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[opening logos]
Twilight Sparkle: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Hurry, friends!
Pinkie Pie: [gasps]
Twilight Sparkle: Time for another adventure!
Rainbow Dash: Adventure?! I'm in!
Applejack: Yee-hoo! Let's go, ponies!
Twilight Sparkle: Earth ponies, take the lead!
Pinkie Pie: Whoo-hoo!
Twilight Sparkle: Pegasi, fly beside me! Unicorns, horns at the ready!
Mane Six: For Equestria!
Rarity: What fantastical foe awaits us, princess?
Fluttershy: Is it something... scary?
Rainbow Dash: Or is it something awesome?!
Twilight Sparkle: No matter what it is, we'll face it together. For we are the Guardians of Friendship! With the power of our friendship and magic, we will...
Pinkie Pie: Spread love!
Fluttershy: Give hugs!
Rarity: [Sprout's voice] Fry brains!
Fluttershy: Huh?
Twilight Sparkle: Wait, what?
Rarity: [Sprout's voice] Yeah! I'm a unicorn, and we're evil! I'm gonna zap everypony with my horn lasers!
Rest of Mane Six: [gasp, scream]
Rarity: [laughing]
Twilight Sparkle: What?! No! No, no no, it's all—
Young Sunny Starscout: —wrong! The ponies are all supposed to get along, remember?
Young Sprout: Booooring!
Young Sunny Starscout: It's like in the olden times when all three pony kinds were friends.
Young Sprout: Ugh! Here we go again.
Young Sunny Starscout: And they never used their magic against each other.
Young Sprout: You're wrong!
Young Sunny Starscout: No, I'm not!
Young Sprout: My mom says the Pegasi and unicorns tried to eat up all the Earth ponies by zapping 'em with lasers and frying 'em to a crisp.
Young Sunny Starscout: They wouldn't do that!
Young Sprout: So the Earth ponies kicked their butts in an epic battle, and if they ever try to come back to Maretime Bay, we'll kick their butts again!
Young Sunny Starscout: Those are lies! Hitch, tell him!
Young Hitch Trailblazer: Well, uh, that is kinda what our teacher said in history class. But...
Young Sunny Starscout: [scoffs]
Young Hitch Trailblazer: But, hey, oh, we can play the game your way if you want, Sunny. I don't mind.
Young Sprout: Well, I do. It's a boring game. Ooh! Let's play "Pegasus Barbecue" instead!
Young Sunny Starscout: Sprout, stop it!
Young Sprout: Earth pony burgers!
Young Sunny Starscout: I'm gonna tell my dad!
Young Sprout: [laughs evilly]
[clock ticking]
Young Sprout: Horn fight!
Young Sunny Starscout: You're going to break them!
Young Hitch Trailblazer: Take that, Earth pony! Pew-pew!
Young Sunny Starscout: Dad, tell them that's not what they do!
Young Hitch Trailblazer: How does that feel? Pew-pew!
Argyle Starshine: Time to head on home, don't you think, colts?
Young Sprout: Ugh! Fine! Pew-pew! Pew!
Young Hitch Trailblazer: Oh, no! My brains are melting!
[door opens]
Young Hitch Trailblazer and Young Sprout: [gasp]
Young Sprout: Mom?
Young Hitch Trailblazer Hello, Mrs. Cloverleaf.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: How many times have I told you? You cannot just go trotting off without my permission. Especially not here.
Argyle Starshine: And why is that again, Phyllis?
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Because you are brainwashing their minds with all of your... uh, nonsense.
Argyle Starshine: It's called research, Phyllis. And by the way, I leave all the brainwashing in Maretime Bay to you. Unicorn cupcake?
Young Sunny Starscout: [singsong] Freshly baked!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: [groans] You know, you're an Earth pony, Argyle. You should really start acting like one. At least for her sake.
Young Sunny Starscout: Mmm! [giggles]
[door creaks]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Who does he think he is, talking to me like that? That pony is trouble.
Young Sprout: Don't worry, Mommy. When I become sheriff, I'll keep everypony in line.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Hmmm... "Sheriff Sprout". [chuckles] It does have a certain ring to it.
[door closes]
Young Sunny Starscout: [sighs]
Argyle Starshine: What's the matter, Sunny Bunny?
Young Sunny Starscout: Hitch and Sprout still don't believe me.
Argyle Starshine: Maybe one day they will. But the important thing is that you stand up for what you believe in, okay?
Young Sunny Starscout: Well, when I grow up, I'm going to show everypony that we are right.
Argyle Starshine: Oh?
Young Sunny Starscout: Yeah! And someday, the both of us will meet unicorns or a Pegasus, and we'll be best friends forever!
Argyle Starshine: Well, maybe today is that day. Look! A unicorn!
Young Sunny Starscout: [gasps] Where?! Where?!
Argyle Starshine: Over here!
Young Sunny Starscout: [giggles]
Argyle Starshine: [laughs] Hold on!
Young Sunny Starscout: Wheeee! I'm soaring through the sky!
Argyle Starshine: Whoo! Yee-haw!
Young Sunny Starscout: Wait! Dad! I have an idea!
Argyle Starshine: [clears throat] "Dear unicorns and Pegasi, you have friends in Maretime Bay. Come visit us."
Young Sunny Starscout: Can we send it?
Argyle Starshine: I think it's our duty.
Young Sunny Starscout: [giggles] Can you tell me the story?
Argyle Starshine: Again?
Young Sunny Starscout: Pleeeeease?
Argyle Starshine: [chuckles] Once upon a time, many, many moons ago, in ancient Equestria, there lived a very special—
Young Sunny Starscout: Unicorn!
Argyle Starshine: [chuckles] The unicorn was very bright...
Young Sunny Starscout: As bright as the sun.
Argyle Starshine: One day, the princess summoned her to the castle for an important assignment.
Young Sunny Starscout: To learn about friendship!
Argyle Starshine: Mm-hmm. She soon made lots of new friends.
Young Sunny Starscout: Earth ponies, Pegasuses, and unicorns!
Argyle Starshine: Together, they showed everypony the Magic of Friendship and how to live in harmony.
Young Sunny Starscout: Wow! You finished it!
Argyle Starshine: Pretty neat, huh? Earth ponies watched in wonder as Pegasi painted rainbows across the sky. The nights were lit up by a hundred unicorn horns.
Young Sunny Starscout: It's beautiful.
Argyle Starshine: [chuckles]
Young Sunny Starscout: I wish I had a friend who could fly around or float things. [yawns] Why can't we be friends anymore?
Argyle Starshine: [sighs] That, my darling, is a big question. And maybe one day, we'll figure it out. Together. We'll do our part...
Argyle Starshine and Young Sunny Starscout: ...hoof to heart.
Young Sunny Starscout: Goodnight, Daddy.
Argyle Starshine: Goodnight, my little pony.
[door closes]
Young Sunny Starscout: Goodnight, friends.
Sunny Starscout: [snoring]
[alarm clock beeps]
Sunny Starscout: [yawns, snorts]
[elastic snap]
Sunny Starscout: Perfect.
[curtains flap]
Sunny Starscout: Today's the day, Dad. I actually have a plan this time. Wish me luck!
[door opens]
[door closes]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Sunny Starscout]
Good morning, sun
No time to chat, I gotta run
'Cause I've got places to be
So much to do
Excited, yes, and nervous, too
A change is starting with me
I never worry 'bout
Upsetting carts, hardened hearts
Or wonder "Will I belong?"
I've heard it enough, I'm callin' their bluff
I'll never get lost in the grey
There's somethin' inside, burns bigger than pride
Shines out of me lighting the way
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (oh-oh-oh-oh)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (gonna be my day)
Gonna be my day (ooh-ooh)
Hey there, hello
The friends I make, the friends I know
Today you answer my call
Instead of hide
Instead of staying stuck inside
Instead of building your wall
Come on and party with me
Join the band, understand
We'll all be singin' this song
I've heard it enough, I'm callin' their bluff
I'll never get lost in the grey
Go big or go home, get real or get known
Get ready and raring to say
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (ooh-ooh)
Everyone's afraid
Always judgin', never budgin'
Ain't it time we made
The team, the dream?
Let's open our eyes, sun's starting to rise
And finally able to say
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (gonna be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (gonna be my day)
Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day (be my... day!)
Hitch Trailblazer: Aha! There you are, Sunny. Just the pony I was expecting.
Sunny Starscout: Morning, Sheriff Hitch. I see you brought the whole squad along again.
[bird squeaks]
Hitch Trailblazer: [sighs] What is it with me and critters? I'm like a magnet to them. Guys, come on. Give Hitch a little space. [sighs]
Sunny Starscout: So, what's up?
Hitch Trailblazer: Oh, please. Like you don't know. Today is the annual presentation at Canterlogic.
Sunny Starscout: Hey, I'm headed there right now.
Hitch Trailblazer: Uh, no, you're not. Listen, I know that you have come up with some harebrained scheme to sabotage it, and if you think I'm just gonna let you walk in there—
Sunny Starscout: [singsong] Hey, Hitch...
Hitch Trailblazer: No.
Sunny Starscout: Come on.
Mayflower: Good morning, Sheriff Hitch.
Hitch Trailblazer: Morning, Mayflower, Dahlia. [chuckles] Sunny, I'm on duty.
Hitch Trailblazer: [groans]
Sunny Starscout and Hitch Trailblazer: Up high, down low, hitch it to a post! Flip it sunny-side up and on a piece of toast!
Hitch Trailblazer: Okay? [chuckles]
Sprout: [wheezing] I did what you asked for, Hitch. She never left my side, not even once.
Sunny Starscout: Oh, hey, Sprout. You okay? You seem kinda wheezy.
Sprout: That's Deputy Sprout to you.
Hitch Trailblazer: Hey! W-Wait up! I'm not finished! Sunny! Sunny, we both know how this goes. Every year you try to sneak in, and every year I stop you.
Sunny Starscout: Look, you have nothing to worry about. I'll just go into the factory, deliver my smoothies—
Sprout: Uh-uh! You can't even step a hoof in there! My mom had you banned!
Sunny Starscout: But I...
Hitch Trailblazer: [sighs] I'm asking you as your friend, Sunny, not as sheriff. Just please try not to pull any stunts today.
Sunny Starscout: Okay, okay. I'll try.
Hitch Trailblazer: Thank you. Now, give your delivery to Sprout and go home.
Hitch Trailblazer: Hey, hey! That's a violation of Code 33!
Sprout: Buh-bye. [laughs]
[upbeat music]
Kid Earth Pony 1: [giggling]
Sprout: Hey, watch it!
Toots: Welcome, everypony. Got any questions about the Canterlogic factory? Happy to answer them.
Earth Pony: Oh, yeah. Where are the free smoothies?
Toots: Uh, I can't answer that.
Hitch Trailblazer: [sighs] You know what, Sprout? I think I finally got through to Sunny.
Announcer Pony: It's the moment you've all been waiting for. As the founder of Canterlogic, she's been keeping us safe and stylish for the last twenty moons. Please go wild for the one and only... Phyllis Cloverleaf!
[crowd cheers]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Thank you! Thank you! Oh, hey, how are ya? Thank you so much. We here at Canterlogic are so thrilled to create perfect products that protect ponies like you... from ponies like that!
[crowd boos]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: And, like I always say, "To be scared is..."
Crowd: " be prepared!"
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Oh, I love it! That's right!
Rob the Pony: Yahoo!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: So, let's start the show!
[runway music]
[cameras clicking]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Up first, we have Sugar Moonlight looking absolutely stunning in our high-tech Anti-Mind-Reading Hat. All those psychic unicorns out there are gonna be out of luck when you wear this little number. Now let's welcome Sparkle Chaser in his Pega-Periscope Goggles, the easy way to keep your eye on the sky!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Oh! [chuckles nervously] It's all part of the show! Next up, the Earth Pony Balloon Escape Pack!
Balloon Pony: [whimpers, screaming]
Hitch Trailblazer: Yikes. That's gonna be a lot of paperwork.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: We take great care here at Canterlogic to ensure the safety of you, our loyal customers.
Crowd: Awwww...
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Now please stand back.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: This product testing demonstration is fully automated.
[powering up]
[crowd murmurs]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: [gasps]
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps]
Sprout: [spit take]
[crowd gasps]
Sunny Starscout: Earth ponies of Maretime Bay! Fear is not your friend! But the unicorns and Pegasi can be! Let's extend the hoof of friendship!
Sunny Starscout: Wha—? That is not what I meant.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: [through grated teeth] Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: [laughs] So... Now you can prevent an aerial abduction with a set of our new Anti-Pega-Lift Boots!
Sunny Starscout: Peace with Pegasi! Ah! Unity with— ah! —unicorns!
Sweets: Uh... uh...
Sunny Starscout: [grunting] Hey! Gimme that back! Ow!
Hitch Trailblazer: [groans] Sunny.
Sunny Starscout: Peace with... Pegasi!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Uh, e-e-everypony, take a look at our Unicorn Entrapment Device!
Sunny Starscout: Whoa!
[alarm blaring]
Hitch Trailblazer: Toots! Sweets! Shut her down! Sheriff's orders!
Toots: We're trying!
Sweets: "Fully automated" means it has to go through the whole cycle!
Sunny Starscout: Huh?
Sunny Starscout: Oh, no. Whoa! [screams] Peace with Pegasi! Unity with unicorns!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Uh, a-a-and this is the Splat-a-pult!
Sunny Starscout: [screaming] cease fire!
[crowd groans]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Let's hear it, everypony! Come on!
Hitch Trailblazer: [grunts]
[powering down]
Sunny Starscout: [yelps]
[crowd gasps]
Sunny Starscout: [pants] Aren't you tired of being scared all the time? The truth is we're not in danger. It's all a lie. We don't need any of this Canterlogic junk.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Oh, we don't, do we? How do you suggest that we defend ourselves? With hugs and cupcakes?
[crowd laughs]
Sunny Starscout: Just imagine if you had a friend who could fly or a friend who could—
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Fry your brains with a single horn zap? Or swoop down and snatch you away?
[crowd gasps]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Sheriff, do your job.
Hitch Trailblazer: All right, Sunny. Let's go.
Sunny Starscout: No! Everypony needs to hear this! Everything you believe about Pegasi and unicorns is wrong! They used to be our friends and can be again!
Audience Pony 1: Hey, we don't need any of them around here!
[crowd booing]
Audience Pony 2: Get off the stage!
Hitch Trailblazer: Come on, let's go. Show's over, Sunny.
Audience Pony 3: Sunny, you're just embarrassing yourself!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: It's quite sad, really. Now, where were we? [giggles]
Hitch Trailblazer: Do you have any idea how many bylaws you broke in there?!
Sunny Starscout: I'm sure you're about to tell me.
Hitch Trailblazer: Actually, for once I can't! Because there's so many! [sighs] I tried to warn you. I can't keep associating with some pony who breaks every rule and causes chaos wherever she goes. I'm the sheriff!
Sunny Starscout: Exactly! Other ponies look up to you! You can help!
Hitch Trailblazer: [sighs] The law is the law, Sunny, and I'm here to uphold it and keep everypony safe.
Sunny Starscout: Aha! You just said "everypony". That includes Pegasi and unicorns.
Hitch Trailblazer: Come on, Sunny, what did you think was gonna happen? You give a little speech and what? Everypony just magically welcomes unicorns and Pegasi into Maretime Bay? You keep saying there's nothing to be afraid of. Well, then, prove it. [sighs] All of that pony unity stuff was just a foal's bedtime story made up by your dad. Like it or not, this is the way it is and always will be. I'm the last real friend you got in this town. You really want to lose me, too?
Sunny Starscout: [sighs]
Foals: [giggling]
Earth Pony Foal 1: [roars]
Earth Pony Foal 2: [screams]
Foals: [giggling]
Sunny Starscout: I wish you were here, Dad.
Earth Pony Stallion: [pants, screams]
Earth Pony Mare: [screaming]
Sunny Starscout: What the...?
Earth Ponies: [screaming]
Sunny Starscout: What's going on? What's happening? [yelps] Ugh!
[bird squeaks]
Tram Driver: [screams]
[brakes screech]
Sunny Starscout: [deep gasp]
Izzy Moonbow: Hi, new friend! My name's Izzy!
Sunny Starscout: U... U... Unicorn!
Earth Ponies: [screaming]
Izzy Moonbow: Ooh, is everypony playing hide-and-seek? I see you!
Earth Pony Stallion: [screams] It's a unicorn!
Hitch Trailblazer: Hey, what's going on? [gasps] Unicorn attaaaaaaaack!
Sprout: [yelps]
[alarm ringing]
Hitch Trailblazer: This is not a drill! I repeat – this is not! A! Drill! [gasps] A vulnerable young pony! [grunts] Gotcha! Your son is safe now, ma'am.
Confused Mom: This isn't my kid!
Hitch Trailblazer: You're welcome! Man the Splat-a-pult! Activate the unicorn trap! Pick up that litter!
Sunny Starscout: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Wow! Is that the sea? I've never seen the sea!
[alarm blares]
Sunny Starscout: I've gotta get you out of here!
Izzy Moonbow: [giggles] Earth ponies are serious about games.
Sunny Starscout: They're not playing! They're terrified!
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, no! Of what?
Sunny Starscout: You! You're a unicorn! Earth ponies hate unicorns!
Izzy Moonbow: Really? That seems a little harsh.
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: Aah!
Sunny Starscout: Let's go!
Earth Ponies: [screaming]
Izzy Moonbow: [humming] Whee!
Sunny Starscout: [panting, gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Ooh, I haven't seen this one yet.
[alarm blares]
Sunny Starscout: [gasps]
Hitch Trailblazer: All right, citizens, calm down. The threat has been neutralized. The unicorn has been captured. You may now cheer.
Earth Ponies: [cheering]
Hitch Trailblazer: Sunny! What are you doing? Don't even think about it. No, don't you dare. No, no, no, no!
Hitch Trailblazer: Sunny!
Izzy Moonbow: So, your name's Sunny?
Earth Ponies: [gasp, scream]
Izzy Moonbow: Bye! It was nice to meet you all!
Hitch Trailblazer: Deputy, to the lighthouse!
Sprout: Uh...
Sprout: Oh, no! I appear to be trapped!
Hitch Trailblazer: [sighs] You gotta be kidding me...
Sunny Starscout: [panting]
[door opens]
[door slams]
[curtains flapping]
Sunny Starscout: [panting]
Izzy Moonbow: Do Earth ponies also like staring contests? Hmmmmmmmmm... Ah! You win! I blinked!
Sunny Starscout: There's... a unicorn... in my house... This is so cool! Wait, no, it's bad. Very, very bad. What have I done?
Izzy Moonbow: Wow! I've never seen an Earth pony before. We look exactly the same! Except for this, of course.
Sunny Starscout: Whoa! Hey! Be careful where you point that thing.
Izzy Moonbow: Why?
Sunny Starscout: Well, I, uh... um... sorta don't want to get zapped with a wayward laser beam. But of course you know that already. [chuckles] You've probably been reading my mind this whole time. Isn't it supposed to glow, by the way? Or does that only happen when you levitate stuff?
Izzy Moonbow: Well, actually... [laughs nervously]
Sunny Starscout: Wait! Don't answer that yet. Let me get my notebook! Okay, wow. Okay. [exhales] "A hundred forty-two questions for a unicorn". Question number one - where do you live?
Izzy Moonbow: Bridlewood.
Sunny Starscout: I knew it! Do unicorns really live in trees? Do they eat pizza? If so, what toppings do they like? If not, why not? Can you actually fry pony brains with a single horn zap? [gasps] Can you make this float?
Izzy Moonbow: No... but I can do this.
Izzy Moonbow: Ta-daaaaa!
Sunny Starscout: Wait. You don't have any magic?
Hitch Trailblazer: [amplified] Sunny Starscout!
[feedback whines]
Hitch Trailblazer: [amplified] Argh, that hurt. [clears throat] Sunny Starscout, I know you're in there with that unicorn! Come out with your hooves up and surrender!
Sprout: Yeah, you're completely surrounded!
[bird squawks]
Hitch Trailblazer: Will you let me do my job? [amplified] You are under arrest!
Sunny Starscout: This is bad. How sneaky are you?
Izzy Moonbow: Uh, medium sneaky?
Sunny Starscout: I can work with that. Okay, I'll distract them.
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, pffft. Relax. I'll talk to them.
[door opens]
Sunny Starscout: Wha—? N-No, no!
Izzy Moonbow: Hi, guys! Now, I know what you're thinking.
Sprout: Aah! She's already reading our minds! Quick, before she fries our brains!
Hitch Trailblazer: W-What are you doing? Where are you going?
Sprout: To get reinforcements!
Izzy Moonbow: [grunts]
Hitch Trailblazer: We have reinforcements? Huh? Oh, come on!
Sunny Starscout: [panting] You don't have any magic?
Izzy Moonbow: Nope.
Sunny Starscout: [gasping] No magic?
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, but if it makes you feel any better, we did have it, but that was many, many, many moons ago. It just – poof – disappeared. Everypony thinks the pesky Pegasi had something to do with it, but... O-Oh. Hey, you look like kinda woozy. Are you okay?
Sunny Starscout: Huh. I am on the run with a unicorn who has no magic. What are we gonna do?
Izzy Moonbow: [sniffs]
Sunny Starscout: What are you doing?
Izzy Moonbow: You don't smell.
Sunny Starscout: Thanks. Wait, what?
Izzy Moonbow: I was told all you Earth ponies smell like rotten sardines, but you do not. Hmm.
Sunny Starscout: What else do unicorns say about Earth ponies?
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, just that you're lazy and not the brightest crystals in the forest.
Sunny Starscout: Charming.
Izzy Moonbow: Nope, just those three. So, what's the plan?
Sunny Starscout: Wait. I've got it! Izzy, we're going on a quest... to Zephyr Heights.
Izzy Moonbow: The Pegasus city?
Sunny Starscout: Yes. We need to find out what happened to your magic and bring it back. They have magic. Maybe they can help.
Izzy Moonbow: Uh, but the Pegasi are bad news.
Sunny Starscout: What if you're wrong about them? Earth ponies were wrong about unicorns. They could welcome us with open wings.
Izzy Moonbow: But what if they don't?
[Izzy Moonbow]
Up ahead is a sky growing dark
Where it leads is a big question mark
And I'm scared that I'll end up
A pony gone missing from Pegasus-ing
[Sunny Starscout]
But you're not alone
You got a pony in your crew
Izzy Moonbow: I do? Who?
[Sunny Starscout]
I'm lookin' out for you
When you're off track
I got your back
You can rely on me
I'm lookin' out for you
Back at home, it was Earth ponies first
Heard it so many times, I could burst
And I fought for a change, but it's lonely
'Cause, you know, party of uno
[Izzy Moonbow]
Well, if you need a friendly steed
Like you-know-who
[Sunny Starscout]
I think I do
[Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow]
I'm lookin' out for you
[Backup Choir]
I'm lookin' out
[Sunny Starscout]
When you're off track
[Backup Choir]
When you're off track
[Sunny Starscout]
I got your back
[Backup Choir]
I got your back
[Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow]
You can rely on me
I'm lookin' out for you
[Backup Choir]
I'm lookin' out
[Sunny Starscout]
Lost in the hills
[Backup Choir]
Lost in the hills
[Izzy Moonbow]
I got the skills
[Backup Choir]
I got the skills
[Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow]
Pony, let's get goin'
Get goin', get goin'
I'm lookin' oooooout
[Backup Choir]
I'm lookin' out for you
I'll go where you're goin' to
It's all that I want to do
I am lookin' out...
[Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow]
...for you!
[bird snoring]
Hitch Trailblazer: I told her. I told her. No more favors. No more bailing her out. She gave me no choice. No choice! All right. We need to arrest her and bring her back to face the full force of the law.
Sprout: Question – when you say "we", you mean...?
Hitch Trailblazer: You and I.
Sprout: Uh, I... I'd love to, but, um, I just gotta... clean up my workspace, get my papers in order, and, um...
Hitch Trailblazer: You know what? I think you're right. This one's a job for Hitch and Hitch only.
Sprout: Whew.
Hitch Trailblazer: All right. Sprout, you stay here while I'm out dancing with danger. Keep everypony calm, maintain the peace, be a pillar of strength. [sighs] Who am I kidding? Just try not to start a war while I'm gone, okay?
[doors close]
Sprout: [groans] Everypony loooooves Hitch. What does he have anyway? Sure, he's got a perfect mane, shredded abs, paid-off mortgage... So what?! I've got stuff! I can do, um... things! Like that!
[clattering and banging]
Sprout: And that! And that!
[knock on door]
Sprout: [growls]
[doors open]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Where's Hitch?! Ponies all over town, they're terrified! They want answers!
Sprout: He went after Sunny. Another solo Hitch mission.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Sugarcube, why the Sprout pout? That's great news.
Sprout: It is?
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Yes! It means that you are the sheriff! At least for now.
Sprout: [gasps] I am! Hey there. The name's Sprout. Sheriff Sprout. What's the problem, filly? Don't worry. Sheriff Sprout is here. Pick up that litter! Sheriff Sprout's orders!
Izzy Moonbow: You know, not to freak you out or anything, but you do know Pegasi can steal your luminescence, right?
Sunny Starscout: My lumi-what?
Izzy Moonbow: Luminescence. You know, like, your sparkle? Yours is... lavender.
Sunny Starscout: Huh?
Izzy Moonbow: And the happier you are, the brighter it shines!
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [gasp, yelp]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [scream, panting]
Sunny Starscout: Hurry! [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Whoa!
Sunny Starscout: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Whoa!
Sunny Starscout: [panting] Aah!
Izzy Moonbow: Sunny!
Sunny Starscout: [grunts]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [panting, sigh]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [scream]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [gasp]
Sunny Starscout: A real Pegasus...!
Zipp Storm: Whoa! A unicorn? And an Earth pony? Together?! Okay, well, this day just got a whole lot more interesting.
[metal clanking]
Zipp Storm: [gasps]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: Huh?
Zipp Storm: Don't tell them you saw me!
Izzy Moonbow: There's no way we cooooould! We don't even know your naaaaame!
Izzy Moonbow: She seems nice.
Thunder Flap: [screams, whimpers]
Zoom Zephyrwing: Thunder! Get it together!
Thunder Flap: But... But that's an Earth pony!
Zoom Zephyrwing: They're harmless. They have very tiny brains.
Thunder Flap: What do we do about that?!
Zoom Zephyrwing: Well, did you bring the shield?
Thunder Flap: What shield?
Zoom Zephyrwing: Didn't you read the guard guide?
Thunder Flap: Yes! ...Okay, no.
Zoom Zephyrwing: Ugh, fine! I've got this.
Izzy Moonbow: That's creative.
Sunny Starscout: What's it like to fly? Is your wingspan the same as your height?
Thunder Flap: Well, I—
Sunny Starscout: Do you need a license to fly? How far can you go?
Izzy Moonbow: Can you fly to the moon?
Sunny Starscout: Do Pegasi wear horseshoes, or do they just weigh you down?
Thunder Flap: Well, I-I do collect sneakers.
Zoom Zephyrwing: Hey, hey, hey! Don't answer anything! They could be spies.
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [gasp] Wow!
Skye Silver: Good morning, Zephyr Heights! It's another beautiful day in the big city. Looks like warm breezes and clear skies for tonight's royal celebration!
Izzy Moonbow: Royal celebration?! [laughs] Talk about great timing!
Dazzle Feather: Tonight's royal bash for Queen Haven will be stunning, but the real jewel in the crown will be Princess Pipp's performance. Isn't that right, Skye?
Skye Silver: [chuckles] Oh, my, yes, Dazzle. And this just in – an exclusive vid from Pipp for all you loyal fans out there in Z.H.
Pipp Petals: What is up, everypony? Big shout out to all my fans, the Pippsqueaks!
Pippsqueak Fillies: [squealing]
Pipp Petals: So, tonight's the night. I can't wait to debut my new song later. It has a very special place in my heart, but not as much as you guys!
Pegasi: Awwww...
Pegasus Fan: we love you so much, pipp!
Pipp Petals: Okay, guys, I love you lots. Gotta go. Pipp-Pipp-hooray!
Pegasi: Pipp-Pipp-hooray!
Izzy Moonbow, Zoom Zephyrwing, and Thunder Flap: Pipp-Pipp-hooray!
Zoom Zephyrwing: Move it!
Izzy Moonbow: You betcha.
[indistinct chatter]
Sunny Starscout: Do you see anypony flying here?
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] They have a castle! [squeals]
[doors open]
Izzy Moonbow: Wow!
Thunder Flap: Bow before our queen!
[trumpet fanfare]
Izzy Moonbow: [overdramatic] Your Majesty!
Cloudpuff: [barking]
Sunny Starscout: [gasps]
[techno music]
Sunny Starscout: [gasps]
Cloudpuff: [barking]
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] Hi, new friend!
Queen Haven: Guards, state your business, and please make it quick. We're on a very tight schedule today. Before the celebration, Cloudpuff needs his pedicure, Pipp needs to rehearse, and I need to practice my laugh. [forced laugh] Hmmm. Still not right.
Zoom Zephyrwing: Your Highness, we found these intruders in our territory.
Queen Haven: [deep gasp] An Earth pony... and a unicorn... in Zephyr Heights?!
Zoom Zephyrwing: We have them under control, your Highness.
Thunder Flap: Oh, oh, a-and we deployed the shield!
Queen Haven: Is this an attack?! On the night of our royal celebration?! Why are you here?! Who sent you?! [gasps] Nopony must know they're here!
Pipp Petals: Check it out, Pippsqueaks! Live from the castle... it's a real unicorn and Earth pony!
Pegasi: [gasp]
Pipp Petals: I know, right? This is so not a filter.
Queen Haven: Pipp! There's nothing to fear. Those nasty little ponies have been captured. Your queen will protect you.
Pegasi: [sigh]
Queen Haven: Shut it off! [sighs]
Sunny Starscout: Excuse me, Majesty? Um, we only want to ask you a few questions about magic. We—
Queen Haven: Guards! Please escort these ponies to the dungeon until I can question them properly! And confiscate the book!
Sunny Starscout: What? N-No, no! But-but, your Majesty, I just wanted to ask you a few questions, please!
Izzy Moonbow: Did she just say "dungeons"?
Sunny Starscout: [sighs] What else could go wrong today?
Sprout: [slurps]
[doors open]
Earth Ponies: [clamoring]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: [panting]
[doors close]
Sprout: Mom?
Phyllis Cloverleaf: My, oh, my, aren't you the handsome sheriff! Look at you.
Sprout: Yes. Yes, I am, Mommy. [laughs]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Well, this is it. It is your time to shine, dear. Everypony wants to hear from you.
Sprout: They do?
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Of course. You are in charge now. It's your destiny.
[doors open]
Sprout: Citizens!
[doors close]
Sprout: Ow!
[doors open]
Sprout: [clears throat] It is I, Sheriff Sprout!
Toots: Sheriff? Where's Hitch?
Earth Pony 1: We need a real sheriff!
Earth Pony 2: Tell us what's going on!
Earth Pony 3: Hitch would know what to do!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Come on now, everypony. Let's listen to what our new sheriff has to say.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: That's you, sugarcube.
Sprout: Oh, yeah, it's me.
Earth Pony 4: Everything's gone wrong! What do we do?!
Sprout: [clears throat] Okay, folks, calm down. There's no need to be scared.
Toots: We're scared, and we want to be prepared!
Sparkle Chaser: The unicorns are coming! The unicorns are coming!
Earth Pony 5: What do we do?
Toots: What's your plan, sheriff?
Earth Pony 6: What if the unicorn comes back?
Toots: Actually... what if you're all right? The unicorns could come back. They could even bring the Pegasi. We are all in danger!
Earth Ponies: [gasp]
Sprout: Now is not the time to be complacent! We should do something!
Something is lurking, something is near
Something is feeling stranger, stranger
Stirring up discord, whipping up fear
Whispering softly, "danger, danger!"
Outsiders creep up slow and steady
Wings glistening, horns at the ready
Think what they could do to the status quo
[Phyllis Cloverleaf]
Oh, no!
They're gonna steal, plunder, and pillage
They're gonna take over the village
Don't just sit on your butts and do nothing and wait
Let's enter a blind, irrational state
Better get nervous, better get tense
Better not let them catch you blinking
You don't need a reason, fillies and gents
This is no time for sober thinking
Earth Pony 1: Mob?
M-M-Mob, mob!
Earth Pony 2: Mob?
Earth Pony 3: Mob?
Angry, angry mob!
[Earth ponies]
Mob, m-m-mob, mob!
Mob, mob, angry, angry!
Fight, see in black and white
That's your pony right
Time to lift your manes and proudly
Throng, numbers make you strong
Millions can't be wrong
Especially when they're screaming loudly
You might not have a bale of hay to borrow
Are you saddled with your sorrow?
Are you scared about tomorrow?
Well, it's all gonna work out painlessly
If you follow my orders brainlessly
Who are we?
[Earth ponies]
We're an angry mob!
What are we?
[Earth ponies]
We're an angry mob!
Look at this corn!
[Earth ponies]
It's on the cob!
Look at that guy!
[Rob the Pony]
Uh, my name's Rob.
[Sprout and Earth ponies]
Mob, mob, m-m-mob, mob!
Mob, mob, angry, angry!
Mob, mob, m-m-mob, mob!
Mob, mob, angry, angry!
Mob, mob, m-m-mob, mob!
Mob, mob, angry, angry!
Mob, mob, m-m-mob, mob!
Mob, mob, angry, angry mob!
[gentle music]
Commercial VO: [French accent] Zis princess smells. So could you. Parfum La Pipp.
Sunny Starscout: Something is not right. We haven't seen a single pony flying, except the royal family. Izzy, are you listening?
[massage chair humming]
Izzy Moonbow: [vibrating] This isn't dungeon-y at all. [giggles] Uh-h-h-h...
Zipp Storm: Hey!
Izzy Moonbow: Huh?
Zipp Storm: I'm sorry you two got thrown in here, but I have to talk to you.
Sunny Starscout: Princess?
Izzy Moonbow: Your Majesticness! Y-Your Graceful Highness!
Zipp Storm: Zipp. Just... call me Zipp.
Sunny Starscout: Okay, Zipp. I'm Sunny. And this is my friend.
Izzy Moonbow: Izzy Moonbow.
Zipp Storm: Sunny, Izzy, I really need to ask you something important... [whispering] ...about magic.
Sunny Starscout: That's why we're here. Maybe you can tell us how yours works? Izzy has no idea how the unicorns lost theirs, so we thought maybe—
Zipp Storm: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Lost theirs? As in no magic? Well... that changes things. Listen, I might have some information that could help, but first, you need to tell me about this.
Sunny Starscout: [gasps] My journal! Thank you, Zipp. I-I never thought I'd see it again.
Zipp Storm: Yeah, I can be pretty sneaky when I want to be.
Izzy Moonbow: Nice. I'm-I'm only medium sneaky.
Zipp Storm: So where did that come from?
Sunny Starscout: It was my father's. Why?
Zipp Storm: That star...
[digital trumpet fanfare]
Royal guards: [grunting]
Pipp Petals: Zipp, what are you doing here? Mom said to stay away.
Zipp Storm: Right. Then why are you here?
Pipp Petals: [scoffs] For the content.
Sunny Starscout: [through gritted teeth] Princess, why isn't anypony flying?
Pipp Petals: [gasps, laughs nervously] Everypony knows that only royals can fly, of course.
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: What?
Pipp Petals: I know, it's not fair. But that's just the way it is. If there were some way we could teach the citizens to fly, you know we would in a wing beat. Right, Zipp?
Zipp Storm: Yeah. In a wing beat.
[phone buzzes]
Pipp Petals: Oh! Dress rehearsals. Gotta go. [to Zipp] And so should you. [vocalizing] Me-me-meeeee! Red feather, yellow feather, red feather, yellow feather. [trills]
Royal guards: [panting]
Zipp Storm: I have to show you something.
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [gasps]
Zipp Storm: You comin' or what?
Izzy Moonbow: [giggling]
[wind whistling]
Hitch Trailblazer: [grunts]
[bunnies yelp]
Hitch Trailblazer: [grunting, panting] Huh?
[bunnies squeaking]
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps] Litter! I mean, a clue. Hmmm... Unicorn hair. [licks] Pegasi. Track's gone cold. Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, Sunny. You think you've escaped? Well, think again. I will not eat! I will not sleep! Well, maybe a quick nap and snack if I can't find you in the next few hours, BUT! After that, nothing will stop me!
[bunnies cheering]
Hitch Trailblazer: Oh. [chuckles] Thank you. Thank you. No, no, you're too kind. ALSO!
[bunny shushes]
Hitch Trailblazer: I'll follow you wherever you go! Whether harshest deserts, the coldest tundras, no trail too dangerous, no clue too small!
[bunnies squeaking]
Hitch Trailblazer: The past matters not! It's justice— [groans] What? What?
[bunnies squeak]
Hitch Trailblazer: Gotcha.
[grate grinding]
Zipp Storm: [grunts] Watch your step.
Sunny Starscout: Oof!
Izzy Moonbow: Whoa!
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [gasp]
Sunny Starscout: Where are we?
Zipp Storm: It's amazing, right? I'm pretty sure it was some sort of station for when Earth ponies and unicorns used to visit Zephyr Heights. It's like everypony just... forgot.
Sunny Starscout: This is proof! All pony kinds did used to be friends! My dad was right. It must be really weird being the only Pegasi that can fly.
Zipp Storm: [sighs] The truth is we can't fly either. We've been faking it.
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps]
Sunny Starscout: Faking it?! But... but how?
Zipp Storm: You'd be surprised what some wires and good lighting will do. But I'm just so tired of living that ridiculous lie. That's why I come down here – to get away from all of that. And, well... to do this. [grunts]
[air whooshing]
Zipp Storm: [laughs]
Sunny Starscout: Wow!
Izzy Moonbow: Whoa! Her sparkle is so bright right now!
Zipp Storm: But that's not why I brought you down here. This is what I wanted to show you.
Sunny Starscout: Oh, my stars...!
Zipp Storm: This was made a long, long time ago, when we still had magic.
Izzy Moonbow: It's beautiful!
Sunny Starscout: What is that?
Zipp Storm: That's the Pegasus Crystal. It's part of my mom's crown.
Sunny Starscout: Hmmm. Where's the Unicorn Crystal? Look!
Izzy Moonbow: They fit?
Sunny Starscout: These two crystals belong together. United.
Zipp Storm: So... what are you saying?
Sunny Starscout: Maybe you lost your magic because the crystals were separated.
Izzy Moonbow: So if we put them back together...
Zipp Storm: ...magic will return?
Sunny Starscout: And all three pony kinds will get along again!
Zipp Storm: All right!
Izzy Moonbow: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Zipp Storm: Aw, but what about the Unicorn Crystal?
Izzy Moonbow: Well, if you're looking for crystals, we've got, like, a gazillion of them back in Bridlewood.
Sunny Starscout: Then that's where we'll go next. After we get the Pegasus Crystal from your mom, of course.
Zipp Storm: Ooh... That'll be tricky. She, uh, never takes her crown off.
Queen Haven: [snoring]
Queen Haven: [singing] Keeping the queen cleeeeean...
[rubber snaps]
Sunny Starscout: So, what do we do?
Zipp Storm: I got it! Pipp's performing at tonight's royal celebration. All eyes will be on her, especially my mom's. She'll be distracted. So we just need to swap the real crown with a fake.
Izzy Moonbow: Oooh, I can craft a decoy! But I will need a box of macaroni, a tube of glue, fourteen gooey bunnies, and three jelly beans. Oh. And glitter. Lots of glitter.
[heist music]
Zipp Storm: [voiceover] I'll get the supplies. I'll pass them off to Sunny, and then she will get them to you. Once you produce the decoy, get your flanks to the palace. Everypony who's anypony will be there, so security will be tight.
[cameras clicking]
Reporter Pony 1: Princess Zipp!
Reporter Pony 2: Princess Zipp, are you wearing Parfum La Pipp?
Reporter Pony 3: Where is your sister?
Zipp Storm: [voiceover] I'll distract them...
Reporter Pony 4: Where's the bathroom?
Zipp Storm: [voiceover] you can sneak in.
Izzy Moonbow: [voiceover] Maximum sneaky!
Zipp Storm: [voiceover] You'll need to be stealthy. Carefully make your way to the Grand Hall, but watch out for the guards.
Sunny Starscout: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps]
[phone beeping]
Zipp Storm: [voiceover] I'll open the door to the backstage of the throne room.
Zipp Storm: [voiceover] And once Pipp starts singing, my mom will be so caught up that swapping the crowns will be easy-breezy.
Sunny Starscout: [voiceover] Easy-breezy. [laughs nervously] Sure.
Queen Haven: I hear you paid our guests a visit.
Zipp Storm: Pipp told you?
Queen Haven: Oh, you know she tells me everything. I wish you would tell me more. You're going to be queen one day. You'll wear this crown. And trust me, it is heavier than it looks.
Zipp Storm: Actually, there is something I wanted to tell you. The unicorns don't have any magic. I-I think it's tied to why we can't fly, and I—
Queen Haven: Zephyrina! I don't know what silly ideas that unicorn put into your head, but we have a duty to protect our citizens. Pegasi are happy enough knowing that we royals can fly. Why would you want to disrupt things?
Zipp Storm: Because it's a lie!
Queen Haven: It makes them feel safe. [sighs] One day you'll understand. Your sister does. Oh, and here she is now!
Pipp Petals: [vocalizing] Me-me-meeeee!
Queen Haven: [singsong] Showtiiiiiime!
Ruddy Sparks: We are go for launch.
[music playing]
[crowd cheering]
Queen Haven: Remember to smile!
Zipp Storm: Ugh.
[Pipp Petals]
(Glowin' up, kind of love)
(Dip and slide, through the cut)
(Glowin' up, kind of love)
(We say "hi", you say "what?")
We got the light, we're comin' in stronger, we're in it together
If you want it, it's all inside your mind
We got the light, won't wait any longer, we'll get it together
If you want it, then you can paint the sky
Used to care what they'd say, let 'em into my brain
But I found a new way, ooh-ooh-ooh
[doors open]
Pegasus Guard: No, you hang up.
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [gasp]
Pegasus Guard: No—
[doors close]
Cloudpuff: [whines, growls]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [scream]
[Pipp Petals]
We don't fly like we used to, we take what we've been through
And we can feel brand new...
Cloudpuff: [barking]
[door opens]
Sunny Starscout: Aah!
Hitch Trailblazer: Sunny Starscout, you are under arrest—!
[door slams]
Cloudpuff: [barking]
Izzy Moonbow: [yelp]
Sunny Starscout: [yelp] No!
[doors open]
[Pipp Petals]
Glowin' up, kind of love
Dip and slide, through the cut
Glowin' up, kind of love
Dip and slide, through the cut
Glowin' up, kind of love
We say "hi", you say "what?"
Everywhere that I've been, yeah, they say I'm different
But I'm good in my skin, ooh-ooh-ooh
Zipp Storm: Give... it... to... me!
[Pipp Petals]
If it doesn't feel right, break it in with tie-dye
And don't you stop 'til sunrise
We don't fly like we used to, we take what we've been through
And we can feel brand new, ooh-ooh-ooh...
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [panting]
Ruddy Sparks: [screams] It's the prisoners!
Sunny Starscout: No, no, no! Shhh! Shhh!
Izzy Moonbow: Quiet!
[Pipp Petals]
I'm shining brighter, ooh-ooh-ooh
We got the light, we're comin' in stronger...
Cloudpuff: [pants, yelp, bark]
Hitch Trailblazer: Huh?
Cloudpuff: [whines]
Sunny Starscout: It's okay, don't be scared!
Izzy Moonbow: I'm not gonna fry your brain, okay?
Ruddy Sparks: [screams]
[music skips]
Pipp Petals: What the...?
Hitch Trailblazer: Huh?
[music continues]
Pegasi: Huh?
Hitch Trailblazer: Uhhh...
[singing poorly]
Throwin' up, find a glove
Fly around, up above
Doin' stuff that I love
You're like, "Why?", I'm like, "What?"
Pipp Petals: What is happening?
Hitch Trailblazer: Uhhh...
[singing poorly]
Crisp and dry, eat some mud
Glowing up, lovey-dove...
Ruddy Sparks: [yelping]
Pipp Petals: [screams]
[crowd gasps]
Pipp Petals: Whoooaaaa!
Ruddy Sparks: [screams]
Zipp Storm: I got it!
Sunny Starscout: Yes!
Zipp Storm: Let's go!
Hitch Trailblazer: Freeze!
Pegasus Fan: [gasps] It's the prisoners!
Pipp Petals: Whoa!
Pegasus Fan: Aah! Another Earth pony!
Pipp Petals: [screaming] Ugh!
[crowd gasps]
Pegasus Stallion 1: She's a fake!
Pegasus Stallion 2: Fake!
[camera clicks]
Pipp Petals: Uh...
Pegasus Stallion 3: The royals can't fly either?!
Zipp Storm: [gasps]
Pegasus Stallion 4: Fake!
Pipp Petals: Zipp...?
Sunny Starscout: Zipp, hurry!
Pegasus Mare 1: They can't fly?!
Pegasus Stallion 5: Fake!
Pegasus Mare 2: She's faking it!
Pegasus Stallion 6: She's a fake!
[cameras clicking]
[sirens blaring]
Zipp Storm: Quick, this way!
Hitch Trailblazer: Okay. I think we lost 'em.
[mouse squeaking]
Sunny Starscout: Hitch, what are you even doing here?
Hitch Trailblazer: Arresting you. And saving you. So, you know, a little of both actually. You're welcome!
Zipp Storm: Oh-ho-ho, gee, thanks. But we don't need any saving, okay?
Hitch Trailblazer: And you are?
Izzy Moonbow: Her mom is the queen!
Hitch Trailblazer: Wait a minute. So that means... you're a princess?
Zipp Storm: Huh. Look at that. The sheriff just became a detective.
Hitch Trailblazer: What?
[news jingle]
Dazzle Feather: Breaking story – Zephyr Heights is in turmoil tonight after the shocking revelation that the royals cannot fly.
Pippsqueak 1: Pipp used to be my favorite!
Pegasus Concert Goer: If we can't trust our own royalty, who can we trust?
Pegasus Stallion: I blame the unicorns and the Earth ponies! They ruin everything!
Dazzle Feather: This just in – Queen Haven has been arrested for being a phony pony full of baloney.
Zipp Storm: [gasps]
Queen Haven: No comment! And no photos! Okay, one photo.
[camera clicks]
Hitch Trailblazer: Anypony care to explain?
Sunny Starscout: We had to get the crystal. Look. Oh, no, no, no, no! It's not here!
Zipp Storm: Seriously?!
Izzy Moonbow: On the bright side, we had so much losing it.
Sunny Starscout: We have to go back!
Zipp Storm: But it could be anywhere!
[can clatters]
Pipp Petals: Somepony seriously needs to explain why this thing was so important that you had to ruin my whole show over it!
Zipp Storm: Trust me. It was.
Pipp Petals: You left me hanging there! In the spotlight! Now everypony knows we can't fly.
[phone buzzes]
[phone chimes]
Dazzle Feather: A warrant is out for the arrest of the princesses.
Queen Haven: Pipp! Zipp! Save yourselves!
[camera clicks]
Pipp Petals: What?! This is not happening! This is so not happening!
Zipp Storm: Pipp! Forget about all that. We think we can bring back magic, but we need that crystal.
Pipp Petals: Have you lost your mind?
Zipp Storm: Please. This might be our only chance.
Pipp Petals: Ugh! Fine! I know a way out. Come on.
Hitch Trailblazer: What? Wait! You can't just... But I'm a sheriff! [groans]
[welding torch sparking]
[construction sounds]
Worker Pony 1: Hey!
Glitter Cupcake: Whoooooaaaaa!
[raspy, Darth Vader-like breathing]
Sprout: [slurping] Ahhh! Why aren't you finished yet?
Toots: W-We're working as fast as we can, but we've run out of rivets.
Sprout: Rivet-ing story. [laughs, sighs] Just make it work, okay?!
Glitter Cupcake: [screaming]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Sugarcube, I know your little top-secret project is important and all, but when do you think my workers can get back to making Canterlogic products?
Glitter Cupcake: [screaming]
Glitter Cupcake: [pained groan]
Sprout: Back to work, Glitter Cupcake!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: It is my factory, after all, dear.
Sprout: But it's my town, Mommy! Your son's now emperor of Maretime Bay!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Emperor?! [scoffs] But yesterday you were only the sheriff.
Sprout: Well, see how fast I'm climbing the ranks? This defense factory is going on offense, and it's all thanks to your love and encouragement. Break's over, Bubblegum McGinty!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Oh, dear. Somepony's getting a big head.
[welding torch sparking]
Sunny Starscout: That's the tree from the map. That means... it's this way.
Hitch Trailblazer: What am I even doing here? Hoofing it across daisy fields, looking for a magical crystal that doesn't even exist!
Pipp Petals: It was supposed to be my best show ever. And now it's all over. I'm a criminal! And it's all because of...
Hitch Trailblazer and Pipp Petals: ...them!
Pipp Petals: And that is so not cool.
Hitch Trailblazer: No, it is not. Did I just agree with a Pegasus?
Pipp Petals: Hey! Are you sure she even knows where to find this other crystal?
Zipp Storm: Don't you trust me at all?
Pipp Petals: I don't know. You are the one that just got Mom thrown in jail!
Zipp Storm: Look, once we get our magic back, the whole kingdom will be so excited, they won't even remember what happened back there. You'll be a hero, Pipp.
Hitch Trailblazer: Let's get one thing straight.
Sunny Starscout: We're almost to the river, everypony!
Hitch Trailblazer: After this whole escapade is over with, you are gonna march back home to Maretime Bay with me. Is that clear?
Sunny Starscout: Crystal.
Hitch Trailblazer: Great. Because this badge means that I'm the she— [screams] No, no, no, no, no! Where's my badge?! Hey! You!
Izzy Moonbow: Hmm?
Hitch Trailblazer: I know unicorns like shiny things!
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, you know, I think I did see a shiny badge-y thing on the ground a few hours ago.
Hitch Trailblazer: What?! Hours?!
Izzy Moonbow: Well, maybe it's for the best. Between you and me, buddy, [hushed] that badge was creating an unhealthy power dynamic. [vocalizing]
Sunny Starscout: [gasps] What are we gonna do?
Pipp Petals: Any ideas, Zipp?
Zipp Storm: You know what would be great right now? Let me think. Maybe something like... the ability to fly!
Pipp Petals: You know what would be even better? Not being stuck in the middle of nowhere as outcasts from our own kingdom!
Hitch Trailblazer: Oh, well. That's the end of that. Time to go home. I wish I could say it was nice meeting all of you, but it wasn't. Come on, Sunny.
Pipp Petals: I don't think so!
Sunny Starscout: Everypony, stop! We're gonna get to the other side, find the crystal, and bring back magic! And once we do, you'll get to fly, you'll get your fans back, and you'll have me in custody! Everypony happy now?!
Izzy Moonbow: Ta-daaaaa!
[birds chirping]
Zipp Storm: All right!
Hitch Trailblazer: Ah, great.
Sunny Starscout: Come on, everypony!
Balloon Pony: Heeeeelp!
[fire sparks]
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, yeah! Nailed it!
Sunny Starscout: [giggles]
Hitch Trailblazer: [growls] Come on, stupid stick.
Zipp Storm: You need some backup, sheriff?
Hitch Trailblazer: No! Thank you. I've got it. Come on... If only I had a match...
[fire sparks]
Hitch Trailblazer: Hah!
Hitch Trailblazer: [growls]
Zipp Storm: Oh, well, that was sad to watch. Come on, don't be a hero, dude. Come get warm.
Hitch Trailblazer: Are you sure about all this? Because if we just go back to Maretime Bay...
Sunny Starscout: What have we got to lose?
Hitch Trailblazer: By giving magic back to our enemies? Uh, let me think. I know – a lot!
Sunny Starscout: Come on. Do they look like enemies to you?
Pipp Petals: My sparkle is aquamarine? That's, like, my sixth favorite color!
Hitch Trailblazer: [sighs] I don't know. Maybe I should just go back to Maretime Bay where I'm needed.
Sunny Starscout: If that's what you want. But you should know I'm actually glad you're here, Hitch. We all are.
Hitch Trailblazer: [snorts] Ugh.
Sunny Starscout: So I think we should set off at first light. Last stop – Bridlewood. What's wrong, Izzy?
Izzy Moonbow: It's just that... being with you ponies has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. I guess... I just don't want our adventure to end.
Sunny Starscout: But, Izzy, you'll get your magic.
Hitch Trailblazer: Can I ask you a question? Why did you come to Maretime Bay?
Izzy Moonbow: I always wanted to visit. When I was a filly, I found this pretty lantern. It had a message inside. It said I had friends in Maretime Bay. It... It was you!
Sunny Starscout: I made it with my dad. We always promised each other that someday we would prove that all ponies were meant to be friends. We'll do our part. Hoof to heart.
Hitch Trailblazer: Hey, um... I want to do my part. What have we got to lose, right?
Izzy Moonbow, Pipp Petals, and Zipp Storm: [cheer]
Hitch Trailblazer: I have to admit. A unicorn forest does sound kind of magical.
[dramatic musical sting]
Hitch Trailblazer: Or not.
Izzy Moonbow: Come on! My house isn't far from here! [vocalizing]
[creepy music]
Izzy Moonbow: Well, here we are, guys.
[door opens]
Izzy Moonbow: La villa Izzy!
Rest of Mane Five: Wow!
["My Little Pony" theme on glass bottles]
Zipp Storm: Did you make all of this?
Izzy Moonbow: Yup! "Uni-cycling"! Isn't it funky?
Pipp Petals: It is [singsong] gorgeoooous!
Izzy Moonbow: I also make friendship bracelets!
Zipp Storm: Ah, cool.
Izzy Moonbow: Wait, wait! Watch this! Hold everything! Aah! I've never gotten to use this with actual friends! [giggles]
Izzy Moonbow: Ta-daaaa!
Zipp Storm: Whoa!
Pipp Petals: [gasps] I so wish I had live-streamed that!
Sunny Starscout: We don't have time for that right now. If we're gonna get the information we need on the Unicorn Crystal, we can't stick out like sore hooves. We need to look like unicorns.
Pipp Petals: Yay, makeovers! I love makeovers!
Zipp Storm: No. [laughs nervously] No, this is not... This is not what I signed up for. No.
Sunny Starscout: So, Izzy, can you do it?
Izzy Moonbow: A glow-up? [slurps]
Izzy Moonbow: Honey, you came to the right cottage.
[Izzy Moonbow]
I thought Earth ponies were the pony ladder's bottom rung
I heard that Pegasi were brutes you'd hate to be among
"You smell like fishes! You're vicious! I bet you eat your young!"
Meet any one of you, the thing to do is run away
But although I know we're all a bunch of different breeds
Take away our wings and horns, and we're just frightened steeds
So let's put aside our differences, 'cause what we need's a win
Come on, rip out all the pages of your history books
Just because we're undercover doesn't mean we're crooks
When we walk you through the crowd and give your brand new looks a spin
You're gonna fit right in
Hitch Trailblazer: This is a new low.
[Izzy Moonbow]
You're gonna fit right in
Hitch Trailblazer: It's never gonna work!
They taught us unicorns were super-scary maniacs
With horns like razors and tongues like tasers and teeth like tacks
They take your hooves and then they grind them into midnight snacks
The basic gist of it is unicorns are not okay!
[Sunny Starscout]
Look, I know we're riskin' everything for this endeavor
But look at us, we're brave and strong and weird and clever
We're runnin' out of options and we're desperate to begin
[Izzy Moonbow]
You're gonna fit right in
Hitch Trailblazer: [chuckles] If you say so.
[Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow]
You're gonna fit right in
[Izzy Moonbow]
I know you will, now watch and learn
This is how a unicorn walks (walks)
This is how a unicorn talks (talks)
This is how a unicorn hoops (hoops?)
This is how a unicorn—
Hitch Trailblazer: Oops!
Sunny Starscout: Oh!
Zipp Storm: Geez!
Izzy Moonbow: Stop!
This is how a unicorn struts
Oh, watch us shake our unicorn butts
Now you're in the unicorn know
Sunny Starscout: Whoa!
[Izzy Moonbow]
Soon you'll be a unicorn pro!
Oh, a unicorn horn makes a unicorn stride
It's the more-head on your forehead, it's the source of your pride
Every unicorn who's born has worn a horn that's unique
So we'll whip them up as we speak, you'll be lookin' très magnifique
And with those rocks in our pockets, we'll reap the reward
And folks'll be floored, we'll strike a new chord
Our magic restored!
Lately, all Equestria has lost its heart
But if we can help to find it, we should play our part
[Hitch Trailblazer]
If we fail, we'll go to prison
[Sunny Starscout]
But if not, we'll start to grin
[Izzy Moonbow]
So let's begin
[Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow]
We're gonna fit right in
[Izzy Moonbow]
This is how a unicorn walks
This is how a unicorn talks
Now you're lookin' unicorn strong
This is how a unicorn...
[Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow]
...ends this song!
Izzy Moonbow: [giggles] Ta-daaaaa! Crystals! Crystals! Crystals!
Zipp Storm: She does know we're just looking for the one, right?
Izzy Moonbow: Crystals! Crystals! Crystals! [giggles]
Unicorn Mare: [dejected] Ow. Ow.
Unicorn Stallion 1: [dejected] Hey.
Unicorn Stallion 2: [dejected] Hey.
Hitch Trailblazer: Well, this is... cheerful.
Sunny Starscout: These other unicorns seem so different from you.
Izzy Moonbow: Yeah, I get that a lot. My sparkle is a bit too sparkly for Bridlewood.
Hitch Trailblazer: How can we tell which ones are magic?
Unicorn Kid: Oooooh! You said a bad word!
Hitch Trailblazer: Huh?
Unicorn Kid: Hurry! Before we get jinxed!
Unicorn Foals: Ahhhhhh... [snorts] Bing-bong-bing! Bing, bong! Bing, bong! Bing, bong! Bing, bong!
Zipp Storm: Ooooookay... I'm gonna need some context.
Izzy Moonbow: Unicorns are very superstitious. If a pony ever says a forbidden word, we have to do a ritual to ward off the jinxies.
Pipp Petals: Jinxies?
Izzy Moonbow: Bad luck.
Hitch Trailblazer: Forbidden words?
Izzy Moonbow: "Magic", "wing", "feather"... Oh, and "mayonnaise".
Hitch Trailblazer: What's wrong with may—?
Izzy Moonbow: [tut-tuts]
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Come on! There's something I want to show you.
Sunny Starscout: The Crystal Tea Room?
Izzy Moonbow: There's a pony inside who collects crystals. Maybe he could help us.
Sunny Starscout: That's great, Izzy! Oh, and Hitch?
Hitch Trailblazer: I know, I know. No forbidden words.
Beatnik Unicorn: Earth pony jinx. Something stinks. Pegasus neighs...
Izzy Moonbow: [whispering loudly] That's the pony I was talking about.
Sunny Starscout: So word in the forest is you collect crystals.
Crystal Collecting Unicorn: Yes, I do. Well, I mean, I did. I lost 'em all in a limbo contest with... Alphabittle!
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, no.
Sunny Starscout: Who's Alphabittle?
[bell clanging]
Alphabittle: Time's up! Pass it over, Jasper.
Jasper: [groans, sighs]
Alphabittle: Guess that makes me the winner. Again. Pay up.
Jasper: Ugh. Fine.
Alphabittle: You could always try winning it back! All right, suit yourself.
Sunny Starscout: There it is! I've got an idea. Maybe I can beat Alphabittle at his own game.
Izzy Moonbow: Wait. Alphabittle can smell fear.
Sunny Starscout: Got it. Okay. Be cool.
Izzy Moonbow: [groans]
Sunny Starscout: Tea.
[critter squeaks]
Sunny Starscout: Hold the milk. Quite the game player, I see.
Alphabittle: It passes the time. Why? Do you play?
Sunny Starscout: I don't play. I win.
Alphabittle: Is that so?
Sunny Starscout: Yeah, it is. And I challenge you... for that!
Alphabittle: You think you can beat me?
Sunny Starscout: Only one way to find out.
Alphabittle: Big talk for a little pony.
Sunny Starscout: I think you'll find I'm average height. Tick-tock. What do you say?
Alphabittle: Whatever you're bettin', it better be special.
Sunny Starscout: Special enough for ya?
Rest of Mane Five: [gasp]
Izzy Moonbow: [laughs nervously]
Zipp Storm: Um, [laughs nervously] what are you doing?
Sunny Starscout: Don't worry. I could solve that cube puzzle in my sleep.
Pipp Petals: But if he wins, we'll lose both crystals.
Sunny Starscout: He won't. Trust me.
Alphabittle: Izzy, if your friend is finished stalling, do we have a deal?
Sunny Starscout: Deal. Now give me that cube.
Alphabittle: No, no, no, no, no. A special prize calls for a special competition. Bring forth the ultimate challenge!
Sunny Starscout: The ultimate what now?
[triumphant music]
[electronic beeping]
Sunny Starscout: A dancing game. Seriously?
Beatnik Unicorn: Both ponies agree. Best out of three.
Alphabittle: Let's make this more interesting. You only need to win one out of three.
[Backup singer]
(One, two, three, come on)
[Johnny Orlando]
I got some news for ya
Some feels, they be good for ya
You know we be gettin' those (good time)
Whoops, there's a camera
[electronic beeping]
Sunny Starscout: [grunts]
[Johnny Orlando]
Jump on the weekend
Don't let your jam end
You can count on your best friend...
[ding, ding, ding!]
[music winds down]
Alphabittle: Yeah! That's how you do it!
Unicorns: [deadpan] Yaaaay.
Sunny Starscout: [panting]
Izzy Moonbow: I-It's okay. You're just warming up.
Beatnik Unicorn: What can you do? Round two.
[Johnny Orlando]
Na, na, na, na, na
Alphabittle: I'll make this quick.
Sunny Starscout: Focus.
[Johnny Orlando]
Show me the moves you got
DJ droppin' them beats real hot
[electronic beeping]
Sunny Starscout: [grunting]
[Johnny Orlando]
And I'm likin' it a lot (good time)
It's the party the world forgot
[ding, ding, ding!]
Alphabittle: Yeah! Critters, get my crystal polish ready, would ya? [laughs]
Beatnik Unicorn: Round three. Who will it be?
[Johnny Orlando]
Na, na, na, na, na-na-na, na
Na, na, na, na, na
Sunny Starscout: Ohhh. Here goes nothing.
Pipp Petals: Hey. You hear that, Sunny? Feel the rhythm take you over. You feelin' it?
Sunny Starscout: Oh, I'm feelin' it. [chuckles] I'm feelin' it!
Pipp Petals: Yeah, you are, Sunny! Yeah, you do this, Sunny! Whoo!
[Johnny Orlando]
I don't think that I can take much more
I'm 'bout to lose my mind
But then I'm slip-and-slidin' on the floor
Hitch Trailblazer: Yes! She's doin' it, she's doin' it!
[Johnny Orlando]
I think my dreams came true and
It's alright, alright, alright-right-right, it's alright
(Lock the door, turn up the beat, it's alright to party)
(It's alright to party)
[ding, ding, ding!]
[Johnny Orlando]
Na, na, na, na, na
Sunny Starscout: [panting] We won.
Alphabittle: [gasps]
Sunny Starscout: We won! We actually won!
Mane Five: [cheering]
Unicorns: [gasp]
Alphabittle: An Earth pony.
Zipp Storm: And Pegasi!
Izzy Moonbow: And a unicorn! Which... you knew already!
Sunny Starscout: I know it doesn't look like it, but we're here to help.
Alphabittle: Help? We don't need help. Especially from ponies like you. Give me the crystal.
Sunny Starscout: But I won.
Alphabittle: You tricked me. The crystal. Now!
Hitch Trailblazer: Uh... Magic! Wing! Feather! MAYONNAISE!!!
Alphabittle: Bing!
Unicorn Stallion 1: Bong!
Unicorns: Bing-bong! Bing-bong! Bing-bong!
Sunny Starscout: Go, go, go!
Alphabittle: You'll pay for this!
Izzy Moonbow: Sorry about that! Uh, thanks for the tea!
Unicorn Stallion 2: Bing-bong!
Mane Five: [gasp]
[bushes rustling]
Queen Haven: [yelp] Oh!
Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm: Mom?!
Queen Haven: Oh, my darlings! Thank hoofness!
Zipp Storm: You escaped!
Pipp Petals: How did you find us?
[bushes rustling]
Hitch Trailblazer: Aah!
Hitch Trailblazer: Ah! My badge! Yes!
Cloudpuff: [barking]
Queen Haven: Oh, I'm so glad I found my little fillies. Now, I know that if you just come back with me, we can explain everything. Spin the story, and they'll love us again. R-Right?
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Uh...
Sunny Starscout: Let us explain!
Zoom Zephyrwing: There she is! Your Criminal Highness, you're coming with us!
Thunder Flap: Aah! Unicorns!
Alphabittle: Give me back my crystals and leave Bridlewood!
Queen Haven: Your crystals? That crystal belongs to me!
Alphabittle: Not anymore, it doesn't! I won it fair and square!
Queen Haven: Hah! I certainly doubt it! Unicorns are known to be cheaters!
Alphabittle: You Pegasi always thought you were better than us!
Zoom Zephyrwing: Hey, that's our queen you're talking to!
Unicorn Mare 1: She's not a queen here!
Zoom Zephyrwing: Who do you think you are?!
Unicorn Stallion 1: We're gonna zap you with our horns!
Unicorn Mare 2: This is our land!
Unicorn Stallion 2: You're not welcome here!
Alphabittle: Surrender the crystal, or I'll use my powers against you!
Queen Haven: I'd like to see you try!
Sunny Starscout: nopony has magic!
Unicorn Stallion 1: Bing-bong!
Sunny Starscout: But we're here to bring it back.
Unicorn Stallion 3: Is it possible?
Thunder Flap: Did she just say "magic"?
Zoom Zephyrwing: This is a trick.
Sunny Starscout: I know it sounds unbelievable, but please, just let us try.
Pipp Petals: Please, Mom.
Zipp Storm: Trust us.
Queen Haven: Wha... You two... [sighs] Fine.
Alphabittle: You're wasting your time, kid.
Sunny Starscout: Ready, Izzy?
Izzy Moonbow: Ready.
[whimsical music]
[music stops]
Sunny Starscout: It... It...
Unicorn Kid: Why didn't it work, Daddy?
Unicorn Father: 'Cause it was all just make-believe.
Sunny Starscout: We can try it again! Maybe... Maybe w-we did it wrong somehow. Wait. Wait, don't go. Oh, come on. Work. Work! Please work! Come on!
Hitch Trailblazer: Sunny. It's okay. You did everything you could.
Sunny Starscout: I... I thought it would work. I was so, so sure of it.
Zipp Storm: What do we do now, Sunny?
Sunny Starscout: I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you.
Pipp Petals: Sunny! We can't give up!
Sunny Starscout: I thought that I could make a difference. But everywhere I go, I just make things worse.
Izzy Moonbow: That's not true. We're all in this together, right?
Pipp Petals: Yeah.
Zipp Storm: Of course.
Sunny Starscout: I'm so sorry I let you all down.
Hitch Trailblazer: [sighs] I guess this is goodbye... friends.
Zipp Storm: Better hurry... sheriff.
Hitch Trailblazer: I'm right here if you need to talk, Sunny. [sighs]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Sunny Starscout: [sighs]
[papers flapping]
[papers shuffling]
[swelling music]
[triumphant music]
Sunny Starscout: [panting]
[door opens]
Hitch Trailblazer: Sunny!
Sunny Starscout: Hitch! Hitch! I figured it out! There's actually a third—!
Sunny Starscout: [gasps]
Hitch Trailblazer: Huh? Hey, w-wait. What is going on here?
Toots: We can't tell you. We've signed the Official Sprout Act.
Hitch Trailblazer: Official Sprout what?
Sweets: The Stallion-in-Chief!
Sunny Starscout and Hitch Trailblazer: Sprout?!
Sprout: Step!
Sweets: Oh, right! [grunts]
Sprout: [amplified] Citizens of Maretime—!
[banner flaps]
Sprout: [grunts] Can we try that again?
Hitch Trailblazer: Sprout! What are you doing?
[bird squeaks]
Sprout: Awwww. Little Sheriff Hitchy came trotting back. Waaaah. Just in time to see me do what you couldn't – attack our enemies!
[feedback whines]
Hitch Trailblazer: Ugh. Wait, wait, no, Sprout, listen to me. Listen to me. The Pegasi and unicorns can be our friends. There's no need to be afraid of them. Besides, they don't even have any magic.
Phyllis Cloverleaf: What?
Sprout: No magic? Hah! That's even better! [laughs]
Sunny Starscout: But we can bring magic back! Bring friendship back!
Sparkle Chaser: So we don't have to fight? [sighs] That's a relief.
Sprout: W-Wait, what! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't listen! They've been brainwashed! You'll all be next if we don't end this now! [laughs evilly]
[clunking and beeping]
Sprout: Say hello... to Sprouticus Maximus!
[crowd gasps]
Sprout: [laughs evilly]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Maybe this is a bit too much, dear!
Sprout: Troops! On to Bridlewood!
[engine revving]
[honk, honk!]
Sunny Starscout: We have to warn them!
Sunny Starscout and Hitch Trailblazer: [panting]
Sprout: [laughs evilly]
Sunny Starscout and Hitch Trailblazer: [panting]
Izzy Moonbow: Sunny!
Sunny Starscout: What are you guys doing here?
Izzy Moonbow: We don't care what anypony says!
Zipp Storm: Yeah! We just want to stay friends!
Queen Haven: Pipp! Zipp!
Cloudpuff: [barking]
Queen Haven: I know you're upset, darlings, my sweet little darlings, but it's time to go home now.
Alphabittle: Izzy Moonbow, you're gonna get us all jinxed! Come back to Bridlewood!
Queen Haven: Excuse me! Do you see my mouth still moving? That means I'm still a-talking!
Sunny Starscout: You're all in danger!
Queen Haven: I'm sorry, what?
[horn blares]
[brakes hiss]
Toots: Huh?
Sprout: Would you look at this? Our enemies delivered themselves to us!
Queen Haven: No, no, no, we're not here to fight, Mr. Big Robot Pony.
Sprout: I do not accept your surrender! Load the Splat-a-pults!
Earth Pony Mare: [gasps]
Sprout: [groans] Why do I have to do everything myself?!
Zipp Storm: We have to stop that thing!
Izzy Moonbow: But how?
Sunny Starscout: With magic! Quick! I need your crystals! There's a third crystal! Follow me!
Hitch Trailblazer: What?
Sprout: Oh, no, you don't!
Hitch Trailblazer: I've gotta rein that thing in!
Zipp Storm: I've got your back, Hitch!
Hitch Trailblazer: [grunts]
Zipp Storm: Hup!
Sunny Starscout: [panting]
Izzy Moonbow: [laughs]
Sprout: [laughs evilly]
Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, and Pipp Petals: [yelp]
Hitch Trailblazer: Sprout! Stop!
Sunny Starscout: Where are the other crystals?
Hitch Trailblazer: This... ends... now!
Sprout: What, and let them have magic?! Never!
Hitch Trailblazer: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Zoom Zephyrwing: [yelping]
[critters chittering]
Alphabittle: [grunting]
Pipp Petals: Aah! Sunny!
Sunny Starscout: Got it! We need the Unicorn Crystal!
Izzy Moonbow: I'm looking, I'm looking!
Hitch Trailblazer: Whoa!
Zipp Storm: Hitch!
Hitch Trailblazer: Whew...
Izzy Moonbow: Found it!
Izzy Moonbow: Aah! No, no, no, no! [gasps]
Pipp Petals: [screams] Whew... I'm okay!
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps, yelps]
Izzy Moonbow: [screams]
Sunny Starscout: Izzy!
Izzy Moonbow: [panting] Aah!
Zipp Storm: We need to shut these down!
Alphabittle: [grunting]
Pipp Petals: Alphabittle, look out!
Alphabittle: Oh!
Queen Haven: [pants]
Ponies: [screaming]
Phyllis Cloverleaf: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: [grunting]
Hitch Trailblazer: [straining, gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Aah!
Hitch Trailblazer: Okay, that was a bad idea!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Sprout! Let's put the toy away!
Sprout: Mommy, please! I'm in the middle of something!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: You come down from there right now!
Izzy Moonbow: I've almost got it! Whoa! Oof!
Sunny Starscout: [panting]
Sprout: But, Mommy, I'm... in... chaaaaarge!
Phyllis Cloverleaf: I... said... STOP!
Sprout: Aah!
Hitch Trailblazer and Zipp Storm: Aah! Whoa!
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [yelp]
Hitch Trailblazer: No, no, no!
Pipp Petals: [gasps]
Sunny Starscout and Izzy Moonbow: [scream, grunting]
Izzy Moonbow: It... It didn't work.
Sunny Starscout: No, no, no!
Izzy Moonbow: [screams]
Sunny Starscout: [groans, sighs]
Ponies: [coughing]
[door opens]
Sprout: [grunting]
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, Sunny...
Sunny Starscout: I understand now. It's not the crystals that need to be brought together. It's us. We can bring back everything that was lost, but it's up to us. We can stay separated by fear and distrust, or we can choose friendship. We can choose love. That's the true magic.
[emotional music]
[shimmering sounds]
Sunny Starscout: What? Aah!
Rest of Mane Five: [gasp]
[shimmering sounds]
Pipp Petals: Whoaaa!
Zipp Storm: [laughing]
Pipp Petals: We're actually flying!
Zipp Storm: Whoo!
Queen Haven: [gasps]
Alphabittle: [laughs]
Sunny Starscout: [laughs]
Zipp Storm: Whoa, Sunny! Check you out!
Sunny Starscout: Whoo! [laughs]
Hitch Trailblazer: [laughs] What?!
Sunny Starscout: I can't believe it!
Izzy Moonbow: Now that's what I call a glow-up!
Pipp Petals: Look!
[shimmering sounds]
Unicorn Foals: [gasping]
Unicorn Kid: Daddy, Daddy! The magic is real!
Unicorn Mare: Whoa!
Pegasi: [laughing, cheering]
[mouse squeaks]
Cloudpuff: [barking]
Earth Pony Filly: [laughing]
Alphabittle: [laughs]
Queen Haven: Aw, I see you've made a new friend.
Alphabittle: Hi there, buddy.
Earth Pony Filly: [laughing]
Hitch Trailblazer: Wow!
Earth Ponies: [cheering]
[camera clicks]
Pipp Petals: [singsong] Stunning!
Sprout: Mommy? Was I a good sheriff?
Phyllis Cloverleaf: Uh, uh... Look! A flying dog!
Hitch Trailblazer: You did it, Sunny.
Sunny Starscout: No. We did it. Together.
Izzy Moonbow: Now we never have to be apart!
Mane Five: [laugh] Hooves to hearts!
Balloon Pony: Whew! Hey, guys. What did I miss?
Balloon Pony: [screams]
[end credits]
[Pipp Petals]
We got the light, we're comin' in stronger, we're in it together
If you want it, it's all inside your mind
We got the light, won't wait any longer, we'll get it together
If you want it, then you can paint the sky
Glowin' up, kind of love
Dip and slide, through the cut
Glowin' up, kind of love
We say "hi", you say "what?"
Glowin' up, kind of love
Dip and slide, through the cut
Glowin' up, kind of love
We say "hi", you say "what?"
Everywhere that I've been, yeah, they say I'm different
But I'm good in my skin, ooh-ooh-ooh (hey!)
If it doesn't feel right, break it in with tie-dye
And don't you stop 'til sunrise
We don't fly like we used to, we take what we've been through
And we can feel brand new, ooh-ooh-ooh
I know I am a fighter, I feel the fire
I'm shining brighter, ooh-ooh-ooh
We got the light, we're comin' in stronger, we're in it together
If you want it, it's all inside your mind
We got the light, won't wait any longer, we'll get it together
If you want it, then you can paint the sky
Glowin' up, kind of love
Dip and slide, through the cut
Glowin' up, kind of love
We say "hi", you say "what?"
Glowin' up, kind of love
Dip and slide, through the cut
Glowin' up, kind of love
We say "hi", you say "what?"
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, we got the kind of
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, we got the kind of love
Ooh-ooh-ooh, we got the light
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, we got the kind of
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, we got the kind of love
Ooh-ooh-ooh, we got the light
Glowin' up, kind of love...
Unicorn Kid: Glowin' up!
Kid Earth Pony 1: Kind of love!
Pippsqueak 1: We say "hi"! You say...
All: "What"! [laugh]
Pippsqueak 1: Race you to the bridge!
Unicorn Kid: Oh, it's on!
Kid Earth Pony 1: No using your magic this time!
Pippsqueak 1: Last one there's a rotten sardine!
Unicorn Kid: I'm gonna win!
Kid Earth Pony 1: Me first!
All: [laughing]
[shimmering sounds]
[Callie Twisselman]
Some days get the best of me
Sometimes I feel I'm not enough, not enough
That's not who I wanna be
I know I'm not the only one, no
Everybody needs somebody
I'm somebody, too, oh, yeah (everybody needs somebody)
If you ever need somebody
I'll be there for you
You know the truth is
We're not so different after all (Can you feel it?)
Can you feel it? (Can you feel it?)
I need a friend, too
I'll be here to catch you when you fall (Can you feel it?)
Can you feel it? (Can you feel it?)
'Cause we-e-e-e're better together (Can you feel it?)
Together (Can you feel it?)
We-e-e-e're better together (Can you feel it?)
Together (Can you feel it?)
Everybody needs somebody
I'm somebody, too
If you ever need somebody
I'll be there for you
You know the truth is
We're not so different after all (Can you feel it?)
Can you feel it? (Can you feel it?)
I need a friend, too
I'll be here to catch you when you fall (Can you feel it?)
Can you feel it? (Can you feel it?)
'Cause we-e-e-e're better (better) together (Can you feel it?)
Together (Can you feel it?)
We-e-e-e're better (better) together (Can you feel it?)
Together (Can you feel it?)
[Johnny Orlando]
Na, na, na, na, na-na-na, na
Na, na, na, na, na
[Backup singer]
(One, two, three, come on)
[Johnny Orlando]
I got some news for ya
Some feels, they be good for ya
You know we be gettin' those (good time)
Whoops, there's a camera
Jump on the weekend
Don't let your jam end
You can count on your best friend
I can be your best friend (yeah!)
I don't think that I can take much more
I'm 'bout to lose my mind
But then I'm slip-and-slidin' on the floor
I think my dreams came true and
It's alright, alright, alright-right-right, it's alright
(Lock the door, turn up the beat, it's alright to party)
It's alright, alright, alright-right-right, it's alright
(Lock the door, swallow the key, it's alright to party)
It's alriiiii-iiiiight, it's alright
Everyone feelin' it, jump on the ceiling
So happy to see ya now, it's alright
Show me the moves you got
DJ droppin' them beats real hot
And I'm likin' it a lot (good time)
It's the party the world forgot
So slow it down until we lose control (ohhh-ohhh)
I don't think that I can take much more
I'm 'bout to lose my mind (about to lose my mind)
But then I'm slip-and-slidin' on the floor
I think my dreams (dreams) came (came) true (true) and
It's alright, alright, alright-right-right, it's alright
(Lock the door, turn up the beat, it's alright to party)
It's alright, alright, alright-right-right, it's alright
(Lock the door, swallow the key, it's alright to party)
It's alriiiii-iiiiight, it's alright
(Lock the door, swallow the key, it's alright to party)
It's alriiiii-iiiiight, it's alright
Everyone feelin' it, jump on the ceiling
So happy to see ya now, it's alright
Lock the door, turn up the beat, it's alright to party
Lock the door, swallow the key, it's alright to party
Lock the door, turn up the beat, it's alright to party
Lock the door, swallow the key, it's alright to party
Na, na, na, na, na-na-na, na
Na, na, na, na, na