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Twilight Sparkle: This is amazing!
Applejack: What do you mean, Twilight? We've been on one together before.
Twilight Sparkle: Exactly! This is the first time the map has teamed up the same ponies for a second quest!
Fluttershy: That is special.
Applejack: Heh. Must be 'cause we're extra good at solvin' friendship problems.
Twilight Sparkle: I hope so, 'cause it looks like this one might be a little tricky. You're going to the Peaks of Peril.
Fluttershy: The Peaks of... P-P-Peril?!
Applejack: Aw, it's just a name.
Applejack: [yelps] Phew! [yelps] Oh. Have you seen a Kirin that talks?
Applejack: Any idea where I should look?
Applejack: Oh, for the love of Celestia! Can't ya just say somethin'?!
Autumn Blaze: [giggles] Gotcha!
Applejack: [gasps] This... is amazin'.
Autumn Blaze: Oh, you think so, too?!
Applejack: Mm-hmm!
Autumn Blaze: The way the light shimmers off everything, like, like it all suddenly woke up the moment you saw it and you realize, maybe the water, the mountains, the forest, and... yes, the rainbow and the stars and the sky are all all looking back at you thinking the same thing? That we are a part of the everything. That maybe there's just one thing and we are all it.
Applejack: I was gonna say it's pretty. But yeah.
Applejack: I hope it's not a sore subject, but... you mind explaining why y'all went quiet in the first place?
Autumn Blaze: It's a long story.
Applejack: [sighs] You'd rather not talk about it?
Autumn Blaze: No.
Applejack: I... I under-
Autumn Blaze: [begins singing] I'd rather... siiiiiiiiiiiing!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki:Workshop/Untitled Autumn Blaze song My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki:Workshop/Untitled Autumn Blaze song

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