Crimson "Valent" Azure

aka Crim

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is Anything that allows me to be with Rainbow Dash and a cute Vaporeon Girl
  • I am Male



Hello there, Crimson Azure's the name and I've been a fan of MLP since early 2011 when it was shown to me by a friend. My favourite pony is Rainbow Dash and although I've been on Wikia for awhile, I've been around this particular wiki for almost a year. I have lurked this site since 2011 when I wanted tio know more about the show. I've been a member of wikia for at least 6 years.

Note: I haven't updated this profile in almost a year. I keep procrastinating in updating but given my schedule I'm not sure if I'll be able to. Please understand folks.

See you around! <3

Several years ago I had my name changed so if you're looking for Klavice Gavin, that'd be me.

sue9000 art

pheeph fanart

masemj vectors

RaikuraiKaze-chan vectors

violetandblaire art


Previous backstory is non-canon. Crimson is now just a unicorn prodigy who grew up in Cloudsdale.

My favourite ponies

1. Rainbow Dash: I absolutely LOVE tomboys. I fell in love with her character development and her overall lovable personality and patience with Fluttershy. Plus she loves Scootaloo. Because of this, I have a headcanon of my OC being her boyfriend.

2. Fluttershy: Kind of reminds me of me in some ways. I'm an avid animal lover and I'm very shy, especially around girls. She's also really nice just like yours truly.

3. Twilight Sparkle: I love how intelligent and rational she usually is. Her freakouts are also some of the best episodes, I loved Top Bolt and Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 both episodes where Rainbow Dash and Twilight have a lot of interactions and she's an adorkable bookworm. While she may not be perfect, she's easily my favourite princess. (Until Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy become princesses, and that will happen. Mark my words...)

4. Scootaloo/Sweetie Belle: I can't choose! These two adorably precocious fillies are tied for my fourth favourite pony spot. I love Scootaloo's parallels to Rainbow Dash, her idolization of her, and just her personality altogether. Sweetie Belle has the cutest voice ever, I swear Claire Colette is a real Moe and brings out the hng in me.

5. Applejack: I love her southern drawl. I especially love her hard working attitude and general athletic ability. That, and she's a great big sister to Apple Bloom.

My least favourite ponies/Ponies I dislike

1. Flash/Brad Sentry: Generic, boring love interest with no real characterization. Pass. Also you can give the excuse that "he was brainwashed" all you want, he was still crueler to Twilight than Angel Bunny ever was to Fluttershy.

2. Spoiled Rich: Gotta hate the source of Diamond Tiara's cruelty. I have absolutely no idea what Filthy sees in her, but honestly she felt like the cruel stereotype of aristocrats which is so prevalent in fiction, despite the fact a lot of rich celebrities donate to the poor. She has none of the redeeming qualities her daughter has, and just seems like your average bully. Diamond Tiara used to be here until Crusaders of the Lost Mark where we found out the source of Diamond's cruelty.

3. Soarin: I hate SoarinDash. What more can I say? Also he was a jerk to Rainbow Dash in Newbie Dash with the other Wonderbolts, despite initially showing concern, he did give into peer pressure rather than standing up for him. That, and aside from his pie obsession he doesn't really have much character unlike Spitfire. Although Matt Hill, the voice of Soarin, is one of my favourite anime voices.


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My Deviantart


My Skype

Add me on Skype, but only if I know you well. I don't want random people adding me on Skype. My Skype is superadminice. Might start a new skype exclusively for pony friends.

Friends and Cool People

Flutter-on/Flutterbutter: One of the first people I really got to know on this site. He's a good friend who I try and talk to as often as I can.

Seaswirl10: Sorry if I got your name wrong. I really enjoy talking with you on chat and you're a good friend. It's always nice talking to you, especially since you always seem to be on. You have a nice signature too.

TheUltimateH4M: Man, you are so helpful. Thanks to you, I was able to get the hang of signatures. Seriously, thanks alot.

Guildmaster Grovyle: I had fun battling you that one time and I really enjoy talking to you, even if I need a dictionary to understand some of what you say. You're very sesquipedalian and clever.

Callofduty4: First admin I really got to know. I think you're a cool guy and a great admin. Kudos on designing the chat. I said you designed the bots, but that was Sactage, another cool guy who's always making sure the bots work well. But you're still awesome.

UglyTurtle: You're an intelligent, thoughtful young man... err... tortoise. I enjoy talking to you in chat and you're an awesome mod.

The Candlekeeper: Congratulations again on getting modded. You totally deserve it! You're not only helpful and friendly, but also funny and you always have something great to say. Plus you made Hurt/Heal which for awhile was very entertaining.

UnknownProdigy (Prod): It's always nice to meet another Warriors fan out there. You have so many interesting things to say and I enjoy talking to you whenever I can. I also love your blogs.

EHAN: You seem almost like me. You have awesome review blogs and we both like similar ponies. You always lighten up the room whenever you enter the chat. I really enjoy your company. Plus we both love the episode Hurricane Fluttershy!

OctaviaMelody1996/Doopliss: I found someone who I don't mind disliking Rainbow Dash. And you even have a reasonably good reason for doing so too. I enjoy talking to you on the comments and I hope we can get better acquainted.

Amelia The Writer: I didn't expect to meet another Kingdom Hearts fan! I wish you'd come on chat so I can talk with you more. You're very sweet and very likable, and very much like me.

The Bunker Guy: Cool, another Rainbow Dash fan! Though we'll never agree on who gets to keep Rainbow Dash, I always have fun talking to you and "arguing" with you. Heck, I bet you're my separated at birth twin.

Lasse200: I might have spelt your name wrong but you were my closest ally in the Hurt/Heal game. Though you may not be active now, I enjoyed talking to you and having you in my faction as my second in command.

Guildmaster Grovyle: The resident Pokemaniac. I think you're really intelligent (you sure as heck taught me words I wouldn't think to look in a dictionary for) and one of my closest allies in the Hurt/Heal game before it went sour.

Jr Mime: You deserve to be a VSTF. You're really helpful and sarcastic, but it's the good kind of sarcasm which I really like. You totally deserve this shout out.

OddThomasGuy/Tommy/Oddy/The Friendship Express Engine/Pyrrha Omega: We seem to share similar interests. You're one of the only fans of Soul Calibur that I've met on this site, and you're very mature and intelligent.

Ms/Mr. Black Ops (Blops): I had no idea you were female! But that makes me like you even more. I think you're fun loving and have lots of interesting things to say. I enjoy reading your blogs when you post them and you're the same age as me! That is so cool!

KoolPrincessLunakaLunie/Lunie/Kool: It's awesome to know someone else from Canada. We both love Sweetie Belle and I think we're both from the same area. Good luck with school, Lunie.

Filly Please: Dude, you're seriously awesome. There's just no other words to describe you. You're my favourite filly (surprised?) and you have some awesome and clever opinions.

Jorge Esquivel: How could I forget you? You're so funny and one of the first people I really got to know on this site. I think you're a fantastic guy and have the puniest name.

Bluelighting: I love your relationship with Seaswirl and I enjoy talking to you.

Powerstar89: You're a lot of fun to talk to. Thanks for writing on my guestbook.

James The Bunny: You're an exceptionally intelligent person for someone so young! You always bring something interesting to chat and we both like Rainbow Dash and Angel Bunny. Don't worry, I won't cook you now that Scoots is back.

Scootaloo_lover21: You bring such a wonderful energy to this chat, you remind me of myself when I was around your age. I enjoy what you have to say and I'm so happy you didn't leave.

I am not your Average Pony: You seem like a really sweet guy and sensitive guy. I really like talking to you whenever I can and I'll try talking to you more from now on.

Nuka-Scoial: You were the first person on the chat to greet me meaning you hold a special place in my heart. I wish you well and hope you'll come back soon.

ShadowPirateX: Nice to meet another person with Asperger's Syndrome. You make really interesting blogs and I enjoy talking to you.

KleptoBrony: I had a blast talking to you on chat. I like to see more people who like RD too.

OtisElevatorGuy: I don't know what to say with you besides I enjoy talking to you and also *elevator music*.

If I missed anyone, please let me know and I'll add you.

Stuff I do in my spare time

1. Play video games.

2. Watch S4 of MLP.

3. Read Warriors.

4. Browse deviantart.

5. Go on this wiki.

6. Watch Let's Plays.

Ponies I'm most like

1. Rainbow Dash: I have a soft spot for kids. I'm also one of the most loyal friends you can have. I also am something of a fanboy.

2. Fluttershy: I'd like to think I'm very kind. I try not to be mean to anybody, and if I come off as rude, I always apologize.

3. Applejack: I'm usually pretty honest. Almost to a fault.

4. Twilight Sparkle: I'm a nerd and I'm pretty intelligent. I'm also modest and I don't like to brag.

5. Rarity: I'm really generous when it comes to other people. My mom and I both share this quality.

6. Soarin: As much as I hate SoarinDash I can't help admitting I love food.

Character flaws

(Since Bunker has one of these sections in his profile, I thought to make one for myself.)

Trust: I tend to trust people too much and this could be my downfall. I always see the good in people over the bad.

Impatience: I have a hard time being patient with some things, particularly when I request something on Deviantart.

Social Skills: I was diagnosed with a disorder called Asperger's Syndrome, which means my social skills aren't the best. If I say anything that's rude or offensive, I usually won't realize that until someone tells me. I try to be understanding of others though. I'm easily excitable and also have fairly low self esteem.

I have other flaws too, which is the reason I'm currently in the hospital.

Favourite MLP Episodes

1. Flight to the Finish: Surprised to see a S4 episode here? Yep, I thought this episode was really well put together especially for a writer who's known for excessive slapstick. (See recent Fairly Odd Parents episodes.) This episode was quite possibly the best CMC episode, and featured more of Rainbow's development into a reasonably mature, while still excitable adult. The moral of this episode was very simple yet so easy to relate to. I loved the song, and I wanted to hug Scootaloo when she started crying. While I think Hurricane Fluttershy is the "perfect" episode, this one is my favourite. Harshwhinny was very amusing and definitely made me look forward to the Equestria games. Plus RD is over the moon. That's right, she's the first mare besides Luna to be on the moon.

2. Hurricane Fluttershy: In my opinion, this is the perfect MLP episode on paper. I can find literally no flaws with this episode. Rainbow Dash was awesome in this episode. She's also nothing short of supportive of Fluttershy and is a very good coach. Not to mention she looks cute. Twilight's role is pretty good in this episode, but I think Fluttershy's role was the most convincing. This episode also started the trend of Angel Bunny being nice to Fluttershy, and the reason why I don't hate him.

3. Pinkie Pride: Man did this episode kick tail! Weird Al's performance as Cheese Sandwich was exactly what I expected of him, it was the birthday of my favourite pony ever... there's just so much this episode did right! It made me think of when I first became a brony how excited I'd get for a new episode. I still get excited for new episodes, but this one was probably the one I've been most eagerly awaiting since "Flight to the Finish".

4. Sleepless in Ponyville: Nothing much to say here except it's a Scootaloo episode and I loved Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo's bonding.

MLP episodes I don't like

1. 28 Pranks Later: Sweet Celestia was this one bad. Not only was Rainbow Dash's prank to Fluttershy extremely cruel (it wasn't even harmless, Rainbow was being actively malicious, towards who may very well be her best friend) and applauded by Pinkie Pie, and when her friends say "Hey, that's not cool." she responds with "Guess you don't have a sense of humour then. :P" And yet I still felt sorry for Rainbow Dash when she was pranked, though to be fair, while Rainbow Dash was unlikeable in this episode, she at least wasn't like this for the remainder of S6. Even so, she was insultingly cruel to all of her friends and had it not been for the prank, would have gotten off scot-free with zero remorse, which may have gotten her off my favourites list, but I'm not going to let a bad episode ruin my favourite character.

2. Painbow-err Rainbow Falls: Long story short: The Wonderbolts acting like jerks for no reason, Twilight being an example of a chronic nagger and being thoroughly unlikable in this episode (though she's still my third favourite pony), Pinkie Pie being obnoxious (I get she's a cheerleader, what I don't get is why she just won't be quiet, even Twilight is a better cheerleader than her), Fluttershy and Bulk picked over much more athletic ponies, and their excuse is "They had to try out for the other events", and everything feels forced. Honestly The Mysterious Mr. Enter explained it better than I could as to why this is the worst of S4 and the second worst episode overall.

3. The Mysterious Mare Do Well: Where do I begin with this one? Rainbow Dash is acting obnoxious, but that's not the worst part of the episode. The worst part is how the rest of the mane six try to get her to learn a lesson. They practically break her of one of the few things in life that she thinks makes her special. Suffice to say, what Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity do is very mean spirited and doesn't make them look "holier than thou". It's stuff like this which make me dislike Leonard from The Big Bang Theory and that show in general, because he acts "Holier than Thou" whenever Sheldon does anything wrong. (PS: I hate the Big Bang Theory, used to like it but the canned laughter got too much for me, and I just couldn't watch it anymore without cringing at the pop culture references peppered into the "nerds" speech.) It is because of this that this episode is here and also because Rainbow Dash is (again) acting out of character. I did like the Rainbow Dash fanclub though.

4. Baby Cakes: One word to describe this episode. Eww. This takes every negative aspect of childcare and accentuates it until what you have is "why bother having kids when they're this much trouble" which makes me sad as I really do like kids. The slobbering on the toys was gross, diapers on Pinkie Pie was gross, everything about this episode was just... eww.




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