I used to be active here. Back in 2015-2016-ish I was big into these pastelle coloured tiny horses and you know what, over time, there was always something that brought me back to the series. I might become a more active member of the wikia again.

I used to edit a lot of international song pages, which is what I will probably end up doing again.

I'm from Hungary, and I speak fluent English and Hungarian. You can find me elsewhere, but it might take me a while to respond.

Currently active on and various fan-subs, normally in Hungarian; that includes being a part of the HunBrony Hungarian subtitles - where I usually translate songs - and others, such as Steven Universe, where I do timing, typesetting, and I help a tiny bit with translating. There are others - for some subs I have different pseudonyms, because why the heck not.

Feel free to leave me a message on my talkpage, just do note that it might take me a bit to answer.

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