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[papers fluttering]
Yona: Huh?
Silverstream: Whoa!
Rainbow Dash: Did I miss the Teacher of the Month announcement?
Applejack: You're just in time. But it's gonna be me.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, right. I got this one nailed.
Twilight Sparkle: And the Friendship School Teacher of the Month is... Fluttershy!
Applejack: [groans] Again?
Rainbow Dash: Come on!
Fluttershy: Oh, my! I don't know how I keep winning.
[camera flashes]
Rainbow Dash: Yeah. Me, neither.
Twilight Sparkle: The award is based on the students' vote. They must really like you.
Twilight Sparkle: Congratulations, Fluttershy!
Fluttershy: [giggles]
Twilight Sparkle: Next item of business – I've been looking into a new activity for our friendship classes. Spike?
[pages flapping]
Twilight Sparkle: Section one-forty-seven, paragraph two states that teamwork is a key part of friendship. And section two-two-nine, paragraph nine says outdoor activity reinforces learning. Add that together, and what do you get?
Pinkie Pie: Ooh, ooh! Okay, let me see. One-forty-seven, two-twenty-nine, carry the two... Three hundred and eighty-seven?
Twilight Sparkle: Mm-mm. A teamwork field trip. Leading it is a Teacher of the Month-type job, so I thought I'd ask—
Applejack: I'm your pony, Twilight! Sweet Apple Acres has taught me a thing or two about workin' together.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, but being a Wonderbolt's the definition of teamwork.
Applejack: [chuckles] I'm sure you're not sayin' fancy flyin' makes ya a better choice than me.
Rainbow Dash: [chuckles] I wouldn't say "better". Just a little more qualified. No offense.
Fluttershy: Maybe you can lead the field trip together.
Applejack: [stutters]
Rainbow Dash: [stutters]
Twilight Sparkle: Of course! Who better to model the importance of working as a team?
Pinkie Pie: Um, Rarity? Fluttershy? Me? Spike? This flowerpot?
Twilight Sparkle: Both of you are teamwork experts. If the students see the two of you teaching together, they'll learn even more. I know you've been competitive in the past, but I'm sure you'd never let that get in the way of friendship education.
Applejack: Of course!
Rainbow Dash: Totally!
Applejack and Rainbow Dash: [groans, chuckles]
[theme song]
Ocellus: I've never been on a field trip before.
Smolder: Yeah, what's the point of this exactly?
Gallus: Getting out of the classroom. Duh.
Yona: Yak best at field-tripping! [grunts]
Silverstream: That's what we're doing?! So fun! [grunts]
Sandbar: [chuckles] Pretty sure the headmare has something else in mind.
Twilight Sparkle: All right, class. Today you'll learn how important working together is for building a strong friendship.
Applejack: Hey, y'all! Ready to get out there and do some learnin' the Apple family way?
Rainbow Dash: This is basically gonna be the best field trip in the history of ever! With me in charge, that is. Whoa!
Applejack: [chuckles nervously] With us in charge. Meanin' mostly me.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah. Good one.
Twilight Sparkle: And what teamwork activity do you two have planned for today?
Shed buildin'!
Rainbow Dash:
Canoe racing!
Silverstream: No... way. We get to do both?!
Twilight Sparkle: I bet that's exactly what your teachers had in mind. Why don't you start with shed building first?
Applejack: Heh. Don't mind if I do! Everycreature, follow the leader!
Twilight Sparkle: I'll check in later to see how it's going. Remember to work together!
Applejack: [deep inhale] Now take a good, deep breath. What do you smell?
Gallus: [inhale] Uh, yak?
Yona: [sniffing] Mm-hmm!
Applejack: Nope. Try again.
Ocellus: Um, apples?
Applejack: And...? Anyone? Anyone? No? The promise of... teamwork! That there's an apple shed. And this here is what we're gonna use to build it. Nothin' brings friends together like a little hard work and honest sweat.
Rainbow Dash: [laughing] Sweat? Seriously? That's supposed to be part of friendship?
Applejack: Not everypony would know that, Rainbow Dash. Just "Teacher of the Month" kind o' ponies.
Rainbow Dash: Whatever. Let's just get this done so we can move on to my activity.
[montage music]
Applejack: That's it! Measure twice and cut once! Haste makes waste! Slow and steady!
Rainbow Dash: Emphasis on the slow.
Rainbow Dash: [grunting]
Applejack: Rainbow Dash! Ya can't build an apple shed like that!
Rainbow Dash: [scoffs] Oh, yeah? I just did!
Sandbar: Whoa! No way!
Rest of Young Six: Whoa!
Gallus: Impressive... if you can call an apple shed impressive.
Applejack: Just 'cause it's fast don't mean it's good!
Rainbow Dash: Oh, sorry, can't hear you. Too busy practicing my "Teacher of the Month" pose. [grunting]
Applejack: Don't count your pictures before they're snapped, Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash: Oh, come on! These students are totally gonna vote for a teacher who gets things done!
Applejack: No! They're gonna vote for a teacher who gets things done right!
Smolder: Yeah... This isn't awkward at all...
[montage music continues]
[wood creaking]
Applejack: Steady... Steady... Take 'er nice and slow...
Applejack: Little to the left...
Applejack: Uh, a hair to the right...
Applejack: Now, a hoof shavin' higher...
Rainbow Dash: [growls] Just bring it down already!
Gallus and Smolder: [yelps]
Applejack: [yelps]
Rainbow Dash: [chuckles nervously]
Applejack: I'll give ya one guess whose side is still standin'.
Yona: Yak side! [grunts]
Yona: [chuckles nervously] Uh...
Applejack: [sighs]
Ocellus: Um, professors? I'm a little confused about teamwork now.
Rainbow Dash: That's because you need a different teacher. Follow me! Last one to the stream is a rotten apple shed!
Applejack: [growls]
Rainbow Dash: Who's ready to smash the all-time Equestria speed record for river canoeing?!
[cricket chirping]
Gallus: Is that even a thing?
Sandbar: First I've heard of it.
Rainbow Dash: We need to get to the finish line before this alarm goes off. That means you gotta move fast! Any questions?
Yona: Uh, Yona has questions.
Rainbow Dash: No time for 'em! Get in the boat!
Applejack: You really think winnin' some canoein' record is gonna get you that Teacher of the Month trophy?
Rainbow Dash: I'm pretty sure everycreature's gonna like it a lot better than pounding nails and cutting wood.
Yona: Yak not like water.
Ocellus: Sometimes, when I'm scared to try something new, I whistle.
Yona: [weak whistling]
Gallus: We got you, Yona.
Yona: [yelping]
Applejack: Way I see it, Twilight's gonna give that teachin' trophy to a teacher, not a racer.
Rainbow Dash: We'll see about that.
Rainbow Dash: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Harder! Put your backs into it, newbies!
Applejack: Stroooooke... Stroooooke... Stroooooke... Slower... Focus on your paddle technique, y'all.
Silverstream: Woo-hoo! We're really going now!
Smolder: So... when do we get to the part when we move?
[water splashing]
Rainbow Dash: When everycreature starts listening to me, the leader of my activity, Applejack! Now stroke!
[water splashing]
[water rushing]
[watch ticking]
Rainbow Dash: Dig in, team! We can still beat that record!
Applejack: Stop!
Rainbow Dash: Go!
Ocellus: Which way do we go?
Rainbow Dash: Left!
Applejack: Right!
Silverstream: Aye-aye, captains! Wait, what?
Rainbow Dash: Left! I can see the finish line from here!
Applejack: If we go left, we'll be headin' straight into the bite-acuda fish!
Rainbow Dash: Who cares about a few fish?
Sandbar: Uh, professors?
Applejack: You'll care plenty when they bite ya!
Sandbar: Guys?
Rainbow Dash: We'll just go around them!
Sandbar: Rock!
All: [screaming]
[water rushing]
All: [gasping, coughing]
Silverstream: [giggling]
Yona: [panicked whistling] Oof! [grunting]
Silverstream: I love field trips!
Applejack: I hope you're happy.
Rainbow Dash: [scoffs] Obviously not! Because there goes our new speed record!
Yona: [panicked whistling, coughing] Help! Yak not swim!
[transformation zap]
Ocellus: That's okay! Your friends can change into creatures that do!
Yona: [panicked whistling, coughing]
Twilight Sparkle: How's the canoeing... going?
Smolder: About as good as the apple shed building.
Rainbow Dash: I totally had things under control until Applejack messed 'em up!
Applejack: I did not!
Rainbow Dash: Did too!
Applejack: Did not!
Gallus: Yup. It's been like this all day.
Sandbar: I wouldn't say all day. Just... ninety-nine percent of it.
Twilight Sparkle: I can't believe this! You're not teaching teamwork! You're competing with each other! I thought you were past that!
Rainbow Dash: We are! Mostly.
Applejack: We got carried away with wantin' to be the Teacher of the Month is all.
Twilight Sparkle: The Teacher of the Month wouldn't care about being the Teacher of the Month! I know Fluttershy would be thrilled to see another pony win. That's it! I'm taking over this field trip!
Applejack: H-Hold up, Twilight. Don't count Rainbow Dash for the award just yet. You shoulda seen her fire up those students to build a shed.
Rainbow Dash: No way! You're the one the students listen to. Besides, you saved us from those pony-eating fish.
Rainbow Dash: Uh, long story. But Applejack should definitely be Teacher of the Month.
Twilight Sparkle: Hmmm... Maybe you two have learned something, after all.
Applejack: Does that mean you'll give us another chance at the Teacher of the— [muffled]
Rainbow Dash: Field trip?
Twilight Sparkle: Well...
Rainbow Dash: Come on, Twilight. We get it. No more arguing. Right, Applejack?
Applejack: Right as rain and twice as fresh!
Twilight Sparkle: Fine. But I'm picking the next activity you two lead. A nature walk. Nopony could possibly argue over that. Right?
Applejack and Rainbow Dash: Right!
Applejack: See? We're agreein' already.
Applejack: Well, look at that. The path splits up ahead. Left or right?
Smolder: Ugh. Here we go again.
Applejack: Where to, Rainbow Dash?
Rainbow Dash: I was thinking right... unless you want to go left. Because what makes you happy makes me happy.
Applejack: Aw, heck. Forget about me. You want to go right, we'll go right.
Rainbow Dash: But teamwork means listening to other ponies, so it's up to you.
Applejack: Well, aren't you as sweet as sugar apple pie? But it's up to you.
Yona: Ugh! Follow me! Yak know best way!
Applejack: Hey! Where are y'all goin'?
[montage music]
Ocellus: I think we've gone in the same circle five times.
Sandbar: Only because someponies won't make up their minds about which way to go.
Rainbow Dash: Do you want to keep going in a circle, Applejack?
Applejack: Up to you, Rainbow Dash. I insist.
Rainbow Dash: [chuckles] No, no. I insist.
Applejack: Heh. But I insisted first.
Silverstream: Are we still on a field trip? 'Cause this just feels like being lost.
Smolder: Ugh.
Smolder: We can still get back to school before dark if we cross that ravine and stop doubling back.
Rainbow Dash: We knew that. All part of our plan. Right, Applejack?
Applejack: Uh, yup! All we have to do is, uh... build a bridge 'cross that, uh, giant canyon, and we're home free. That is, if-if you think a bridge is a good idea.
Rainbow Dash: Only if you want to build a bridge.
Gallus: Stop! Listen. We can just fly everyone over and be done.
Applejack: Nope! There's still plenty o' time to teach y'all a lesson in teamwork.
Rainbow Dash: Cooperation!
Applejack: Togetherness!
Rainbow Dash: You are so right!
Applejack: Only as right as you are!
Smolder: Okay! We'll build a bridge! What do we use?
Rainbow Dash:
Rainbow Dash:
Applejack: I'm goin' with your idea! Vines! No buts about it!
Rainbow Dash: I-I'm building with your idea! Branches! End of story!
[montage music]
Ocellus: [yawns]
[crickets chirping]
Applejack: [muffled] Why use a branch when you can use a vine? [grunting] Whoa!
Young Six: [gasps]
Applejack: [grunting]
Young Six: [sighs]
Rainbow Dash: Why didn't I think of branches to begin with? They're so— [yelping] ...easy to work with.
Young Six: [gasps]
[wind whistling]
Applejack: [muffled] Come on now... [grunting] These here vines are just the thing, Rainbow Dash!
Rainbow Dash: Not to disagree, but these here branches are the way to— [screams]
Applejack: [screams]
Applejack and Rainbow Dash: [screaming] Help!
Ocellus: Uh, at least now they're agreeing on something.
[vines creaking]
Rainbow Dash: [grunting] I can't get out!
Applejack: Let me try. [grunting]
[vines creaking]
[teeth snapping]
Rainbow Dash: Let me guess. Bite-acudas?
Applejack: Mm-hmm.
[teeth snapping]
Applejack: And they look mighty hungry.
Sandbar: We gotta get our professors out of there! Anycreature have a plan?
Gallus: Leave 'em hangin'?
Silverstream: What?!
Gallus: I'm kidding! ...Kinda.
Ocellus: We need to work fast! And together!
[vines snapping]
Smolder: But mainly fast.
Applejack: I hate to admit it, but—
[vines snapping]
Applejack: ...this whole mess is kinda our fault.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah. No trophy is worth getting eaten over.
Applejack: So what do ya say? You want to team up and get ourselves out of this here pickle barrel?
Rainbow Dash: I thought you'd never ask.
Rainbow Dash and Applejack: [screams]
Ocellus: Aah! Don't worry. I'm just the distraction.
Rainbow Dash: Ocellus?!
Applejack: [sighs] You nearly scared the cutie marks off us!
Ocellus: [roars, chomp-chomp]
[vines snapping]
Rainbow Dash and Applejack: [screaming]
Silverstream: Need a lift?
Yona: Yak smash! [grunting]
Sandbar: [grunting]
Smolder: [grunting]
Yona: [laughing, grunting]
Sandbar: Welcome back, professors!
Rainbow Dash: Now, that was a rescue!
Applejack: And y'all did it together!
Young Six: [cheering]
Gallus: No big. Those fish weren't even a thing.
Ocellus: [growls]
Gallus: [screams]
Ocellus: [chuckles] Oops. Sorry.
Silverstream: [giggles] Best... field trip... ever!
[door opens]
Twilight Sparkle: Huh? How was the field trip? What did you all learn?
Rainbow Dash and Applejack: Uhhhh...
Yona: Yak learn ponies smart!
Silverstream: Yeah! Professors Applejack and Rainbow Dash were such good teachers!
Gallus: It was kind of crazy genius. They showed us what not to do so we'd figure out what we should do.
Twilight Sparkle: Really...?
Sandbar: It took us a while to get it.
Smolder: Especially at the ravine. It would've been so much easier to just fly home.
Silverstream: But instead, our professors built bridges the wrong way just to show us how important teamwork is.
Gallus: Yeah. That was super dangerous. Talk about commitment.
Ocellus: We know it's too early to pick the Teacher of the Month. But we'd like you to consider Rainbow Dash and Applejack.
Twilight Sparkle: Thank you for telling me. I'm so glad to hear your field trip was a success. I'll make sure to schedule another one right away.
Young Six: [cheering]
Twilight Sparkle: [to Rainbow Dash and Applejack] You were actually just competing the entire time, weren't you?
Applejack: To tell you the truth... yeah.
Rainbow Dash: Well, not all the time. I agreed with you for the whole nature walk.
Applejack: Only 'cause you were anglin' for that Teacher of the Month award!
Twilight Sparkle: [groans]
Rainbow Dash: You were the one doing the "angling"!
Applejack: [scoffs] You were more like fandanglin'!
Rainbow Dash:
What does that even mean?! No one here can understand your country bumpkin talk...!
Look, we all live in the same town here...!