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[mysterious music]
Zipp Storm: We've been waiting here for three hours, Iz. Nothing has happened.
Izzy Moonbow: Yet! Nothing has happened yet! But you can bet your sparkles it's going to!
Pipp Petals: I hope so! I mean, I would love to transform into a stunning crystal version of myself.
Sunny Starscout: Maybe we should take a break from staring at a tree. [chuckles] Just for a bit?
Pipp Petals: We'll come back, okay?
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] Everypony, look!
Pipp Petals: [singsong] Prettyyyyy!
Zipp Storm: Whoa. I guess you were right.
Pipp Petals: Ahem? Yes, we were. Crystal snow! [gasps] Oh, how pretty!
Sunny Starscout, Hitch Trailblazer, Zipp Storm, and Misty: [gasps]
Pipp Petals: [squeals, giggles] It happened! I'm stunning!
[camera clicking]
Pipp Petals: [giggles]
Sunny Starscout: I think this is another magical Together Tree! Like the ones we have in Maretime Bay, Zephyr Heights, and Bridlewood!
Zipp Storm: Be careful, Sunny.
Hitch Trailblazer: Relax. It's not like it's gonna suck us into a portal.
Mane 6: [screaming]
Izzy Moonbow: Huh? Ah. Ah... Ah... [sneezes, groans]
Hitch Trailblazer: Wow!
Sunny Starscout: Whoa!
Izzy Moonbow: Ooh!
Sunny Starscout: [gasps] Look at all those stars!
Misty: Where are we?
Zipp Storm: Whoa.
Hitch Trailblazer: Uh, better question... What are we?
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Pipp Petals: Who cares? We're so glamorous!
Izzy Moonbow: [yelping]
Zipp Storm: Sunny, what do you think this is?
Hitch Trailblazer: Yeah, and how do we fix it?!
Sunny Starscout: I have no idea. I've never seen anything like it before. But the new Together Tree wouldn't have brought us here for no reason, right?
Rest of Mane 6: [confused groans]
Sunny Starscout: If we're here, then it must be for something special. We just have to figure out what it is.
Hitch Trailblazer: Uh, is it just me, or is that portal thingy shrinking?
Zipp Storm: Nope. Not just you. It seems to be moving pretty slowly, though. I think we have enough time to do a little digging and investigate—
Hitch Trailblazer: Well then, let's hurry! So we can still get out of here! Wherever here is!
Misty: We did just finish defeating Opaline, and I was sort of getting ready to... [yawning] ...take a nap. But I could muster enough energy for another quick adventure. Plus, I've never been in snow before! Hmmm. I thought it would be colder.
Izzy Moonbow: This snow is different. Oh! Whoa! [laughs] It's extra, extra slippy. [grunts] And extra sparkly!
Sunny Starscout: You're right! What a fascinating place! Let's find out what brought us here!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [excited gurgling]
Sunny Starscout: I guess Sparky's leading the way.
Mane 6: [laughing]
[wind whistling]
Izzy Moonbow: Ooh! [grunts] Whoa! [groans] All this slipping is making it— [spits] —very hard to "ooh" and "ahh".
Hitch Trailblazer: Need a hoof?
Izzy Moonbow: I feel like I'm gonna be slipping in this snow forever!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [excited gurgling]
Hitch Trailblazer: [chuckles] Sparky seems to love it.
Pipp Petals: We've been searching a long time. Will we ever find anything?
Zipp Storm: Found something! This way!
Izzy Moonbow: Come on, everypony! [giggling, yelping]
Izzy Moonbow: W-Whoa! [gasps] Wow!
Rest of Mane 6: [gasping in awe]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling in awe]
Pipp Petals: Oooh!
[camera clicking]
Sunny Starscout: Wow! It's so pretty under the starry sky! This place is incredible!
Zipp Storm: More like incredibly empty.
Misty: Where is everypony?
Hitch Trailblazer: It's like the whole place has been completely deserted.
Misty: But it can't be because of Opaline this time.
[wind howling]
Pipp Petals: Why would anypony abandon a fabulous place like this?
[tense music]
[rhythmic thudding]
Misty: What is that?
Sunny Starscout: It sounds like it's coming from in there.
Misty: Why is everypony trotting towards the scary noises when there is perfectly good silence in the other direction?
Sunny Starscout: Don't worry, Misty. We're all going together. We've got your back.
Misty: Oh, right. I keep forgetting!
[rhythmic thudding]
Mane 6: [sounds of awe]
[Violet Frost]
(Everypony, come on!)
(Time to shine now!)
(You gotta shine now!)
Hey, put those workin' hooves away
It's time to hit the beat (hit the beat)
The sun is down, the stars are shooting
Far as the eye can see (whoo!)
Come on over, join the party
Just have fun with me (with me)
There ain't nopony here that's watchin'
Use your magic to believe
The stars align, the moon is shinin'
Ohhhh-oh-ohhhh (it's shinin', yes, it's shinin')
And can't you feel the night sky hummin'?
It's like it's up there callin' out to me
(It's callin' out to me)
To me
Starshine Time
We're only gettin' brighter
We're glowin' up together
We shine, shine, shine (we shine)
Starshine Time
We're only gettin' brighter
We're glowin' up together
We shine, shine, shine
Da, da, da, da-da
Da, da, da, da, da-da
Da-da-da, da, da, da, da-da, da-da
We shine, shine, shine (we shine)
Mane 6: [cheering]
Izzy Moonbow: Encore! Encore!
[Auroricorns screaming]
Sunny Starscout: Was it something we said?
Misty: Where did everypony go?
Sunny Starscout: Uh, we're really sorry! We didn't mean to frighten you ponies!
Izzy Moonbow: We're friendly! We promise!
Sunny Starscout: Please come out!
Hitch Trailblazer: Yeah! And we ended up here by accident! We don't even know where we are.
Violet Frost: Hello. Sorry about the sudden disappearance. We... shouldn't have panicked like that.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Violet Frost: [chuckles] We're just not used to new faces around here, and... you know, it's kinda hard to know who to trust or what is real... because of the trance.
Sunny Starscout: Trance?
Violet Frost: Trance?! [chuckles nervously] Who said... Who said that? Not me.
Violet Frost: Anyway, we're very glad to meet you! Right, everypony? [plays flute]
Comet: [chuckles] Our mistake! Whoa! We love visitors! Not that we've really ever had any, but I think we love visitors! I mean, at least I do?
[ice squeaking]
Comet: We just can't really invite anypony here because of—
Violet Frost: [clears throat]
Comet: [gasps]
Violet Frost: Uh, what Comet here is trying to say is... Welcome to Starlight Ridge!
Comet: [whispering] I'm sorry, Violet! I didn't mean to say that!
Zipp Storm: Say what?
Violet Frost: I'm Violet Frost!
Sunny Starscout: I'm Sunny! And this is...
Izzy Moonbow: Izzy! Izzy Moonbow!
Zipp Storm: Name's Zipp.
Pipp Petals: Pipp! Lovely to meet you.
Hitch Trailblazer: Hitch!
Misty: Hi, I'm Misty!
Sunny Starscout: [gasps] And this is Sparky!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [sneezes]
Violet Frost: We've never met any ponies that aren't Auroricorns before.
Sunny Starscout: And we've never met any that are! We're so happy to be here!
Izzy Moonbow: [laughs] I have never seen anypony flute-jam like that before!
Violet Frost: [chuckles] I got a little carried away. But I had to have some fun while I still can. [gasps]
Zipp Storm: Have fun while you still can? What does that mean?
Izzy Moonbow: Yeah! I like to have fun all the time!
Violet Frost: So do I, Izzy!
Comet: Violet! Violet! I have an idea! Be right back! [chuckles] Whoa! [laughs] Sorry about that. Sometimes, my hooves can't keep up with my brain.
Violet Frost: [chuckles] Comet is our Starlight Ridge cocoa specialist.
Comet: Mm-hmm! Here! Try a few of our favorite flavors! Okay, let's see. We've got, uh, apple oat cocoa, razzleberry cocoa, hay milk cocoa, jumping jellybean cocoa...
Izzy Moonbow: [chomps] Mmm! Jumpy!
Comet: ...salty cinnamon cocoa, snowflake-shaped marshmallow cocoa, and – my personal favorite – super ice-cold frozen cocoa!
Hitch Trailblazer: Oh, uh... Thanks...
Sparky Sparkeroni: [breathes fire]
Violet Frost: You ponies are in luck because today is Starshine Time!
Izzy Moonbow: YES! Woo-hoo! Starshine Time is my faaaaavorite! It's my fav... Quick question for you. What is it?
Comet: Starshine Time is our special day of fun!
Sunny Starscout: Oh, my hoofness! What great timing!
Hitch Trailblazer: Give us a second, would ya? [chuckles] While fun does sound fun, let's not forget that there is a shrinking portal that we have to get back to.
Sunny Starscout: I totally hear you, but these are ponies we've never ever met before! This is our chance to make friends with them!
Zipp Storm: Hmmm. Uh... I guess we've got some time to hang. But after that, we're definitely going back.
Hitch Trailblazer: Starshine Time does sound pretty cool.
Pipp Petals: And they do [singsong] musical numbeeeeers!
Zipp Storm: Plus, Sunny's probably right. If we're here in Starlight Ridge, it must be for a reason.
Sunny Starscout: And what better way to find out what it is than having fun with new friends?
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Mane 6 sans Hitch: Awwww!
Hitch Trailblazer: Okay. Starshine Time it is.
Rest of Mane 6: [cheer, laugh]
Violet Frost: [giggles]
Sunny Starscout: Oh, I'm so excited! I love skating!
Izzy Moonbow: Uh-oh. I'm not so sure about this.
Pipp Petals: Don't worry, Izzy. You'll do great.
[upbeat music]
Pipp Petals: Whee! I could do this all day!
Zipp Storm: This is pretty awesome! Aw, yeah! [laughs]
Sunny Starscout: I feel like I haven't skated in forever! I've missed it so much!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [giggling]
Izzy Moonbow: Okay. Come on, Izzy. You've got this. [screaming] I don't got this!
Izzy Moonbow: I can't even do it for a second.
Sunny Starscout: It's okay, Izzy. It'll just take some getting used to. Just go slowly.
Izzy Moonbow: [screaming]
Sunny Starscout: Okay, maybe not. [chuckles]
Izzy Moonbow: I'm no good at trotting on this crystal ice, and I'm even worse at skating on it.
Comet: Don't worry! Whoa! Heh. I've never been good at trotting or skating either.
Izzy Moonbow: Huh? You haven't?
Comet: Mm-mm. I've got my own way of doing it. I call it... Whoa! [chuckles] Trip-skating!
Izzy Moonbow: Well... [chuckles] The name sounds fun.
Comet: Mm-hmm! Follow my lead! [exclaiming and laughing]
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, yeah! Trip-skating looks more my speed!
Comet: Well, let's do it together!
Izzy Moonbow and Comet: [exclaiming]
Comet: Hey, you got it! Whoa, you're a natural!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [giggling]
Hitch Trailblazer and Misty: [laughing]
Zipp Storm: [laughing]
Sunny Starscout and Violet Frost: [laughing]
All: [laughing]
Sunny Starscout: What was that?!
Pipp Petals: It was absolutely stunning!
Violet Frost: Oh, it's... nothing. Just an aurora flare.
Zipp Storm: Um, nothing is ever just nothing.
Sunny Starscout: Is that why today is called Starshine Time?
Violet Frost: Yup!
[Auroricorns gasp]
Zipp Storm: Hmmm...
Sunny Starscout: So... what activity is up next?
Izzy Moonbow and Comet: [exclaiming]
Violet Frost: [gasps] The ice slide is my absolute favorite thing to do during Starshine Time!
Hitch Trailblazer: As an Earth pony, I prefer keeping all four hooves on the ground.
Izzy Moonbow: I can't slip and slide by accident if I slip and slide on purpose! [screaming] Wheeee!
Pipp Petals, Zipp Storm, and Misty: [cheering]
Hitch Trailblazer: Maybe Sparky and I will just sit this one out.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [cheering]
Hitch Trailblazer: Or just me.
Violet Frost: Don't worry, Hitch. We've got Auroricorn magic. We promise we won't let you get hurt. [chuckles] Whooooo! [laughing]
Hitch Trailblazer: Okay. If Sparky can do it, so can I! [screaming, laughing] This is so much fun! Whoo! Yes! Here we go! [sighs]
All: [laughing]
Sunny Starscout: Wow! Another one!
Misty: They're so gorgeous!
Pipp Petals: I wish aurora flares would happen in Equestria.
Zipp Storm: It seems like the aurora flare happens whenever everypony is having a good time. It's clearly connected to—
Comet: Equestria? I-I've never heard of it.
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] You've never heard of Equestria?!
Pipp Petals: [gasping] Neigh way!
Comet: Oh, I have always dreamed of traveling, but I... I've never been allowed to leave Starlight Ridge.
Sunny Starscout: Wait, what do you mean "allowed"?
Comet: Um...
Violet Frost: On to the next activity!
Zipp Storm: Uhhh...
Sunny Starscout: Huh.
Sunny Starscout: And when we finished counting, we realized there were exactly thirty-five lampposts in the whole area! And, um... that's basically every single fact I can think of about Equestria.
Comet: Wow! Equestria sounds incredible. I would love to go. Wouldn't you, Violet Frost?
Violet Frost: It does sound amazing, but I could never leave Starlight Ridge. It's my home. It's special, don't you think? Even the snow here is known for having magical healing properties.
Sunny Starscout: Wow!
Pipp Petals: That is special.
Sunny Starscout: Starlight Ridge is like nothing I've ever seen before. You all are pretty lucky to live here.
Violet Frost: Yeah, we are... But Equestria sounds like a wonderful place to visit!
Izzy Moonbow: It is! It's our home! And it has... [imitating drumroll] ...all of us there! Ta-daaaah!
Violet Frost: Whoa-ho-ho! Izzy! Those are some skills.
Izzy Moonbow: You know, at first, I didn't really like the snow. It's slippy and stuff. But now, it's really starting to grow on me.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgles, breathes fire]
Izzy Moonbow: And now it's starting to melt on me.
Hitch Trailblazer: Oh! Sparky, buddy, gotta be careful with your magic.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [whimpers]
Izzy Moonbow: It's okay, Sparky! It's a quick fix! [scatting] Ta-daaaah! Again!
All: [cheering]
Zipp Storm: I knew it! Every time we finish doing something really fun, the aurora flare blasts across the sky!
Sunny Starscout: You're right. It makes perfect sense. The flares are attached to the Auroricorns' special kind of cutie mark magic!
Violet Frost: Wo-ho-how! What a day! I've had so much fun. Have you ponies had fun?
Zipp Storm: Why won't you talk about the aurora flares?
Comet: The aurora flares? Yeah! They're super special! And so unique, right?! Like, wooooow! When I first saw one when I was a colt, I couldn't believe my eyes! They're incredi-mazing!
Violet Frost: They sure are! Now, for our next activity, we should... uh...
Zipp Storm: Okay, hang on one second. Something isn't adding up about this. Why is everypony acting so funny every time we bring up the aurora flares?
Sunny Starscout: [chuckling nervously] Will you excuse us for one second? We just have to go look at that patch of snow, uh, over there. I agree with Zipp. Something strange is going on. I know the Together Tree portal brought us here for a reason, but what is it?
Izzy Moonbow: Maybe the reason we were brought here was just to have some fun!
Misty: Yeah. We really did need it after everything we've been through.
Sunny Starscout: Mmm... Maybe. But could the reason really not be bad for once?
Zipp Storm: Hmm... Seems sketchy.
[bells tolling]
Sunny Starscout and Zipp Storm: [gasp]
[Auroricorns gasping]
Hitch Trailblazer: What's with the bells?
Violet Frost: [yawning] You know what? Today has been so great, but...
Comet: Uh, right! Yup! [yawning] Time for bed!
Zipp Storm: Bed?
Sunny Starscout: Now? What about all of the other activities?
Violet Frost: [laughs] You ponies are hilarious! The bell's ringing, so we have to go to sleep now! [yawning] It was so great meeting all of you!
Comet: Bye! Thanks for visiting!
Violet Frost: You should... really go home now. But we did have a really great time with you.
Sunny Starscout: Aw.
[doors closing]
[bells tolling]
Izzy Moonbow: That's it? We're done? [sighs] It was so sudden.
Hitch Trailblazer: It's probably for the best. The portal... [chuckles nervously] ...must be pretty small by now.
Sunny Starscout: Hmm. Yeah. I guess you're right.
Misty: Wow. Look how small it is.
Hitch Trailblazer: Good thing we came back.
Sunny Starscout: No. I really wanted to believe that maybe the portal brought us to Starlight Ridge to have some fun and make new friends, but something tells me that's just not the case.
Zipp Storm: I agree. My detective instincts are tingling. The Auroricorns were acting really strange.
Pipp Petals: Yeah, and they went to bed so suddenly! I mean, I love my beauty sleep, but that is just, like, too much.
Hitch Trailblazer: The portal is getting really small. If we don't leave now, we might not make it through at all.
Misty: That would be bad.
Izzy Moonbow: What do we do?
Sunny Starscout: We go back and find out what's really going on.
Hitch Trailblazer: But we could get stuck here!
Sunny Starscout: It's a risk that we're just going to have to take. The Auroricorns are our friends now. And if they're in trouble, it's our responsibility to help. If one of us was in trouble, we would do anything we could to help, right?
Misty: I may just be getting used to having friends, but I want to be a good one. And that means going back and making sure everything is okay with the Auroricorns.
Zipp Storm: You're right. Nopony is going to be in trouble on my watch!
Pipp Petals: Mine either!
Hitch Trailblazer: Or mine.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [heroic gurgle]
Izzy Moonbow: [yelping] Also me.
Sunny Starscout: The Auroricorns are our friends! If they need help, then help is what they'll have!
Zipp Storm: Uh, what are they doing?
Pipp Petals: Well, they're certainly not sleeping. That's for sure.
Izzy Moonbow: I guess they wanted to keep having fun without us? But why?! We're a super-duper good time!
Zipp Storm: Let's go take a closer look.
[eerie music]
Sunny Starscout: Comet! Comet? Can you hear me? What's going on?
Izzy Moonbow: [babbling] Huh. Even my Izzy boinks and bonks didn't snap him out of it. That usually works.
Zipp Storm: What do you think he's doing?
Pipp Petals: I'm not sure, but he's definitely acting odd.
Izzy Moonbow: Uh, I know odd. This was even odder than that. Which I normally love. But not this time!
Hitch Trailblazer: Do you think this is why they wanted us to leave?
Zipp Storm: Yeah, not so sure this fits into their fun Starshine Time.
Sunny Starscout: Then why do they all look so... happy?
Misty: There's Violet Frost. Should we go talk to her?
Allura: [purring]
Pipp Petals: Oh, my hoofness! Who is that?!
Hitch Trailblazer: I have no idea, but I think we can all agree that she does not look friendly.
Izzy Moonbow: Uh, neither does he!
Twitch: [hissing]
Zipp Storm: I knew something was off about this place!
Sunny Starscout: They're clearly in trouble. Maybe if we get closer to Violet Frost, we can hear what they're saying.
Allura: [purring]
Violet Frost: [grunting] Let... go... of me... Allura! Ugh!
Allura: Don't try to fight it, Violet Frost. Find me the star that I desire.
Twitch: [laughing]
Violet Frost: [entranced] Yes, Allura.
Allura: Don't forget to smile. And have fun.
Twitch: [laughing]
Misty: What do we do?
Zipp Storm: Clearly, this Allura has got all the Auroricorns under a spell.
Violet Frost and Comet: [laughing]
Sunny Starscout: We have to snap them out of it!
Violet Frost and Comet: [laughing]
Sunny Starscout: Maybe if we can get Violet Frost and Comet far away from Allura, we can get them out of the trance. Violet Frost, stop! Violet, no! Ah! Ugh!
Izzy Moonbow: [screaming]
Hitch Trailblazer: Ow!
Izzy Moonbow: No, no, no, no!
Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm: [grunting]
Comet: [laughs goofily]
Misty: [grunts] Wow, they are being really difficult!
Hitch Trailblazer: And happily!
Violet Frost: [laughing]
Pipp Petals: You do not want to go that way!
Sunny Starscout: [grunting] Oof! We need to be organized. Let's link up!
Mane 6: [grunting]
Comet: Huh?
Violet Frost: Sunny?
Comet: What are you all doing here?
Sunny Starscout: Hah! It worked! Finally! Hurry, over here!
Violet Frost: I guess you discovered our secret.
Zipp Storm: Violet, what's going on? You can tell us.
Pipp Petals: Yeah, we just wanna help.
Sunny Starscout: It's okay. We're friends.
Violet Frost: We didn't wanna tell you because we didn't wanna risk you all getting hurt, too.
Hitch Trailblazer: Violet, who is that? What does she want?
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Violet Frost: That's Allura. She's an evil tyrant that showed up one day with her little sidekick Twitch. She completely took over Starlight Ridge by force.
Sunny Starscout: By force?
Comet: Yeah.
Comet: [voiceover] Allura claimed the most important thing in our town – a special relic called the Nova Charm.
Allura: [laughing maniacally]
Pipp Petals: That must be what we saw earlier. It was so sparkly.
Violet Frost: The sparkliest! It's a special charm that our town has possessed for thousands of moons. Town law says that whoever holds the power of the charm rules Starlight Ridge. Allura managed to steal it and possess it, so she's the leader.
Izzy Moonbow: Aw, this is no fun at all! Allura sounds like a real bully! [exclaiming]
Comet: [grunts]
Izzy Moonbow: You should stand up to her.
Comet: I wish we could, but she's very powerful.
Violet Frost: And persuasive. She's able to get us to do whatever she wants just by talking.
Comet: If we try to stand up to her, she could destroy our whole village without us even realizing it. That's how much her powers can trick our minds. It's no use.
Sunny Starscout: But what does she want?
Violet Frost: Allura forces us...
Violet Frost: [voiceover] use our magic to make the aurora flares.
Allura: [purring]
Violet Frost: [giggles]
Twitch: [squeaks]
Comet: [voiceover] Then she makes us steal the stars out of them.
Violet Frost: [voiceover] She believes that one of the stars in the sky is special and contains the magic to open a portal that will lead her to another realm.
Violet Frost: She wants to control more than just Starlight Ridge.
Comet: And until she finds the right one, she's making us steal them all.
Pipp Petals: I can't believe that anypony would be so cruel. Plus, the stars are stunning. That bully does not deserve any of them!
Hitch Trailblazer: Maybe we need to get everypony away from Allura?
Izzy Moonbow: You could all come back to Equestria with us!
Misty: If we figure out how to get back, that is.
Comet: That's a great idea!
Violet Frost: We can't just leave our home like that! Starlight Ridge is special!
Comet: But what else can we do, Violet Frost? We have to get the Auroricorns away from Allura!
Sunny Starscout: Comet, wait!
Comet: [panting, groans, laughs]
Allura: [growls] Comet, there you are.
Mane 6 sans Sunny: [gasp]
Sunny Starscout and Violet Frost: Oh, no!
Allura: Almost got lost in the woods, did you?
Comet: [entranced] Happy to be back, Allura.
Allura: That's right. We need that happiness alive and well. Now go. Join the others.
Twitch: [sniffing] Hmm...
Misty: What are we going to do?
Zipp Storm: There's no way we can get everypony away from Allura long enough to remove the trance.
Violet Frost: There has to be another way. There has to be!
Sunny Starscout: Well, if whoever has the Nova Charm is in charge of Starlight Ridge, then there's only one thing to do.
Violet Frost: We're getting that charm back!
[tense music]
Allura: [growling]
Violet Frost: Wait for it...
Allura: [growling]
Violet Frost: Now!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [panting]
Pipp Petals: [gasps] Hide!
Allura: [growling]
[door closes]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Sunny Starscout: There's got to be a way to stop her.
Violet Frost: Well, everypony has a weakness.
Sunny Starscout: Exactly! We just need to figure out hers. What does Allura care about?
Violet Frost: The portal, the stars, the aurora flares...
Zipp Storm: Is this why you were being so strange about the aurora flares earlier? Because of Allura?
Violet Frost: Yeah. Sorry about that. But when we're happy and having a great time, the aurora flares blast across the sky. We can't help it. Allura uses her powers to trick us into feeling happy. She forces us to make the flares against our will.
Hitch Trailblazer: That's horrible.
Izzy Moonbow: Normally, I'm all about being happy. But being tricked into it does not sound right.
Violet Frost: That's why whenever she leaves, we celebrate Starshine Time. A time when we make the flares happen by choice. Our real happiness.
Sunny Starscout: Everypony deserves to be happy.
Izzy Moonbow: Mm-hmm! Real happy!
Misty: Why does Allura want to do such bad things? Has she always been this way?
Sparky Sparkeroni: [cooing]
Violet Frost: All I know is that Allura's determined to find that other realm by any means possible. And she has the Nova Charm, so she's in charge.
Sunny Starscout: Then we're just going to have to find a way to make Allura give it back.
Rest of Mane 6: Mm-hmm!
Violet Frost: We've tried to steal it from her, but it's impossible!
Sunny Starscout: Then it's time to get creative!
Izzy Moonbow: Did somepony say "creative"? That's, uh, kinda my thing! [giggles]
Hitch Trailblazer: Huh?
[Izzy Moonbow]
Come on!
(Ooh-ooh) I got a good feelin'
(Ahh-ahh) In my so-o-oul
(Ooh-ooh) Let's put our manes together (uh-huh)
(Ahh-ahh) Let's lose contro-o-ol
(Ooh-ooh) Oh, yeah, I got that vision
(Ahh-ahh) Told you befo-o-ore
(Ooh-ooh) I'll make somethin' outta nothin'
(Ahh-ahh) So here we go-whoa-whoa
Can you see it? Oh, yeah, I can see it
Just follow my vibe, no, we don't need a blueprint (uh-huh)
Life is random, sometimes it's chaotic
But in a bit of time, oh, pony, it'll be lit (whoo!)
Every little thing, yeah, has got a purpose
(Oh, pony, can ya feel me?)
Every little thing, yeah, just needs a pla-a-ace
(Oh, pony, can ya hear me?)
Every little pony has got their own destiny
And I'm gonna live mine with a little creativity
With a little creativity
With a little creativity (oh, pony)
With creativity
With a little creativity!
Allura: Smile, ponies, smile. We need that cheer to get what we want.
Twitch: [squeaking]
Allura: You're right, Twitch. I haven't seen Violet Frost in forever. Where is that pony? You fool. She's right over there.
Twitch: [sniffing, squeaking]
Allura: Fine.
Violet Frost: [gasps]
Allura: [purrs] Violet Frost, what are you doing?
Violet Frost: [fake-entranced] Hi, Allura. Happy to see you. I'm just looking for that special star.
Allura: See? She's in the trance.
Twitch: [squeaking]
Allura: What do you want? You're annoying me!
Misty: How is Violet resisting the trance?
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, I made her some special crystal snowball earplugs. Just enough to muffle the spell.
Violet Frost: [fake-entranced] The special star.
Allura: What did you say?
Violet Frost: [fake-entranced] The special star. I found it.
Allura: Protect the charm.
Twitch: Mm-hmm!
Allura: I don't believe it. Show me!
Allura: A portal! I did it! I finally did it! Give me that! Now I can use this star to open any portal and go to whichever realm I desire!
Twitch: [squeaking]
Misty: What do we do now?
Sunny Starscout: We've gotta distract him.
Twitch: [yawns]
Pipp Petals: [gasps] Or lull him! [humming "A Special Tune"]
Twitch: [groans, snoring]
Sunny Starscout: [laughs] You did it!
Misty: Way to go, Pipp!
Pipp Petals: Nopony can resist falling asleep to my lullabies. Especially that one!
Twitch: [snoring]
Allura: [growling]
Zipp Storm: [grunting] How much longer do you think we have to pull these for?
Hitch Trailblazer: I have no idea, but my hooves are getting tired.
Allura: Huh? [growling] A fake! [growling]
Izzy Moonbow: Oh...
Allura: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: Oopsy!
Allura: [growls]
Violet Frost: [chuckles nervously] Double oops!
Hitch Trailblazer: Uh-oh!
Allura: [hissing]
Twitch: [exclaiming]
Violet Frost: We got the charm!
Twitch: [exclaiming]
Allura: [growling]
Comet: I can't believe you got the Nova Charm back! You saved us!
Violet Frost: We're finally free!
[wind rushing]
Allura: Six little ponies wandered into my territory and tried to destroy my plans? Who do you think you are?
Sunny Starscout: I know who we are! We're the Auroricorns' friends! And we're not going to let anypony, or not-pony, hurt them!
Allura: [laughs] An Alicorn? How cute.
Twitch: [squeaks]
Violet Frost: It's too late, Allura. You lost! We have the Nova Charm now!
Allura: Lost? You think I need that pathetic charm to have what I want? [purrs]
Comet: [goofy laugh]
Allura: I don't need the charm to do anything.
Twitch: Bleh!
Allura: I can have whatever I want. All I need is the power of "purr-suasion".
Izzy Moonbow and Misty: [laugh]
Hitch Trailblazer: [chuckles]
Pipp Petals: [giggles]
Zipp Storm: [grunting, laughs]
Allura: [purrs]
Zipp Storm: [entranced] This place is so great!
Allura: Maybe I'll let the Auroricorns have a little fun with you two before I make you join them.
Mane 6 sans Sunny and Comet: [laughing]
Violet Frost: What do we do, Sunny?! We can't lose our beautiful Starlight Ridge to Allura!
Sunny Starscout: And you won't!
Mane 6 sans Sunny and Comet: [laughing]
Comet: Oof! Huh? [groans]
Sunny Starscout: Huh. That was weird. [gasps] Violet Frost! Didn't you say the snow here had healing magic?
Violet Frost: Yeah, but I'd never actually seen it used.
Sunny Starscout: [gasps] That's it! That's why Izzy's earplugs worked!
Violet Frost: What?
Sunny Starscout: They're made of snow! The snow here is special! Very special!
Comet: Huh?
Violet Frost: It's a cure!
Mane 5 sans Sunny: [laughing]
Sunny Starscout: [grunts]
Izzy Moonbow and Zipp Storm: [gasp]
Twitch: [squeaks]
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgles]
Pipp Petals: Ah! Sunny, you did it!
Allura: But how?!
Hitch Trailblazer: The snow here is special! Just like the Auroricorns!
Misty: [gasps]
Allura: What are you going to do? Keep throwing snow at everypony?
Sunny Starscout: That's exactly what we're going to do!
Izzy Moonbow: Crystal snowball fight!
Violet Frost: Come on, everypony! Keep throwing snowballs!
Auroricorn 1: But she's been controlling us for so long.
Auroricorn 2: Can we really beat her?
Violet Frost: Yes, we can! I know we can! Sunny made me remember how special of a place Starlight Ridge is!
Pipp Petals: And it doesn't stop there! Starlight Ridge is special, but what makes it extra special is all of you! You are the Auroricorns! You're amazing!
Misty: It's true! I know how you all must feel being under the hoof of somepony that's angry and just wants to control you! But it doesn't have to be this way!
Zipp Storm: The only way to get what you want is to have the courage to defend yourself!
Hitch Trailblazer: They're all right! Nopony deserves this!
Allura: Quiet! Your plan will never work! I'll just entrance you all again!
Sunny Starscout: Well, that won't stop us from trying!
Auroricorn 3: [laughs] Whoa, that... that was kind of fun!
[Auroricorns laughing]
Twitch: [squeaking]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Twitch: [groans] Oh!
[ponies laughing]
Comet: Aah!
Sunny Starscout and Zipp Storm: [laughing]
Allura: [growling]
Sunny Starscout: Wow! Look at that!
[Auroricorns laughing]
Sunny Starscout: [gasps] That's it! When you're happy, you're powerful!
Comet: So we need to have real fun! A-And be truly happy in order to take back our town!
Violet Frost: That's a great idea! I now declare today... Super Starshine Time!
[Auroricorns cheering]
Comet: All right!
[rhythmic thudding]
[Violet Frost]
(Everypony, come on!)
(Time to shine now!)
(You gotta shine now!)
Hey, put those workin' hooves away
We're gettin' in the groove
We're out here shining brighter
Than the stars above the moon
Feels like I'm one with the aurora
Ohhhh-oh-ohhhh (we shine)
The magic's here, it's shining on us
Ohhhh-oh-ohhhh (so bright, it's shining on us)
It's like it's up there callin' out to me
To me, yeah!
Starshine Time
We're only gettin' brighter
We're glowin' up together
We shine, shine, shine (we shine)
Starshine Time
We're only gettin' brighter
We're glowin' up together
We shine, shine, shine (we shine)
Allura: [growls] No! Stop singing! Listen to me! I'm your leader! [grunts]
Twitch: Aah!
Allura: [growling]
Twitch: [groaning]
Allura: I'll get you back, ponies! I want out of this realm! And I always get what I want!
Twitch: [angry gibberish]
Comet: Oh, I can't believe we're finally free!
Sunny Starscout: And now you know your secret weapon. Fun, singing, and lots of snowballs!
Pipp Petals: Hmm... Now, how do we get the Nova Charm out of its ice cage?
Sparky Sparkeroni: [giggles, burps fire]
Mane 6, Violet Frost, and Comet: [cheering]
Violet Frost: You ponies are incredible. And it's only right that you all become our new leaders.
Sunny Starscout: [laughs] We can't lead Starlight Ridge. We have to go back to Equestria.
Pipp Petals: Hmm!
Violet Frost: But if not you all, then who?
Sunny Starscout: Why, you, of course!
Violet Frost: Me?!
Sunny Starscout: You've proven to be an incredible leader today.
Pipp Petals: Hmm!
Violet Frost: I'm not special enough to lead, am I?
Comet: Violet Frost! Violet Frost!
Auroricorns: [chanting] Violet Frost! Violet Frost! Violet Frost! Violet Frost!
Sunny Starscout: Being a leader isn't about possessing a charm, Violet. It's about doing the right thing. Having hope.
Pipp Petals: And having confidence.
Zipp Storm: And courage.
Misty: Empathy.
Hitch Trailblazer: Kindness.
Izzy Moonbow: And don't forget about creativity!
Sunny Starscout: You've proven to have all of that.
Violet Frost: Okay! I'll do it! I'll lead Starlight Ridge!
Mane 6 and Auroricorns: [cheering, laughing]
Violet Frost: Now what? How will you get home?
Sunny Starscout: There must be a way to get back.
Hitch Trailblazer: I'm not so sure. The portal is closed. We're lost and now we're stuck!
Misty: Allura couldn't figure it out. What makes us think we can?
Pipp Petals: At least this isn't the worst place to be stuck.
Violet Frost: We are all so thankful that you ponies helped us.
Comet: But it was at the expense of you getting home.
Violet Frost: We're so sorry.
Izzy Moonbow: Hey, it's okay. [screaming] Whoopsies! I'll get it!
[bright music]
Izzy Moonbow: Hmmm... Sometimes, you just have to be creative.
Sunny Starscout: What are you talking about, Izzy? Wait a second. You don't think...
Misty: What's going on?
Violet Frost: The Nova Charm was the star!
Zipp Storm: You mean Allura had it the whole time?
Hitch Trailblazer: [chuckles] I guess her greed and anger stopped her from seeing the special thing right before her eyes.
Comet: I guess this means you can go home now.
Zipp Storm: Equestria, here we come!
All: Awww!
Violet Frost: Thank you for everything. We will never forget you all.
Sunny Starscout: Well, I guess we better get going then.
Comet: Uh... uh... I'm coming with you!
Pipp Petals: I'm sorry, what did you just say?
Comet: I have been dreaming of seeing the rest of the world for as long as I can remember, and I couldn't be happier to call Starlight Ridge home, but... I am ready for my next adventure! I want to see what else is out there! And what better way to do it than with new friends? So, if it's okay, I would like to come with you.
Zipp Storm: [scoffs] Are you kidding?
Comet: [winces]
Pipp Petals: Of course you can come!
Sunny Starscout: Yeah!
Hitch Trailblazer: We'd love to have you!
Izzy Moonbow: New friend, new friend, new friend! Ooh!
Violet Frost: I'm so proud of you, Comet. You're gonna have the most amazing time. I know it. One more thing! I want you to have this.
Izzy Moonbow: But don't you need it?
Violet Frost: I think it's time we did away with the old rules and started making some new ones. It belongs with you, Izzy. That way, you can always find your way back to Starlight Ridge. Plus, now I know that the Nova Charm isn't what makes a leader. Caring about your fellow ponies is.
Izzy Moonbow: [giggles]
Pipp Petals: [singsong] Looooove it!
Izzy Moonbow: Hoof to heart.
Sunny Starscout: You're gonna do great.
[epic music]
Mane 6: [laughing]
Sunny Starscout: We're so excited you came with us, Comet!
Comet: Whoa! You ponies look different now!
Zipp Storm: Oh, yeah. This is what we really look like. Surprise!
Comet: [laughs] I've been in Equestria one minute, and I'm already learning so much!
Pipp Petals: I have a feeling you're gonna super love it here.
Sunny Starscout: And if you ever do miss home, we know exactly how to get back. Speaking of home, I think it's time we head back to ours.
Misty: I think we've finally earned ourselves that nap.
Mane 6 and Comet: [laughing]
Comet: Oh, wow! I'm one of the best nappers at Starlight Ridge! It is amazing! Sometimes, I can nap for, like, hours on end and...
Auroricorn 1: More razzleberry cocoa for me, please!
Auroricorn 2: I'll take another apple oat!
Violet Frost: You got it!
Auroricorn 1: You're the best leader ever, Violet Frost.
Twitch: [mimicking mockingly]
Auroricorn 1: I'm so glad Comet and the others made it through the portal.
Twitch: Ooh!
Auroricorn 1: But they definitely made Starshine Time a little bit brighter.
Violet Frost: Yeah, Equestria is very lucky to have them.
Twitch: [exclaiming]
Allura: What is it?
Twitch: [squeaking]
Allura: What did you say?!
Twitch: [squeaking]
Allura: What?! Those ponies found the portal?!
Twitch: [squeaking]
Mysterious Voice: You fool!
Allura: [gasps]
Mysterious Voice: You had the star the whole time!
Allura: Don't worry, brother. I'll get it back. [growling]
[sinister music]
Comet: There's so much to see! So much to learn! I can't... Whoa! Wait!
Sunny Starscout: We are so happy you're here, Comet.
Hitch Trailblazer: Yeah! We're gonna show you all there is to see in Equestria!
Misty: And with Opaline and Allura gone, there's nothing but fun to be had!
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] Let's start right now! Comet! How do you feel about a game where we balance yarn balls on our heads?! [screaming, groans] Ta-daaaah!
Mane 6 and Comet: [laughing]