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Episode The Isle of Scaly
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["Everything is Gonna Be Okay" playing]
Pipp Petals: [vocalizing]
Zipp Storm: Could you turn that down, Pipp? I can barely hear myself navigate.
Pipp Petals: [loudly] What?! I can't hear you over this "Intense Music for our Trip to the Dragon Lands" playlist I made!
[music stops]
Zipp Storm: Thank you.
Pipp Petals: Hey! I was just trying to keep the mood light. It's so tense in here.
Hitch Trailblazer: That's 'cause last time we visited the Isle of Scaly, there were no dragons. This time, who knows what we'll find?
Misty: I just hope we get there before Opaline.
Mane 6: [gasp]
Zipp Storm: [grunts]
Mane 6: [gasping in awe]
Zipp Storm: Huh? Spark Alert! We have a map situation again!
Izzy Moonbow: Step back, step back! Dragon magic incoming!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [belches]
Zipp Storm: Whoops! It's gonna be a hard left!
Sunny Starscout: Hold on to your cutie marks!
Mane 6 sans Zipp: [screaming]
Sunny Starscout and Misty: [grunting]
Mane 6 sans Zipp: [screaming]
[theme song]
Mane 6 sans Zipp: [screaming]
Zipp Storm: [gasps]
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] We made it!
Misty: It was so much easier when we just trotted through a magic door last time.
Pipp Petals: At least we can snap some great aerial shots. [squeals]
[alarm beeping]
Pipp Petals: [gasps] Ugh! My battery is dead!
[alarm stops]
[electricity crackling]
[lantern hums, fizzles]
Hitch Trailblazer and Pipp Petals: [whimper]
Sunny Starscout, Hitch Trailblazer, Pipp Petals, and Misty: [screaming]
Izzy Moonbow: Yahoo! [laughing]
Sunny Starscout: Everypony take their stations! This could be a crash landing!
Izzy Moonbow: I have an idea! It might work, but it might not. But I like those odds!
Zipp Storm: Everypony, hold on!
Mane 6 sans Izzy: [screaming]
Izzy Moonbow: [laughing]
Izzy Moonbow: [sighs] You never know when you'll need a really, really big balloon. That's why I have 'em at all times. Whew!
Hitch Trailblazer: Great landing, everypony. Best yet. [sighs]
[balloon squeaks, pops]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [laughs]
Sunny Starscout: Well, we're back! I can't believe we did it!
Hitch Trailblazer: Now let's not pat ourselves on the back too much. These dragons have been asleep for ages. They still could be.
Izzy Moonbow: Let's wake 'em up!
Pipp Petals: We're [singing] HEEEEEERE!
Blaize: But why... are you here?
Blaize: You are trespassing on the Isle of Scaly. Who are you?
Sunny Starscout: I'm Sunny. This is Hitch...
Hitch Trailblazer: [chuckles nervously]
Sunny Starscout: ...Izzy...
Izzy Moonbow: [laughs]
Sunny Starscout: ...Pipp...
Pipp Petals: Hi.
Sunny Starscout: ...Zipp...
Zipp Storm: I...
Sunny Starscout: ...and Misty.
Misty: [high-pitched squeak]
Blaize: Okay... Why are you here?
Sunny Starscout: Uh, to help.
Blaize: Pretty sure we don't need your help.
Sunny Starscout: Actually... you do. There is an evil Alicorn that wants to steal your dragon magic. We want to stop her.
Blaize: Pony leader, I'm Blaize. Let's speak in private.
Sunny Starscout: Oh, uh, Blaize, I'm not the—
Blaize: This way!
Sunny Starscout: [laughs nervously]
Izzy Moonbow: Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Izzy! We flew here on the Mare Stream, which might be broken. I wanted to make a good impression, so I crafted these charms for you. They have our names on them so you can remember who your new friends are. [gasps] What are your names?
Luxxe: I'm Luxxe! You made this? I love it!
Izzy Moonbow: Hoof-to-heart, Luxxe! [grunts]
Leaf: [sniffs, slurps] Ew, yuck!
Tumble: Leaf, be nice to them. They brought presents.
Leaf: I want a good one! Are they all the same, Tumble?
Luxxe: [grunts]
Leaf: Hey!
Fountain: I'm Fountain. What are you doing?
Pipp Petals: Hi, I'm Pipp. I'm just trying to find a signal.
[phone beeping]
Pipp Petals: Ugh! My phone is really acting up.
Fountain: Um, signal? Uh, I don't know if we have that here. Also, what is a phone?
Pipp Petals: [gasps, screams, stutters] W-What did you just say to me?!
[phone beeps]
Zipp Storm: Okay, so... Name – Tumble. Age – dragon age. Current questions? These. When did you all wake up?
Tumble: When the evil one came!
Zipp Storm: "Evil one"? [gasps] Opaline!
Fountain: Her magic shook the Isles, and she captured Lava and Jade.
Zipp Storm: Opaline captured two of your friends?! How?!
Tumble: It takes us dragons weeks to awaken from a magical hibernation that deep. [groans]
Misty: She attacked when you were half asleep? That sounds like Opaline.
Leaf: Our shimmers haven't been too bright since then. Look. [grunts]
[faint shimmering sound]
Leaf: [sighs]
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] That is very bad!
Fountain: Well said, pony.
Tumble: How strong is this Opaline?
Luxxe: Do you think Lava and Jade are okay?
Misty: I hope so.
[thunder strikes]
Lava and Jade: [grunting]
Opaline: There's my sleepy little scalies! How are we today, minions?
Lava: [breathes fire]
Opaline: [laughs] Oh. Looks like somebody needs a lullaby. Well... let me give you one.
When I walk past a mirror, I scare myself
I'm the queen of mean
Don't care about anypony other than me
Isn't that lovely?
Don't ask me to be nice, I don't want to
I don't play fair
I'm giving you the heat you can't handle
And I don't care
I'm a villain (glamorous and mean)
I'm a villain (evil as can be)
Darling, I'm a villain (make you shiver through your teeth)
Don't you cry now, it will all be fine
I'm a villain
I'm a villain
Hush, little pony, don't say a word
Or you'll get cursed
Can you feel the flames getting closer?
Ain't that the worst?
Don't ask me to be nice, I don't want to
I don't play fair
I'm giving you the heat you can't handle
And I don't care
I'm a villain (glamorous and mean)
I'm a villain (evil as can be)
I'm a villain (make you shiver through your teeth)
Don't you cry now, it will all be fine
I'm a villain
Ooh, I'm a villain
I'm a villain
[laughs evilly] Oh, I'm so scary. There we are. Now, let's have some of that dragonfire.
Lava and Jade: [breathe fire]
Opaline: My plan is growing. [laughs] And no pony or dragon is going to stop me.
Blaize: Okay then, ponies. You say that you aren't with this evil dragon-napper pony—
Zipp Storm: May the record show that Opaline is an Alicorn.
Sunny Starscout: But not all Alicorns are evil.
Leaf: [skeptical] Mm-hmm.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps]
Blaize, Fountain, and Tumble: [gasp]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [yawning]
Luxxe: A hatchling?!
Blaize: If you aren't dragon-nappers, then why do you have a baby dragon?!
Izzy Moonbow: That's Sparky. Hitch found his egg back in Equestria and took care of him. He's sort of Sparky's dad now.
Blaize: [growls]
Hitch Trailblazer: [gulps] His pony dad! But really he's my best friend and little deputy and... [chuckles nervously] much more!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgles]
Tumble: Fry my tail. There hasn't been a baby dragon around here in a volcano's age! What?!
Leaf: It's like a miracle! A hatchling could restore shimmer to all of Scaly!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgles, kisses]
Leaf, Luxxe, Fountain, and Tumble: Awwww!
Luxxe: I don't think these ponies are our enemies.
Blaize: [sighs] You're too quick to trust, Luxxe. I still don't understand why they came all the way out here.
Sunny Starscout: Because we want to stop all of Equestria from falling into a darkness so dark that we may lose the light of friendship forever!
Pipp Petals: That would be baaaaad. Like, super baaaaad.
Sunny Starscout: So please, dragon friends! Band together with us. Help us stop Opaline, restore the magic shimmer and kindness in all of Equestria, and rescue your fellow dragons that Opaline has taken!
Izzy Moonbow: Ta-daaaaah!
Blaize: [growls]
Izzy Moonbow: [chuckles] Aah!
Blaize: [groans]
Izzy Moonbow: [laughs]
Blaize: We must first request approval from our leader, the Dragon Lord, to form a partnership with ponykind.
Zipp Storm: Well, where can we find him? We don't have all day!
Misty: Technically we do. Because the Mare Stream is, well, broken. So we are kinda stuck here.
Zipp Storm: Oh. Yeah.
Blaize: Follow us, little ponies. We will lead you to our ancient, much larger, much wiser, and much more secretive leader.
Izzy Moonbow: Uh, excuse me, Blaize. Might I make a suggestion? I was thinking maybe it would behoove us...
Misty: Clever!
Izzy Moonbow: Thank you! have some of us stay here to try and get the Mare Stream fixed in the meantime.
Sunny Starscout: Great idea, Izzy.
Pipp Petals: Yes, yes, yes! Izzy can craft a fix for the power source on the Mare Stream, and I will find some residual Pegasus Wi-Fi to make a call for help!
Misty: Um, I'll stay, too.
Blaize: [whispering]
Luxxe: And Leaf and I will stay here with you ponies. Not because we're keeping an eye on you or anything.
Leaf: But because we love making jokes while others do work! [laughs]
Hitch Trailblazer: Great! Let's get going! No reason for this to... drag on!
[rim shot]
Hitch Trailblazer: [laughs]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [disapproving gurgle]
Hitch Trailblazer: Seriously? Nothing? Come on, that was a good one!
Tumble: Everything on the Isle of Scaly used to shimmer. But ever since we woke up, the magic keeps fading.
Sunny Starscout: I really appreciate this. I know it can be difficult to trust newcomers, but I want to assure you that we are on your team.
Blaize: [chuckles] And we will see when we meet the leader if we are on yours.
Sunny Starscout: I hope you are, because I just know we'll be better together! I can feel it!
Fountain: So what are you? The leader of the ponies?
Sunny Starscout: No, um... I just like to plan what we do and support my friends and be an ally for anypony who needs it!
Blaize: Whatever. Here's the thing. When we meet the leader of dragons, you're the leader of ponies. Got it?
Sunny Starscout: Uh-huh.
Izzy Moonbow: Okay, so if I connect this wire to this wire, and I turn this knob, it—
[electricity crackles]
Izzy Moonbow: Well, that's something at least.
Misty: I don't get it. No matter what we do, the Hope Lantern just gets dimmer and dimmer.
Pipp Petals: It's not just the lantern. All my devices are drained, too. And I've had them plugged into the Mare Stream's outlet all day!
[faint humming]
Pipp Petals: It's so weird, right?
Misty: Uh, maybe your stuff is draining the energy from the lantern.
Pipp Petals: Yeah, that's not really how the lantern works. Plus, if they were, don't you think they'd at least be a little charged?
Izzy Moonbow: Let's just unplug this, just in case.
[jittery humming]
Izzy Moonbow: [gasps] Even dimmer?! What is this, Opposite Day?! Oh, spark my horn, none of this makes sense!
Luxxe: Uh, we weren't trying to eavesdrop...
Leaf: We were actively doing it.
Luxxe: ...but it sounds like the Mare Stream isn't draining the lantern.
Misty: Of course! The lantern is the problem! It's losing power on its own! But why?
Hitch Trailblazer: So all dragons have different kinds of magic?
Tumble: That's right! Watch this, dude! [breathes fire]
[wind whistling]
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps] Whoa! [chuckles] Is that why they call you—
Tumble: Tumble? [laughs] You got it! Luxxe can illuminate with her light magic. Fountain can bend and spray water with her fire. Oh! It's so cool!
Sunny Starscout: This must be where the Dragon Lord lives?
Fountain: Where he hibernates.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgles in awe]
[horn sounds]
Spike: [growls]
[epic music]
Spike: [yawns, sniffs, sighs]
Zipp Storm: It's probably a good time to bow.
Sunny Starscout: Hmmm... He looks familiar. Right?
Blaize: Ponies from Equestria, behold our exalted leader of dragons... Dragon Lord Spike!
Spike: [yawns]
Sunny Starscout: Spike?!
Spike: [yawns] Whoa! Heh. Excuse my breath. Just woke up.
Sunny Starscout: We are honored to meet such a legend as THE Spike! I-Is it okay if I call you Spike?
Spike: It would be weird if you called me Fred or something! Because that's not my name! [guffaws]
Sunny Starscout: I just want you to know that I am a big fan! When I was a foal, my father told me stories of you! Of the legends of Equestria's past!
Spike: Legend, huh? I don't know about that. Seriously, I don't know about that. My memory is a little foggy after all these centuries of magical hibernation. What moon is this?
Hitch Trailblazer: I know how that is. I can't remember anything when I wake up. It's a miracle I can remember to put my badge on in the morning.
Blaize: You're not wearing a badge.
Hitch Trailblazer: Huh?
Sparky Sparkeroni: [laughs]
Hitch Trailblazer: [laughs]
Tumble: Your Spikeness, they have a hatchling!
Spike: [low growl]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgles]
Spike: So this is why you came to find us?
Zipp Storm: No, actually. We came because you're in danger. Two dragons have already been captured by an evil Alicorn.
Spike: Evil Alicorn?
Zipp Storm: Yes. Equestria is in danger as well. She's trying to take over, and she's gaining power!
Hitch Trailblazer: She wants to steal all the magic for herself.
Zipp Storm: Which is why she's also draining your dragon shimmer.
Sunny Starscout: We know that she's been trying to take over Equestria since the days of—
Zipp Storm: Twilight Sparkle! She protected our lands somehow, keeping her out all this time!
Spike: [gasps] Twi?!
Sunny Starscout: But the spell has broken down, and now, Opaline is back. We just want to stop her and keep our magic.
Spike: Come inside. I have a lot to tell you ponies.
Blaize: Are you sure, your Spikeness? We don't know anything about ponies.
Spike: Well, I do, Blaize.
Fountain: Blaize got burned! Ooh! [chuckles]
Blaize: [growls]
Sunny Starscout: Wow!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling excitedly]
Spike: [sighs] Meeting you takes me back. My best friends were ponies.
Sunny Starscout: That's what I've heard.
Spike: I haven't thought about it in so long. Mostly because I was sleeping. But I do remember my adventures with them. Ugh, but my mind feels so fuzzy since I went into that magic hibernation.
Hitch Trailblazer: When was that?
Spike: Hard to say. The spell was so strong.
Sunny Starscout: Hitch, can you believe this?! This is the baby dragon from the stories my dad used to tell me! Spike was there with Twilight when Opaline got banished!
Spike: It all feels so foggy. Like a dream. But Twilight knew she had to protect magic from her somehow.
Tumble: That's why us dragons have been on the Isle of Scaly magically hibernating for all this time. It was part of the plan.
Spike: Her plan saved us all. She helped us work together against darkness. See, there were these crystals...
Sunny Starscout: The Unity Crystals?!
Spike: You know them?
Sunny Starscout: Know them?! We are the keepers of the crystals!
[phone beeps]
Zipp Storm: Sorry to interrupt this, uh, moment, but what is the real story of the crystals and Opaline? Who is she really?
Spike: She's dangerous. She's the reason I had to part ways with my friends.
Zipp Storm: Because she wanted the Unity Crystals?
Spike: No. She wanted magic. All of it.
Spike: [narrating] Twilight's reign was peaceful for many moons until Opaline Arcana appeared. She'd been banished from Skyros.
Sunny Starscout: The Alicorn land?
Spike: She wanted to rule all ponies. She thought that Alicorns were superior.
Spike: [narrating] But my friends were strong. Our friendship had created such powerful magic that Opaline had to resort to dark ways to overthrow Equestria. She even attacked the dragons to transform into a Fire Alicorn!
Opaline: [echoing laughter]
Sunny Starscout: That's what she's done again!
Blaize: That's why she came for Jade and Lava!
Tumble: For their fire!
Spike: [narrating] The crystals were created to hide the magic of Equestria in them. All of pony magic. And all of dragon magic inside the Dragon Stone. Twilight sent us here to protect us and put a spell around Equestria to hide it from Opaline.
Sunny Starscout: The spell was damaged when we brought magic back, when the three pony kinds reunited again after centuries.
Spike: You lost magic? All by yourselves? Aww, I'm going back to sleep!
[phone beeps]
Sunny Starscout: Wait! We still have a chance!
Blaize: Do we?
Sunny Starscout: Yes! Because the truth is you're strong! You are dragons! Yes, your shimmer may be fading, and you may be tired and scared, but that's not who you are! You can still turn this around! You can still help!
Blaize: It's already over.
Sunny Starscout: No! When you have hope, it's never over! And I know you still have a shimmer of it!
Tumble: [gasps] I see what you mean!
Fountain: [gasps] The Sunny pony is right!
Blaize: [sighs] You sound delusional.
Fountain: So we should just give up instead, Blaize? Forget about our friends? Let evil win?!
Blaize: Uh... uh... maybe?
Spike: I am the leader of dragons. And I remember my pony friends. I never want to forget them.
Sparky Sparkeroni: Woo-hoo! [breathes fire, chomps]
Blaize: [gasps] Transformation fire?!
Hitch Trailblazer: Sparky! Now is not the time for snacks, buddy!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [burps]
Fountain: I thought it was just a myth!
Blaize: Me, too.
Spike: This little one is special.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgles]
Spike: And so are you. You remind me a lot of somepony I once knew. Twilight.
Sunny Starscout: So you'll help us? You'll join our team to defeat Opaline for good?
Spike: I'm in.
Blaize: Don't you mean, "we're in", your Spikeness?
Sunny Starscout: We have to hurry!
Hitch Trailblazer: Come on, Sparky.
Sparky Sparkeroni: [laughing]
Hitch Trailblazer: Um, your Spikeness? Do you think Sparky might belong here? With other dragons?
Spike: Some of the best times of my life were with my pony family. If I could be there again, I would. You two are a team. You belong together for now.
Hitch Trailblazer: We do?
Spike: Like a peanut butter and crystal sandwich! [laughs]
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Luxxe and Leaf: [laughing]
Misty: This is awful! We're stuck, and they're going to be back soon!
Izzy Moonbow: At least we had fun while we didn't fix anything.
Luxxe and Leaf: [laughing]
Izzy Moonbow: [laughing] I love laughter.
Sunny Starscout: Good news, everypony! Ponies and dragons are now working together!
Izzy Moonbow, Pipp Petals, and Misty: [cheer]
Hitch Trailblazer: Now let's go get that Dragon Stone and stop Opaline!
Zipp Storm: Izzy, fire up the Mare Stream!
Izzy Moonbow: Um, when you say "fire it up", like, should we burn it? Because it is toast!
Sunny Starscout: We're stranded?
Spike: I wouldn't say that.
Mane 6: [gasp and cheer]
Opaline: The seeds of my reign are finally sprouting. Welcome to the era of Opaline Arcana. Without their cutie mark magic, they cannot shine. Then their unity magic will wilt and die on the vine. [laughs] Those miserable do-gooder ponies will never be able to stop me now! [laughing maniacally]
[epic music]
Mane 6: [cheering and laughing]
Sunny Starscout: I don't know how to thank you!
Blaize: Save it. We're a team now.
Fountain: You think we can do it? Save Equestria and the Isle of Scaly?
Zipp Storm: Well, it's not gonna be easy.
Sunny Starscout: But if we all work together, we can do anything! Who's ready to take down Opaline?!
Misty: I am!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [excited gurgle]
Mane 6 and Dragons: [laugh]
[phone chimes]
Pipp Petals: Hold on, hold on! My phone just turned on! Can you say all that inspiring stuff again, please?
Mane 6 and Dragons: [laughing]
Izzy Moonbow: Higher, higher! Woo-hoo! You can really fly!