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I'm not so good at this whole profile stuff, so I'll keep it short: I translate subtitles to Swedish with the hopes that I'll be able to bring the show to younger people (as well as less english-audible non-children, I suppose) in my country before the audiodubs roll along to potentially massacre it and ruin some of the things we love about ponies. Here's to hoping it turns out good, though. Guess what? The dubs are out and they are awful. I am thoroughly disheartened, but then again, that was why I started this little project in the first place.

This is a collaborative effort between myself, Grollo, and Anders (who skips out on the pseudonym game). We all translate episodes and proofread for each other. PONY IS CREDIT TO TEAM!


I do NOT synchronize subtitles myself apart from minor edits, I use the timestamps made by Nathan2000, so I have no interest in taking any credit for those. ALL I DO IS TRANSLATE. That guy is the bomb! I even copypasted the article layout below from him because I've never used a wiki editing before. Hope you don't mind, Nathan! :3

The subtitles

Season 1

Subtitles to 720p versions on this page (last updated: 2011-07-10, 21:55 CEST)

Season 2

Latest addition

Season 1, Episode 19 by Anders

Suggestions & Feedback

Of course, I'm always open to constructive criticism, help, suggestions, et cetera, and I will make sure to credit any help recieved in the subtitle files and on here. If, for instance, anyone of you is a talented songwriter who could help me with the remaining songs of s1, give me a nudge.

I guess there's some contact thingymajigger on wikia, but don't count on me being able to read it. I will, however, always be able to read emails which you can send to as well as comments sent to my deviantArt page.


Grollo for proofreading all episodes up until now