• I live in Indonesia
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is a high school student
  • I am a guy!

Brony, SvtFoE fan, faller, cartoon enthusiast, techie, musicophile, gamer.

About me


I'm a high school student that LOVES cartoons. I like Disney XD shows, 'cause they're always great! But don't worry, I also watch cartoons that aren't by Disney. Here are my top 3 favorites.

  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  2. Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  3. Gravity Falls

Why do I like them? Well, because at least one of them has the following elements in it: Adventure, Mystery and/or Magic. There are more elements that they have in common, but I can't find the perfect words for them. But most importantly, they all have an awesome storyline and character development.

Also, here are some other shows that I want to watch (but I don't have time for it):

  • Steven Universe
  • Adventure Time
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Miraculous


As for games, I do love puzzle games and some other arcade-style games. But the only game that I will always play is Minecraft. It's unique. Some games I like to play are:

  • Roblox
  • The Room series

These are just a few. But I don't always stick with gaming.

My thoughts on My Little Pony

I've been a Brony since the first year in middle school, and until now, it's the best show in my life. Nothing can replace the magic of friendship, which makes My Little Pony a part of my life. There's no day that goes by without me thinking of My Little Pony. There's no show like it.

I still live by these same rules:

  1. Even though I like other cartoons, My Little Pony is irreplaceable.
  2. If I'm active in this show, it will be the only thing I care about (well, not literally).
  3. Not a day goes by without thinking about it.

The first time I watched the first episode, I didn't know what went through me. It's just strange, but I became rapidly interested this show, and this is different. Unlike other cartoon shows, I'm highly interested in this show and watched season one for the whole August. Eventually, I end up loving this show. Until now.

Sometimes, I still don't know why I love this show so much.

I'm thinking that the perfect combination of creative story writing, world class style original songs, colorful characters, magic and the fandom make this show not just unique, but appealing to me as well.

If it weren't for my sister and her friends who begged me to search and watch My Little Pony, I might not be a brony right now. I still thanked them for this almost everyday.

For now, I'm hoping that the movie will give a higher amount of the Magic of Friendship. In other words, I hope that the movie is successful and it will make a lot more fans, and make the show last longer.


It will return...

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