches the ground!
Applejack: [gasps] Rarity, Spike's been followin' you closely since he got to Ponyville. And in case you hadn't noticed... [echoing] I AIN'T SPIKE!
[bats squeaking]
Rarity and Applejack: [yelping]
Rarity: Actually, Applejack, I had noticed!
[doors open]
[books thudding]
Twilight Sparkle: Um, hi, Rarity. What's up?
Rarity: Ugh! Besides my mane? Well, that is a question for Spike.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh. Well, Spike isn't here. I think he's at the post office.
[scraping sounds]
Rarity: Again?! What is it with Spike and the post office?!
Twilight Sparkle: Rarity, what's going on?
Rarity: Spike declined my invitation to the gem cave, and I intend to find out why.
Twilight Sparkle: Hmm. That doesn't sound like Spike. Did you two have some sort of fight?
Rarity: A fight? Goodness, Twilight. What in Equestria would we fight about?
Twilight Sparkle: I've had arguments with friends before, and they can put a real strain on friendships.
Rarity: Well, certainly. But I think I'd remember if we had an argument.
Twilight Sparkle: Maybe you didn't realize it? Do you think you could've done something that unintentionally hurt his feelings?
Rarity: Well, if I didn't realize what I did, how would I know what I have done when I did it? [brays] I wonder if that's it. It certainly would explain his behavior. I must apologize!
Twilight Sparkle: For what?
Rarity: Oh, pfft. That's hardly the point. Poor Spikey-Wikey! This calls for a grand gesture!
Twilight Sparkle: Okay. Good talk. [groans]
[door opens]
Rarity: [grunting]
Gabby: Wow! That's a big crate of stuff you're mailing.
Rarity: I'm not mailing it.
Gabby: Then why are you pushing it into the post office?
Rarity: Oh. I didn't realize griffons worked at the Ponyville Post Office.
Gabby: Oh! [giggles] No, I don't work here exactly. I'm the official mail carrier of Griffonstone. Gabby Griffon. Nice to meet ya!
Rarity: [sighs] Yes, well, uh, these things aren't for sending. They're for apologizing to Spike.
Gabby: Oh! Spike was just here. He went to go make us a—
Rarity: That's perfect! It'll give me a chance to practice. Uh, you stand there and tell me if I hit the right apologetic notes.
Gabby: What are you apologizing for?
Rarity: Darling, I don't see why that matters.
[gems clinking]
[deep boom]
[music playing]
Rarity: [overdramatically] And that is why I simply cannot bear the thought of having hurt you! And even though I don't know what it is that I did, I want you to know that it doesn't matter! Because I am prepared to do anything to make it right! [sobs] And scene.
Gabby: [muffled speech]
Rarity: Oh, sorry, dear. Here.
Gabby: I said, that sure sounds genuine.
Rarity: Well, of course it sounds genuine! It is genuine!
Spike: Rarity? What are you doing?
Rarity: Obviously, I'm working on my apology to you, Spike. I don't know how I could be more genuine. I mean— [gasps] Spike!
[deep boom]
[music playing]
Rarity: [overdramatically] Oh, Spike! I am so sorry! Please forgive me!
[cat yowls]
Rarity: [overdramatically] You have to forgive me! I don't know what I did or why you're mad at me! Just please say you forgive me! [wailing] Pleeeeeeeease!
Spike: Of course I forgive you. But, uh, what are you apologizing for?
Rarity: Why does everypony keep harping on that—?! Wait. Don't you know?
Spike: No, I'm not mad at you about anything.
Rarity: B-But... But I don't understand. If you're not upset with me, why in Equestria would you refuse to go to the gem cave?
Spike: Uh, because I had other plans?
Gabby: With me!
Rarity: [gasps]
Rarity: I don't understand. You two know each other?
Spike: Gabby and I are sort of pen pals.
Gabby: Yeah! There was this whole thing where I pretended to get a cutie mark because griffons don't get cutie marks, so Princess Twilight had Spike send a bunch of letters off to Griffonstone about the first griffon ever to get a cutie mark! Which I didn't really have.
Spike: Gabby wrote back explaining things, and after that we just started writing back and forth.
Gabby: Turns out we have a lot in common! We both come from cultures that don't have the friendliest of reputations.
Spike: [slurps] And we're both in the message-sending business!
Gabby: Uh-huh!
Spike and Gabby: [chomp, gulp]
Gabby: I sure wish I could send scrolls with my breath!
Spike and Gabby: [laughing]
Rarity: [forced laugh] Yes... Now I understand why you didn't come to the gem cave. Having a friend in town is a rare treat. Well, since you're busy today, maybe we can do something tomorrow. Fabric shopping? I know how you love to pick out the colors.
Spike: Uh, actually, now that there's a griffon at Twilight's school, Gabby's here all the time.
Gabby: Grampa Gruff asks for a lot of updates about how Gallus is doing. [sighs] Speaking of which, I better get going.
Spike: I'll fly with you.
Rarity: Well, all right. You two fly along. I'm sure Spike and I can do something some other—
Rarity: ...time?
Rarity: I cannot decide which shade of purple is the most royal! And there's the pink! How will I ever choose?!
Rainbow Dash: [grunting] Too bad Spike's not here. I bet he could help you narrow it down.
Rarity: He is a good sounding board, isn't he?
[muffled thud]
[curtains close]
[montage music]
[camera clicks]
[bits clinking]
[door opens]
[door opens]
[sewing machine whirring]
Rarity: [sighs] Could you bring the pincushion a little closer, dear? I suppose now that Spike's always so busy with Gabby, I'm just now realizing how much his presence has meant to me over the years.
Rarity: Even closer, darling. I don't want to prick you. I have to admit everything feels a bit "less than" without him. Too close!
Rarity: Oh, darling, it's no use. Thank you for trying. I'm just accustomed to the help of a small, highly attentive dragon.
Fluttershy: Maybe you should let Spike know how grateful you are for everything he's done for you.
Spike: [snoring] Aah!
Rarity: Oh, I am sorry, Spike. I didn't mean to frighten you.
Spike: Rarity? What are you doing here?
Rarity: Well, I realize it's late. Or rather, early. But I have a surprise, and I just couldn't wait to share it. The Great Gem Crevasse of the Crystal Mountains!
Spike: Whoa!
Rarity: It is only accessible once a year, and I thought a little day trip would make a wonderful thank you for all the help you've given me over the years.
Spike: Oh. But I'm supposed to meet Gabby today for her rounds.
Rarity: I see. Well, there's always next year.
[door opens]
Spike: You know what? I'll just write her a note.
Rarity: Are you sure?
Spike: Absolutely.
[train chugging]
[train hisses]
[gems clinking]
Spike: Wow. Rarity, you weren't kidding. The Gem Crevasse was amazing! I'll be snacking on these for a week.
Rarity: What did I tell you?
Gabby: Hey, Spike!
Spike: Gabby! You won't believe where I went today!
Gabby: Actually, I think I will. I got your scroll. The Great Gem Crevasse sounds a lot better than doing my rounds.
Spike: Mm-hmm!
[gems clinking]
Gabby: Whoa! It was definitely better! I gotta get back to Griffonstone, but you have to tell me all about the Crevasse tomorrow!
Spike: Absolutely! [grunts] Thanks again, Rarity. What a great day.
Gabby: Okay! Start from the beginning, because I want to hear everything!
Spike: Well, to get to the Crevasse, you have to climb across a rope bridge because the air's too thin to fly!
Gabby: That is amazing! Then what?!
Gabby: Whoa!
Spike: Sorry, Rarity!
Rarity: Oh, no apology necessary, Spike. In fact, I was just looking for you.
Spike: You were? Why?
Rarity: Because I just acquired... these!
Spike: Passes to Power Ponypalooza!? For today!?
Rarity: Mm-hmm! I know we just went to the Crevasse, but I feel I've barely scratched the surface of expressing my gratitude for all you do.
Spike: Uh... of course I want to go, but that'll be two days in a row we haven't hung out.
Gabby: Nah! Are you kidding? It's Power Ponypalooza! You have to go! And now you'll have two things to tell me about!
Spike: Okay! Come on, Rarity! Let's go!
Spike: Whew! Are my claws sore.
Rarity: Indeed. I had no idea how much walking there is at a Power Pony convention!
Spike: [grunting] Aww. I know I told Gabby we'd hang out tomorrow, but I might need the whole day to rest.
Rarity: Whoo. I know what you mean. Perhaps you could, uh, just send her another note.
Rarity and Spike: [grunting]
Spike: [chuckles] I think maybe you're right.
Rarity: Honestly, I might need to spend tomorrow putting my hooves up as well. [laughs]
[door opens]
[knock on door]
[door opens]
Rarity: I hadn't counted on Power Ponypalooza being quite so draining, but I thought we might spend the day recuperating together.
Spike: No way! Ogres & Oubliettes?!
Rarity: Well, I know how much you enjoy it. And this seemed like the perfect opportunity for you to teach me the game.
[door opens]
Gabby: [echoing] Spike? I got your note! I figured I'd come by before my rounds with a bowl of energizing turnip soup.
Rarity and Spike: [laughter fading in]
Rarity: Can Princess Shmarity use her Shield of the Coiffure to defend herself from the purveyor of poor color coordination?
Spike: Oh, she can try... Success! Shmarity's shield holds against the Green-Eyed Monster's attack! And then—!
Gabby: Spike?
Spike: Oh, hi, Gabby. We were just—
Gabby: Your scroll said you were too tired to do anything today. But I guess you were just too tired to do anything with me.
Spike: No-no-no-no! That's not true! I can come with you on your rounds right now!
Gabby: I don't think so, Spike. Maybe I'll just handle the rounds on my own from now on.
[thermos clinking]
Rarity: Oooh! Princess Shmarity uses her Prismatic Beam to change that poor monster's color to a more pleasing shade of purple!
Rarity: What do you think, Spike? Solids or prints?
Spike: [sighs] Prints, I guess. You already have a lot of solid colors.
Rarity: Oh, you are so right. Prints it is! So nice to have you back, Spike.
[cash register rings]
Rarity: Although I hope you're able to reconcile with Gabby.
Spike: I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to.
[montage music]
Rarity: I quite enjoyed our day together today, Spike.
Spike: Yeah...
Twilight Sparkle: Hi, Spike.
Spike: Uh-huh...
Twilight Sparkle: Hmmm. I've never seen Spike this sad before. Do you know what happened?
Rarity: [clears throat] Yes, well, perhaps he's still just tired from Power Ponypalooza.
Twilight Sparkle: I don't think that's it.
Rarity: I... suppose... it's possible it could have something to do with... [coughs] Gabby not wanting to spend time with him anymore.
Twilight Sparkle: What? I thought the two of them were hanging out all the time.
Rarity: They were! Honestly, it took everything I had to convince him to spend any time with me at all! But between crystal gem crevasses, Power Pony conventions, and a marathon game of O&O, I managed to get some time in.
Twilight Sparkle: It sounds like you made sure he didn't have any time to spend with Gabby at all.
Rarity: What?! Pfft! I most certainly did not!
Rarity: Well, I... suppose I may have monopolized him a teeny bit. [sighs] I'd just grown so used to having Spikey-Wikey around, I wasn't prepared for how much I'd miss him when he wasn't.
Twilight Sparkle: Friendships change, but just because Spike made a new friend doesn't mean he stops being yours.
Rarity: I know, but now I have to share him! Which I suppose I'll have to get used to. [gasps] Right after I fix the mess I've made!
Twilight Sparkle: Good talk.
Gabby: [sighs]
[door opens]
[music playing]
Gabby: Rarity? Is all this stuff for Spike again? Wouldn't it be easier to just give it to him? And why are you even here?
Rarity: I am here to apologize. Actually, more to confess. And all of this stuff isn't for Spike. It's the evidence against me!
Gabby: Evidence? For what?
Rarity: For my acts of utter selfishness!
Gabby: I don't understand.
Rarity: These are items I used to lure Spike into spending as much time with me as possible!
Gabby: They are? You did?
Spike: Rarity? What are you doing?
Rarity: Well, obviously I'm apologizing to Gabby so the two of you can renew your friendship, Spike. Now please, even if you can't forgive me, you simply must forgive— [gasps] Spike?! Oh. I actually owe you an apology, too.
Gabby: You apologize a lot.
Rarity: I wish I didn't need to, but the more time you two spent together, the more I missed my time with Spike, and the more I used every means at my disposal to get it back. I am truly sorry.
Spike: You really miss spending time with me?
Rarity: Oh, of course!
Gabby: I have to say, after not hanging out with you, I understand why. You're kinda awesome! And I know what it's like to miss that now, too.
Spike: So, do you think maybe we could start hanging out again?
Gabby: Absolutely.
Spike: I don't suppose you'd like some company on your rounds right now?
Gabby: I sure would!
Rarity: Wonderful! I can't tell you how pleased I am that the two of you have— [laughs] ...reconciled.
[pickaxe clinking]
Rarity: [whispering] I suppose Twilight is right. Friendships do change.
[gem shattering]
[bats squeaking]
Rarity: [whispering] Of course Spike and I will always be friends, and I can get used to sharing him.
Pinkie Pie: [panicked yelping, whispering] Sorry! I just didn't want to drop another one and wake the bats.
Rarity: [whispering] Darling. Catching the gems is what the basket is for.
Spike: [whispering] Wow. You two need to be a lot quieter.
Rarity: Spike! How wonderful to see you!
Spike: Yeah. Gabby and I had a great day, but I'll always still want my Rarity time.
[pickaxe clinking]
[gem shattering]
Pinkie Pie: Ohhhh! So that's how it works!
[wings flapping]
Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Spike: [scream]